Ryukyu Dragon Pro Wrestling: Debut


Rising from the ashes of Okinawa Pro Wrestling comes Ryukyu Dragon Pro Wrestling. It is based in Okinawa, which is part of the Ryukyu Islands, the southern-most region of Japan. The company’s roots go back to Michinoku Pro Wrestling, which bred Osaka Pro Wrestling, and then Okinawa Pro Wrestling which closed its doors in November 2011. Ryukyu Dragon held its opening events during Golden Week, and we have a report for their shows on May 4th and 5th, 2013.

The main roster for Ryukyu Dragon Pro Wrestling consists of:

Gurukun Mask – Ryukyu Dragon’s ace, Gurukun Mask possesses great technical and aerial skills.

Hibiscus Mii – Usually known as Apple Miyuki, Hibiscus Mii is the Joshi  ace of Ryukyu Dragon.

Onihito Demon – A giant of a man, Onihito Demon uses his size and strength to brutalize opponents.

Shikwousa Kid – A shikwousa is a small type of orange that is local to Okinawa  while a Shikwousa Kid is a ring technician.

Super Mantaro – Super Mantaro is a Super Hero whose super powers don’t quite seem to work right during his matches and falter when he needs them the most.

Captain Eagle – When his entrance them “Real American” hits the arena, Captain Eagle storms to the ring full of energy and zest, and wearing a boa around his neck. When the match begins to get intense, he “eagles up” and unleashes his power onto his opponents.

Typhoon J. Ric – Speed and intensity best describe Typhoon J. Ric, who has a lucha libre inspired arsenal of moves.


May 4, 2013

1. Shikwousa Kid defeated Super Mantaro – Good opening contest, in which Super Mantaro’s super powers failed to gain him the upper hand.

2. Hibiscus Mii defeated Aoi Ishibashi – You’ll recognize Ishibashi from the REINA*World promotion. She gave a good fight to Hibiscus, but Hibiscus Mii was able to pull out the victory after a top rope splash.

3. Onihito Demon, Chula Nekokagi, and Typhoon J. Ric defeated Gurukun Mask, Tomoka Nakagawa, and Captain Eagle – This was a wild brawl that took place all over the building, and ended with Onihito Demon pinning Captain Eagle.


May 5, 2013

1. Onihito Demon and Tomoka Nakagawa defeated Hibiscus Mii and Super Mantaro Another brawl; Onihito Demon likes to take the fight to the floor. Super Mantaro began to get fresh with Hibiscus Mii, and she slapped him and then joined in with Onihito Demon and Tomoka in attacking Super Mantaro. Tomoka, Demon and Hibiscus simultaneously pinned Super Mantaro with one foot each on him.

2. Captain Eagle defeated Typhoon J. Ric – Typhoon J Ric lost as a result of a low blow when the referee was out cold. Eagle woke the ref and got the pin.

3. Gurukun Mask and Aoi Ishibashi defeated Shikwousa Kid and Chula Nekokagi – Gurukun and his arch nemesis Shikwousa Kid took on Joshi partners in this match, that ended with Gurukun getting the pin on Shikwousa with a reverse roll-up/bridge combination.

See our photos below, and let us know if you want to hear more about this and other regional Japanese promotions.


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