Hailey Hatred Produce: Queen Bee 1st


Hailey Hatred may have left social media, but she’s still very active in the world of Joshi Puroresu, German Suplexing dudes and choking out idols, as usual. These photos are from back on May 5th when she teamed with friend/rival Aki Shizuka to put on a revival of Queen Bee Itabashi Hall.

Originally, Queen Bee was the Joshi spin-off of the now defunct shootstyle promotion BattlArts. While the QB revival didn’t quite stick to the strike-submission-suplex formula of the original, it was still quite a good show.


The opener saw the always genki Sayaka Obihiro and the equally energetic Kaori Yoneyama run around and scream at each other for eight fantastic minutes.  Su Yung started off her Japan tour properly by dominating 13-year-old Kurumi, forcing her to tap.

BattlArts founder Yuki Ishikawa appeared on this show, teaming with Hailey against Aki and Hikaru Sato. This match was the one that stuck the most to QB’s strike-suplex-submission style, and for that it was the strongest bout on the show.

The main event had Hailey and Aki wrestle again, this as a team against JWP’s Command Bolshoi and Rabbit Miyu for the TLW Tag Team Titles. The titles had been vacant since Hailey and Yoneyama were stripped of them after Yoneyama’s non-retirement. Hailey used a Plum Stretch to put Rabbit Miyu to sleep and win back the titles.



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