Saturday Morning Wrestling IV – May 7th, 2011

Some of my earliest memories of wrestling involved anxiously waiting for Jem to go off so that I could kick my sister out of the living room and watch Bret Hart or Sting save the day. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we can not just relive those moments, but do so with different, new wrestling from all over the world. Here’s the latest installment of Dirty Dirty Sheets’ Saturday Morning Wrestling.

NJPW – Prince Devitt vs. Kota Ibushi – BOSJ XVII Final

There’s a lot of excitement building around this year’s upcoming New Japan Best of the Super Junior’s tournament. With guys like Davey Richards, Kenny Omega, Fujito “Jr” Hayato, and TJ Perkins there’s an infinite number of epic possibilities. Get pumped for it by watching the final from last year between Prince Devitt and Kota Ibushi. Devitt and all the stars of New Japan will be touring the East Coast next weekend. Be sure to check them out if you’re anywhere in the area. The shows are stacked and it may be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see this much Puro talent outside of Japan.


NEO – Yoshiko Tamura & Fuuka vs Kana & Ayumi Kurihara

There was also a lot of excitement around our exclusive interview with Joshi ultrastar The “World Famous” Kana. In her always blunt fashion, Kana said she felt she had yet to meet a true rival among her peers. I’d offer that in the now retired Fuuka, Kana at least found someone who brought the best out of her.


Union Pro – El Generico vs Shinchiro Tominaga

Since the last SMW, CHIKARA put on it’s amazing King of Trios tournament. All three nights are available at here. This match features El Generico, who had amazing performances at KOT, taking on the debuting Shinchiro Tominaga for DDT spinoff Union Pro.


EVOLVE – Rich Swann Style?

TPI, BOSJ, Queen of Queens, KOT, G1 – it’s tournament season in the wrestling world. EVOLVE is putting on its own unique Style Tournament, and here is Rich Swann‘s jaw-dropping bid to be in it.


Ice Ribbon – Hikaru Shida vs. Syuri

SMASH and Ice Ribbon have also had big shows in recent weeks. Here, the aces from each company square off in an outstanding singles match. Savvy viewers will notice a bit of a change in Syuri’s wrestling style here. I’m not sure where the new shootstyle aggression comes from, but Kana is perfectly willing to take credit for it.


NJPW – Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Katsuyori Shibata

Then Super Rookie Nakamura vs then notorious asskicker Shibata. You can’t go wrong with an angry Nakamura against the consistently rage filled Shibata rage. You can read a great review of this match by Hanan here. Watch and join us in lamenting what could have been if Shibata stuck with puroresu.


Beyond Wrestling – Hailey Hatred on Chris Dickinson

We had a lot of good things to say about Beyond Wrestling’s last iPPV. Something that peaked our interest while watch was mention of our favorite JWP Powerhouse, Hailey Hatred, taking on Beyond’s top badass Chris Dickinson. Here’s the hard-hitting promo she cut after the match (with Mars Volta in the background). You can watch the preview clips and buy the match here and it’s “name your own price.” Coolness.


ACW – Rachel Summerlyn vs Evan Gelistico

Speaking of Inter-Gender matches, here’s an excellent one from Anarchy Championship Wrestling. One half of the current Tag Team Champions, Rachel Summerlyn of RAJETT faces the Submission Squad‘s Evan Gelistico for the St. Louis Anarchy Title. St. Louis Anarchy is having a special weekend deal where you get a free Us vs Them DVD if you purchase Gateway to Anarchy DVD. Gateway features Rachel in what I’ve heard is an amazing match against Robert Evans AKA R. D. Evans AKA Archibald Peck. The other has tons of matches with those Murder City Machine Guns cats, so it’s worth checking out.


Interspecies Wrestling – Dan Barry vs. Frankie Arion

From Inter-Gender to Inter-Species. Quebec’s ISW is like an R-Rated French-Canadian DDT, that means it’s absolutely hilarious. Here’s a match that you just have to watch.


AJPW – Kenta Kobashi vs Mitsuharu Misawa

If we could be serious for a minute, here’s one of the greatest matches of all time featuring to of the greatest of all time. Nothing more needs to be said.


Sendai Girls – Meiko Satomura vs Aja Kong

Some people are Kobashi vs Misawa guys. Others, Misawa/Kawada. Personally, I’m all about Kong/Meiko. This is their 2006 encounter. It main evented the very first of Meiko’s Sendai Girls shows. I doubt any promotion anywhere has set the bar this high on a debut.


NEO – Manami Toyota vs. Tsukasa Fujimoto

Manami Toyota, the Greatest Wrestler of All Time, also made her glorious return to CHIKARA at KOT. News broke just this morning that Tsukasa Fujimoto and Makoto of Ice Ribbon will be making their first trip to the states for CHIKARA in July. See the legend take on the still rising star.


AJW – Manami Toyota Audition Video

And to close us out, here’s a rad clip that shows the Greatest on her very first day at AJW! It’s hard to imagine that this meek 15-year-old, almost on the verge of tears, could become the absolute best ever. It’s worth bearing in mind: all legends start somewhere.


Until next time, peace!



New Japan Invasion Tour:


Beyond Wrestling:

Interspecies Wrestling:

And just one more video!

Muscle Girl – Episode 01

Hailey recently tweeted that she’d be making an appearance on an upcoming episode of the Joshi Puroresu J-Drama Muscle Girl. The show features tons of Joshi wrestlers from Ice Ribbon and JWP. Note: Shida and Fujimoto of Ice Ribbon got into wrestling via a reality show! Crazy. Here’s the first episode of the new series. Subtitles aren’t available on the youtube upload yet, but you can surely follow most of it. It’s quite the piece of entertainment. Enjoy!


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