Final SHIMMER Betting Lines

Courtesy Gilda Pasquil

Advertised Matches

Ayako Hamada (-130)


Ayumi Kurihara (-110)

Title Props

Madison Eagles retains the SHIMMER Title – 2:1 Against

Madison Eagles retaining the SHIMMER Title makes an audience member cry – 5:1 For

The Canadian Ninjas retain the SHIMMER Tag Team Titles – 4:1 Against

Rumors of a Canadian Ninjas split appear on the message boards, again – 20:1 For

Kellie Skater retains the SHIMMER Dance off Championship – 10:1 Against

Kellie Skater is removed from the tapings due to a Wellness Violation – EVEN


Next SHIMMER Champion

Mercedes Martinez – 1:2

Ayako Hamada – 1:2.5

Serena Deeb – 1:3

Cheerleader Melissa – 1:4

Allison Danger – 1:6

Kana – 1:10

Sara Del Rey – 1:10.5

Celebrity Appearances

Billy Corgan – 1:3

CM Punk – 1:4

Beth Phoenix – 1:5

Hornswoggle – 1:15

The Rock – 1:30


Sara Del Rey is defeated Over/Under 2 times during the weekend

Doors Open over/under 1 hour after advertised

SHIMMER Office consumes over/under 4 beers during the taping

Allison Danger is fined over/under $250 by the SHIMMER Office for verbally assaulting hecklers

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