Gamushara – The Act Yasukawa Documentary

by Sonny Gutierrez


I waited in a line that wrapped around Shibuya’s Image Forum Theater for the premier of Gamushara, the biographical documentary about Act YasukawaGamushara tells a story of tragedy turned into triumph. The film covers Act’s early problems with her family, her bullying and rape in middle school, her subsequent suicide attempt, and then documents the beginnings of her wrestling career and her rise to becoming a champion in Stardom.

Fans that enjoy Act’s wrestling will be drawn closer to Act’s story once they view this documentary. Regardless of any language barrier, Act’s inspiration and desire to overcome the obstacles in her life is both enchanting and empowering.

Act shows her playful side as she visits her childhood playground, but she also reveals the pain she travels to her old home and cries while recalling her past. Her peers and childhood friends also give their thoughts on Act.

Throughout the film, clips of her wrestling career are interspersed. They highlight her rivalry with Yuzuki Aikawa and chasing after the Wonder of Stardom title. There’s training footage and video taken while traveling with Stardom and at home in her bedroom.

After the showing, Act and director Hidekazu Takahara had a live talk show in front of the crowd. Act was in high spirits and mentioned that she will begin training again next week for her October return.


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  1. She’s been through a lot and she’s so strong.
    I await her return.


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