SMASH.17 – Kana vs Serena – Pictures and Results

The big match finally happened, and thanks to @kosuke48, @hill1996, and SportsNavi, we already know what it looked like. Thanks to them, to SMASH for putting it on, to Serena and Kana for being wonderful adversaries, and to all the fans who followed this and took part in something truly international and truly special. Here are the results for SMASH.17!


Korakuen-Hall, Tokyo

Date: 5/3/2011 1300 Attendance

Photo Courtesy @kosuke48

3WAY Ladder Dash to Belt Match: ○ TAJIRI Makoto defeated × Hajime Ohara Jessica Love × Michael Kovac Lin“Bitch” Bairon – 14:37 – Grabbing belt

Serena defeated × Kana – 12:12 – Spear

Starbuck defeated. × Shinya Ishikawa – 8:49 – Piledriver

Syuri Hikaru Shida defeated × Mio Shirai Io Shirai – 14:25 – Right High Kick

Yoshiaki Yago defeated × Leatherface – 4:21 – Ground Cobra Twist

Ultimo Dragon defeated × Yusuke Kodama – 7:33 – Monte Cristo Submission

AKIRAYuji KitoTaishi Takizawa defeated ×Brady RobertsQuiet storm & Behnam Ali – 9:12 – Musasabi Press


Serena is now 5-0 in SMASH competition, which has put her in line to contend for the new SMASH ‘Diva’ Title on June 9th, again at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo. Good luck to Deeb, but the event flyer suggests all previous women she’s defeated, Kana, Syuri, and Makoto, may have a chance for revenge. Tomoka Nakagawa and Hikaru Shida are also featured on the women’s side with Starbuck, AKIRA, TAJIRI, Michael Kovak, Hajime Ohara, “Hurricane” Helms, FUNAKI, Ishikawa and others on the men’s side for their new title.

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  1. Cool!! Can you upload all three Serena matches from this Smash tour?


  2. Awesome pics, I love SMASH.


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