KENTA Wishes He Was Dead


AngeTheDude is one of dozens of dedicated Puroresu fans doing the Lord Rikidozan’s work, filling your YouTube page with clips of people kicking each other in the face. It’s a thankless job, with DMCA takedown requests as your only reward. You can have a bit of fun though, by highlighting your favorite wrestlers, showing off cool new ways to flip, or by providing a surreal yet gripping commentary on the War in Afghanistan as Ange did in his description for the above clip from NOAH. Watch the video, then read, then watch again for full effect:

KENTA and Toshiaki Kawada are siblings. A Marine about to embark on his fourth tour of duty, KENTA is a steadfast family man married to his high school sweetheart, Jun Akiyama, with whom he has two young daughters, Marufuji and Atsushi Aoki. The match opens with Kawada being released from jail for armed robbery, not long before KENTA departs for Afghanistan.

Soon news comes that KENTA’s helicopter has crashed over the water, leaving him presumed dead. In reality, he and a hometown friend, Kenta Kobashi, have been taken prisoner in a mountain village. With KENTA “gone”, Kawada attempts to redeem himself in the eyes of his family by wrangling old friends to help with kitchen repairs for Akiyama and the kids. Akiyama slowly sheds her previous resentment towards her brother-in-law.

As months pass, Akiyama and Kawada bond over their mutual mourning, culminating in a passionate fireside kiss. They regret it afterward, and do not take this attraction any further, though Kawada continues to win the favor of his nieces.

Meanwhile, KENTA and Kobashi are abused and tortured by militants, forced to make videotaped dismissals of the military and their mission, though only Kobashi cracks. The captors eventually deem him useless, and force KENTA at gunpoint to beat him to death with a lead pipe. Some time later, KENTA is rescued.

He returns home, clearly traumatized by his experience. He drifts through encounters in a cold, paranoid daze, and refuses to explain to his family what happened while he was in Afghanistan, and lies to Kobashi’s widow that he does not know how Kobashi died. He also believes Kawada and Akiyama had a sexual relationship in his absence.

– AngeTheDude, Subscribe to his YouTube Channel here.

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