Ice Ribbon – Furusato Matsuri


On August 17, Ice Ribbon held a free event in Toda park’s Boat Racing Stadium, during the Furusato Matsuri (Hometown festival). The event Began at 1700, but at 1600 there was a special training seminar for kids. Hikaru Shida, Kurumi, and Hamuko Hoshi taught the kids how to roll and tumble around the ring. Shida even picked up each kid in a belly to back suplex position, and the kids were taught to tuck and roll, and roll Shida into a pinning combination. The first kid was lucky a pinned her, but Shida managed to kick out after that. Fun.


There were three matches, the first of which was an exhibition match between 30-year-old trainee Koyuki and Tsukushi. It was a good 5 minute exhibition that went to the time limit.

The next match was Kasey Owens versus Risa Sera, in a good match that ended when Risa hit Kasey with her tuna fish then used her Ayers Rock finisher to get the pin.


The main event saw Hikaru Shida and Kurumi take on Tsukushi and Hamako Hoshi. It was a fun match that went out of the ring and all over the place. The venue wasn’t an arena itself, but a huge hallway inside of a larger stadium. They wrestled down the hallway and even into a room upstairs, which you could see them wrestling in through the huge windows!

Once the action went back into the ring, Tsukushi and Hamako brought in all the kids for “The Ice Train,” which consisted of every kid doing the body roll (the one they were tight in the earlier training lesson) on the prone Kurumi. One little girl actually stomped Kurumi!

In the end, Tsukushi pinned Kurumi with a German suplex bridge.

It was a great event, one that was attended by many Ice Ribbon regulars, but also by many new fans that wouldn’t have necessarily seen them otherwise.


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