Kellie Skater: The Dirty Dirty Sheets Interview II


We love Kellie Skater. So do you. Here’s a new interview with her on her time in Japan. Photos courtesy Resuner (2) and Proacguy (3)

Español by Melchor Hernandez Jr. | 日本語 by Markus

This was your 4th tour of Japan. How does touring now differ for your? 

My first tour for Japan was just a fly by trip. I only worked two shows for REINA as a SHIMMER representative. Now I represent S-Ovation as a freelancer and I can work for a few different companies, and I get to train in many places. I also understand more Japanese now, and understand the train system. So I can freely wander around without fear of getting lost!

This time around you wrestled in Nagoya, Sendai, Osaka, Fukushima, and of course Tokyo. Did you get to do any sightseeing?

Usually when I am travelling around I don’t get much of a chance to sightsee. We did get a pretty good view of Mt. Fuji from the bullet though, and I ate wonderful food in Sendai!

I explore Tokyo a lot. The temples are my favorite part. I go to Sensoji temple each year on New Years Day. I have visited quite a few temples and have loved each one. The girls and I spend way too much time in Harajuku; and Roppongi, of course!

This was your 3rd tour with STARDOM, which saw you have a number of singles matches. Briefly tell us your thoughts on each of your opponents.

Mayu Iwatani: Very talented youngster. Improves leaps and bounds every time I see her. Wish she would stop hitting me with tawashi though!

Act Yasukawa: One of the hardest workers in Joshi. She never gives up even when she struggles. I admire her. Probably the best character too. Someone I am proud to call friend.

Io Shirai: Amazingly talented. Crazy high flyer, she does things I just go “wow” at. I always enjoy wrestling or tagging with her. I think she needs to be seen by the USA! I love Io!

Yoshiko: Rebel! Strong in body and spirit. One of STARDOM’s bright stars.

Kyoko Kimura: I respect her so much in and out of wrestling. She was one of my favorite opponents this tour.

Kaori Yoneyama: Tomodaichi (friend)! I enjoyed my time with Tomodaichi Mania! We had fun wrestling and singing together. She is such a vibrant happy person, and a speedy wrestler too!


You’ve developed a friendship with Yuhi during your time in STARDOM. How do you feel about her retirement?

I love Yuhi like a little sister. She is a bright spark in this world! She is a beautiful person, and a very talented young wrestler. I think it is such a shame she is retiring. However I wish her luck in the future and will support her in whatever she does. I think all the girls feel the same way!

You’ve trained in the Zero-1 dojo in the past. What about this tour?

I was still training at the Zero-1 dojo, however not as frequently as other tours as I was also training with STARDOM twice a week which was great fun! I got a chance to train with YMZ group also as a super special training day preparing for Korakuen!

Two of your friends in Japan really enjoy giving you a hard time. What is up with Hiroyo constantly hitting you with those huge tawashis?

I know right! She’s a terrible friend. I love her dearly but damn, those tawashis hurt! She told me she was sad I was leaving so instead of giving me her “big feeling,” she gave me a big tawashi to the face. Her idea of love is a bit skewed.

You mentioned your Japanese has improved. Is this by necessity since Fuka keeps forcing you to speak Japanese in front of the crowd?

Yes! She did that to me on multiple occasions, sometimes even making me sing. Luckily I am a good sport! You can see by the look on her face in photos how much she enjoys it! I got some form of revenge though calling her a “forgetful old lady” in Japanese, which isn’t overly nice but she is lucky I love her!

You wrestled Sakura Hirota in Sendai Girls. How did you face an opponent whose primary offensive maneuver is laughter?

That was a blast! I had wanted that match for years! It was no problem, I just gave it straight back to her and tried to make her laugh too. For half the match both of us were laughing. I think the crowd enjoyed it! Our seconds certainly did! Fight fire with fire I guess!

The new Global Green Gangster t-shirt reads NO DRINK, NO LIFE. What are your three favorite drinks?

three favorites are hard! I like so many! I guess for mixed drinks: Cassis soda/orange, Yuzu Kyougetsu, and Vodka cruisers.

For straight liquor: Tequila, Jagermeister, and Nihonshu depending on the brand.

Why do you love Japan so much?

I can’t pinpoint a single reason. I have many! The training is amazing. The wrestling also. I really love the people there too. I have so many friends and people I consider family. I am just plain happy when I am in Japan. I love the culture too! Whether it’s the temples, politeness, or people’s general attitude to life! And you can be who you want to be there. You like anime? No problem! Enjoy yourself no matter what age.

Would you consider living here permanently?

I would love to live in Japan permanently. It’s an ultimate goal of mine.

Where is your favorite place to go for a night out in Tokyo?

Roppongi! We hit the town there quite often! I also enjoy Shibuya.

What is your song at Karaoke?

Journey: “Don’t stop believing”. I will often duet to AKB48 with Japanese friends though!

How did it feel defending your SHIMMER tag team titles in Tokyo at the Joshi 4 Hope show?

Huge. For me Japan is my second home! And it is Tomoka’s home. So it felt like a home defense for us. I was so proud to stand in front of fans who have supported and welcomed me so much as a SHIMMER tag champion. Especially at J4H with people I love dearly surrounding me!

Are you and Tomoka looking forward to defending your tag team titles at the upcoming SHIMMER events next month?

For sure! Both of us are excited and raring to go. We both have pride as champions, tag partners, and friends to do our best. We are excited, and nervous. But…We got this.


You are also the reigning Pacific Pro Wrestling Women’s Champion! Any words for your challengers?

I am back in the country! For now! You are all on notice. When I left I told you to keep training, Toni Storm. If you work hard you get a title match again. I said this because I saw potential. Don’t let me down. But be warned everyone. I am back, motivated, and more deadly than ever.

Your title victory over Madison Eagles was recognized as the 2013 PPW Match of the Year.

Madison is an amazing competitor I always learn from. She is the queen of Aussie women’s wrestling. I respect her highly and do love her dearly. I would fight her any day anywhere!

You defeated Eagles for the PPW title, and then you just recently defeated her again in your SHIMMER tag title defense as she teamed with Evie. Have you surpassed her as the top woman in Australia?

I wouldn’t say that. Any match we have is a close contest. I beat her for the PPW title. She beat me for the IndyGurlz vacant title. Neither of us got easy wins. I think it will always be that way. When we fight, its hard hitting, and no one wants to give in.

Speaking of Evie, what is this about her infatuation with chocolate?

Haha! She loves the stuff! We hang out a lot, and if we go to dinner dessert is her downfall! The girl can put away so much junk, yet is in killer shape. Good on her!

Do you have any words for your fans?

Thank you for supporting me, and womens wrestling in general! I hope I can do my best to live up to expectations and entertain you all. I promise I will never stop pushing myself and hope 2014 is a good year for me/wrestling in general. Follow me for the ride!

And for your Japanese fans?

Mina-san, konnichiwa! Kore o tanoshinde kudasai! Sapoto o arigato gozaimasu! 2014, watashi wa ganbarimasu! DDS, arigato gozaimashita!

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