Dirty Dirty Sheets is the only website dedicated exclusively to covering great Professional Wrestling.


While we usually share the love through high quality pictures, we’ve also done video of Puroresu after parties, articles on international dream matches, and in depth Superfan road diaries. Look for more of that, and then some. What we won’t be doing are things that other sites are already doing. We promise.


The staff of DDS is currently, and forever, expanding. If you love pro wrestling and think you have something unique to contribute, whether it’s photos of your local promotion, your experiences as a fan (or wrestler), or anything else you are passionate about, please contact us at the form here!


We update when see something awesomely amazing that we must tell the world about, otherwise we won’t waste your time. Follow us on Twitter (@dirtydirtytweet) and you’ll know exactly when the next full article or gallery comes. However, if you want more frequent goodness follow us on Tumblr. Great pics and matches and a nightly does of Kana guaranteed.


We have given eyewitness reporting of events in Tokyo, New York, Montreal, Chicago, New Jersey, Austin, and more. The world is full of great wrestling and we want to share as much of it as possible.


Because this is the greatest sport in the world! Oh, you mean why are we named Dirty Dirty Sheets in spite of us not remotely being a ‘dirt sheet?’ Well, we also love puns and we thought it’d look great on a T-Shirt.



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