Jeremy Scahill: The Man Who Helped Kill CHIKARA


Some serious shit went down at CHIKARA’s Aniversario iPPV last Sunday. I’d suggest reading Thomas Holzerman’s full live report here, but in summary: nefarious private military contractor Condor Security was called in by the equally nefarious multi-national conglomerate that owns CHIKARA during the main event of the show. Condor rushed the building causing the match, a pivotal title tilt between Eddie Kingston and Icarus, to end in a no-contest. They then dismantled the set and forced fans out of the building ending the show, and seemingly ending CHIKARA as a company.

This gritty finale was a massive departure from CHIKARA’s typical comic book and science fiction influenced story lines. Private Military Companies doing the dirty work of shady corporations and secretive government agencies have been a go-to plot point TV shows, films, and video games for some time, so it was inevitable for them to make their way into Pro Wrestling. We see PMC’s as the hired guns of mustache twirlers from The A Team to 24 to Metal Gear Solid to Batman: Arkham City and now CHIKARA. Why are they so infamously popular in recent years? It’s thanks in large part to the journalistic work of Jeremy Scahill.


It’s no stretch to say that much if not most of the negative publicity PMC’s get in entertainment is due to the amazing work Scahill did in his book Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army. While the mainstream media was still euphemistically referring to them as “contractors,” Scahill gave the real story behind the highly paid, highly trained mercenaries of Blackwater. He also exposed the high levels of corruption and low-levels of accountability surrounding the company as it was deployed by the US government across multiple war zones. He documented how excess money and insufficient oversight led to endless scandals involving Blackwater and other paramilitary companies.

Real life villains make for great fictional villains, so it’s no wonder Jeremy’s work has inspired creators in multiple fields. The writer behind CHIKARA’s No Private Army website is one so inspired.

The blog is a superbly crafted piece of meta-fiction set up to give insight into the current CHIKARA/Condor story line. While the site is padded with wild, inane Alex Jones-esque conspiracy theories, the most substantive, and eerily realistic articles are dedicated to documenting the scandals of Condor Security, an obvious analogue to Blackwater. From tales of wars being largely outsourced to reports of civilian massacres, several stories on No Private Army are direct nods to Scahill’s work. There’s even an article about Blackwater itself.

This isn’t the sort of stuff you expect to read in the four-color world of CHIKARA. Most speculation about the end of Aniversario anticipated a story involving a destructive time paradox created by a band-geek’s doppleganger. That would have been cool to, but I’m happy the creative minds behind CHIKARA decided to be a bit more modern and borrowed from Jeremy Scahill instead of John Byrne.

The same journalist who helped bring down Blackwater also inadvertently helped take down a Pro Wrestling company, or at least made the send off all the more intriguing.

Looking for more insight into this story line? Read about the real-life inspiration for it from Jeremy Scahill’s articles on The Nation. Also be sure check out his latest book Dirty Wars here and its accompanying documentary by the same name, opening in limited release this month. Find a screening near you here.

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