Ayumi Kurihara Retired From Pro Wrestling and Partied


Following Ayumi Kurihara’s retirement show at Korakuen Hall this past August, Pro Wrestling Wave hosted a party in honor of Ayumi’s career at the Metropolitan Edmont Hotel in Idabashi, Tokyo.

The event began at 6 pm, and several Joshi wrestlers were present to support and celebrate with Ayumi, including Kana, Mio Shirai, Yumi Ohka, Misaki Ohata, Tomoka Nakagawa, GAMI, Tsukasa Fujimoto, Hikaru Shida, Akino, Mika Iida and more.

To begin things, a video presentation of Ayumi’s career was played. Then Ayumi’s theme music played and she entered wearing a beautiful kimono. GAMI presented Ayumi with a gift from Weekly Puroresu magazine, a picture of everyone that wrestled on her show, signed by all of them.

Next, Akino took the stage with Ayumi, and said a few kind words about Ayumi. She then invited all of the wrestlers up and made a toast in honor of Ayumi.


Dinner and drinks began next, a very nice buffet and lots of Sapporo beer. As people ate, drank, and mingled with wrestlers, Ayumi left to make a wardrobe change.

Ranmaru took a microphone around to the Joshi wrestlers and asked them to say a few words in honor of Ayumi, and then did a brief interview with Ayumi.

Highlights were shown on the screen of Ayumi’s retirement show, which had just taken place hours earlier, courtesy of Samurai TV.

Ayumi thanked everyone for attending, and then her theme music played once again, and the party came to a conclusion. One Ayumi super fan was even in tears.

Upon leaving the party, fans were handed a special gift by Joshi wrestlers, including Kana, Mio Shirai, Mika Iida and more. It was a special photo of Ayumi laying in the ring with streamers, taken at her retirement show, from Baseball Magazine Sha (publishers of Weekly Puroresu).

It was a very nice event, honoring one of the greatest Joshi competitors of this or any generation.

Ayumi Kurihara, thank you for everything.

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