Megumi Fujii to Retire


Megumi Fujii, the woman who spent years as the undisputed best female MMA fighter on the planet, has announced she will have her final match on October 5th’s Vale Tudo Japan 3rd show.

Megumi is a legendary mixed martial artist that racked up an unprecedented 22 consecutive wins before losing, in a controversial decision, to Zoila Frausto in October of 2010. Given her Greatest of All Time-level status in Mixed Martial Arts, most of her fans would probably be surprised to learn that her earliest recorded bout in a professional ring was in Pro Wrestling.


Above is Megumi’s first Pro Wrestling match in the ARSION promotion. ARSION distinguished itself as a promotion early on by presenting a more intense and grounded form of fighting than traditional Joshi promotions. Mariko Yoshida epitomized this style. Yoshida began her career as a shiny, happy high-flyer in AJW, but became a limb-ripping, roundhouse throwing shootstylist when she joined ARSION. She showed off her impressive grappling skills against the young but already accomplished Fujii in a three round exhibition match.

When we interviewed Mariko she had this to say about Megumi:

Megumi Fujii is fast. If you give her the slightest opening, she will move on that chance and you could be in an armlock so quickly. Wrestling against her, I’ve never experienced that kind of tension in the ring before.

Fast, like snapping an opponent’s ankle in 20 seconds flat fast. When Mariko started her own promotion, IBUKI, she called in Megumi for this tag match also featuring Shuu Shibutani and Natsuki*Taiyo (spoiler: she doesn’t tear anyone’s foot off):


Even with very limited experience in the sport, Fujii put on some impressive matches. Given that, and the history of MMA fighters who focus on wrestling once their fight career winds down, I’m hoping Mariko has given Megumi another call this week.


Update: Responding to noteworthy MMA/Puroresu journalist Jacob Millis, Megumi just today stated that her retirement also rules out Pro Wrestling in the future.



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