LeslieCreator, Editor in Chief – @dirtydirtytweet

Started a website to talk about his love of Japan, The Smashing Pumpkins, all night dance parties, Bret Easton Ellis, and Pro Wrestling.

Sonny – Writer, Spanish Translator, Joshi King – @22nijuni

Sonny is originally from Rockford, IL, and has been a wrestling fan all of his life, but it wasn’t until after high school that he discovered videotapes of Megumi Kudo and fell in love with Joshi Puroresu. Some of his most exciting wrestling memories are seeing his favorite wrestler of all time Manami Toyota, wrestle at the AJW building in Meguro, Tokyo for a Zenjo Garage Show, seeing Toshiaki Kawada defend the All Japan Triple Crown vs Mick Foley at Yokohama Arena, and seeing Ricky Steamboat win the NWA Title from Ric Flair in February 1989.

Sonny currently resides in Santa Clara, CA.

HananWriter, Reviewer, French Translator, Empress of Puroresu – @LifeisRKOingMe

Han. International Babe.

PumiWriter, Thai Translator, Teen Heart Throb – @IceRibbonPumi

Pratchaphoom Boonyatud, nickname Pumi, is the 21-year-old Puroresu commentator for the Sports Plus channel in Thailand. He began watching wrestling when he was two or three years old from his Aunt’s video collection. Pumi’s favorite wrestler is Randy Savage, and he once broke his elbow trying to replicate the Macho Man’s famed top-rope elbow drop. His favorite joshi wrestlers are Aja Kong, Manami Toyota and Makoto.

ChrisWriter, Photographer, Mutant Rights Advocate – @ChrisC06

Chris is a big nerd living in a big city. Born, raised, and residing in Chicago, Chris spends most of his time watching wrestling, playing video games, reading comics, and not having money. He wants to write fiction for a living, which raises the question as to why he’s contributing to a journalistic website.

Sarah – Writer, Future Crush Gal – @SarahFlann

Sarah is from Dublin, Ireland and has been watching wrestling for twelve years. She has an odd love for Ultramantis Black commentary, German suplexes (or any suplex, to be honest), and submission wrestling. When not watching wrestling or going to school she plays tenpin bowling and has won various tournaments over the years.

Amanda – Writer, American Wolf – @FindAStone

Amanda is a 25-year-old girl who has been completely and utterly obsessed with all things wrestling since 2008. Despite being new to the whole wrestling phenomenon, she still counts it among her greatest passions even at when it is at its most absurd, as it often is.

Greg Writer, Photographer, Broadcast Journalist – @BigZ38

Originally born in the northeast, Greg has been a Chicagoan for the last 20 years. He bloomed late into the world of wrestling, and didn’t become a fan of the sport until he was 15. While originally more of a fan of the national scene, he has gradually grown an appreciation for the independent level, having been to the shows of dozens of promotions. In 2007 while attending an event that featured Daffney, another fan recommended that he check out a local promotion that Daffney would appear for. That promotion was SHIMMER. Upon being blown away by the battle of Sara Del Rey and Amazing Kong, Greg became a full-time fan of women’s professional wrestling.

Besides wrestling, Greg also enjoys photography. He has taken hundreds of thousands of photos at various sports and entertainment events over the years. His work has appeared all over the world, on websites, DVDs, and books. Greg is a fan of the Chicago Cubs, for reasons that he still doesn’t quite understand to this day.

AnthonyWriter, Hired Gun – @HijoDeLaBruja

“The Son of the Witch” – freelance idiot who, occasionally, contributes to Dirty Dirty Sheets (when he’s not too busy being lazy, or preoccupied with selfish endeavors).  A former referee/commentator/ring announcer/wrestler/manager/booker/promoter who remains “a nobody, who never been nowhere, never done nothin’ in this business” (primarily because he hates having his photo taken and hates being watched). Self-proclaimed “Enemy of Wrestling,” known for spitting fire, calling a finish long before it happens, breaking kayfabe, and marking out for women’s wrestling.  Can put someone over and bury them, all in the same breath, but really, he just wants to “fucking party.”

Aoikougei Translator, Photographer, Superhero – @aoikougei

Aoikougei is a Mascara Amigo, one of a group of Puroresu fans that wear masks to events in the Tokyo area. He is also skilled tailor and creates banners, masks and even outfit items for wrestlers.

Ayzali – Writer, Photographer, Amazon – @AyzaliWali

Born to parents serving their country overseas, Ayzali’s introduction to wrestling was in the British style. Though the names are a blur, she remembers her first show at the age of three with two mates grappling for victory. At that time she knew she discovered something special. Returning to the U.S, mainstream wrestling seemed monotonous, which lead to her passion for wrestling dwindling. However her eldest brother shared his collection of Japanese wrestling and she was hooked. That, along with a discovery of SHIMMER , led her deeply into the independent wrestling realm. Her voracious love of the sport has even led her to training to compete in it.

MarkusInterviewer, Translator, International Man of Danger – @DakotaKDash

Hailing from Vienna, Austria, Markus grew up never having any quality wrestling nearby. However, thanks to video tapes, and later on the internet, Markus has managed to be a lifelong fan of the sport. His interest in Joshi Puroresu (which started with Ayako Hamada & the Bloody), and love for Japan culminated in a Joshi Puro focused trip to Japan in the winter 2010/2011, where he met several wrestlers and DDS creator Leslie.

NamiPhotographer, Mysterious Flying Angel

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  1. I love your tribute columns about the careers of Akira Hokuto and Manami Toyota. I have some articles and title histories of various Joshi Puro wrestlers to contribute to your wonderful web site! I would like to have an e-mail address to send it to. I’ve also been able to meet some wonderful female pro wrestlers through the Cauliflower Alley Club. “Cheerleader” Melissa Anderson, Malia Hosaka, Magnificent Mimi, Mariko Yoshida, Hailey Hatred, ODB, Amazing Kong/Kharma, Jaime D, Nicole Matthews, etc. Keep up the great work!


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