Beyond Wrestling and St. Louis Anarchy: Double Trouble Review

Featuring: ACH, Johnny Gargano, Eric Corvis, Jonny Mangue, Chase Brunett, Zane Silver, Matthew Justice, The Pitboss, The Hate Junkies, dany only, Strknyn, Arik Canon, Darin Corbin, Christian Rose, The Submission Squad, Evan Gelistico, Gary Jay, Pierre Abernathy, Dale Patricks, Remi Wilkins, Heidi Lovelace, Nate Stone, Reed Bentley, Tripp Cassidy, Davey Vega, Eric Ryan, The Kentucky Buffet, Alex Castle, Matt Cage, The Hooligans, Devin Cutter, Mason Cutter, Mark Angel, Drew Gulak, Aaron Epic, Pinkie Sanchez, Sugar Dunkerton, The Slaughterhouse, KJ Crush, Maserati Rick, Tony Banks, Rickey Shane Page, Dan Walsh, Johnny Cockstrong, RD Evans

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Photos Courtesy Wayne Palmer 

On the day that their purchase of Women Superstars Uncensored was confirmed, Beyond Wrestling ventured to Absolute Intense Wrestling’s stomping ground, Turners Hall in Cleveland, in Ohio. But instead of AIW, they had a different dancing partner, in the form of St. Louis Anarchy. The mid-west cousins of Austin’s ACW had perhaps their biggest platform yet for this show. Did Beyond and SLA dare to try and one up AIW on their home turf? Indeed, they dared.


1. Eric Corvis [+11], Jonny Mangue [+2] & Team Beyond (Chase Burnett [-7] & Zane Silver [-3]) vs. Matthew Justice [-1], The Pitboss [+7] & The Hate Junkies (dany only [+4] & Stryknyn [+2]) – Team Beyond versus Team Kill Everyone In Beyond, essentially. Pitboss is facing his former Doom Patrol stablemate, Jonny Mangue, with some new, more like-minded partners in Justice and The Hate Junkies. Prior to this Mangue had helped Pitboss and Chris Dickinson make life hell for Corvis, Brunett, and Silver, but the “Smooth Savage” changed his ways this year and worked with his former rivals.

The match started with a big brawl that spilled to the outside very quick. Team Beyond got the early advantage, but the storm was weathered, and dany only puts his team in control. The “Shitboss”… sorry, Pitboss (only reporting what was chanted) continued to work over Zane Silver, but after a few minutes, Silver made the tag to Eric Corvis. After losing the advantage, the wrestlers at ringside got Corvis back in it by singing the Rocky theme.

Later on Mathew Justice, Pitboss and the Hate Junkies found themselves stacked up together, when Zane Silver dropkicked off the top rope onto all of them in a unique moment. dany only then created another one by suplexing Burnett into a DDT on his own partner Silver. After another melee, Justice caught Corvis with a low blow, and hit two DVDs into the corner on him for the win. A good opening contest, a bit crazy in places, but it had a nice flow. Johnny Cockstrong noted on commentary that The Beasts had a 200lb combined advantage on their opponents, and it ultimately told.

2. Arik Cannon [0], Darin Corbin [0] & Christian Rose [0] vs. The Submission Squad (Evan Gelistico [0], Gary Jay [-2] & Pierre Abernathy [-1]) – Cannon’s team came out to B.o.B, which Rose noted was not the song they originally intended to come out to. The Submission Squad were looking for a great performance here, with two of the members on losing records going in.

Things were off to a rough start for the Squad when even the referee found himself bodyslamming Gary Jay. As this is a St. Louis Anarchy match, and therefore competed under Anarchy Rules, the match continued. Then there was gigantic showdown between “Big Daddy” Pierre Abernathy and “Ginger Madness” Darin Corbin, and then there was the the usual slo-mo sequence (which Robert Evans, on commentary, followed suit in slo-mo calling). The Squad then took control and Evan “Kick the World” Gelistico pretty much took Christian “Born to Hurt” Rose’s face off. Appropriate. Arik Cannon (the Dastardly Urban Fiend as Evans put it) put down his PBR long enough to come in and run riot all over the Submission Squad. Things then went bonzo gonzo, and Jay used a break in the confusion to pull Cannon’s tights for the pin, and earning a huge win for the Submission Squad.


3. School Of Roc Tag Team Sole Survivor Elimination Match: Dale Patricks [0], Remi Wilkins [0] & Heidi Lovelace [0] vs. Nate Stone [0], Reed Bentley [0] & Tripp Cassidy [0] – Availible in its entirety above, this was a sole survivor elimination match: once a team is completely eliminated, the remaining members of the other team must wrestle each other until there is one winner. A sort of mini Cibernetico.

Nate Stone looked impressive early for a man of his size, at least until his own partner, Tripp Cassidy, turned on him, allowing Dale Patricks to pin and eliminate him (sound strategy in this sort of match). Heidi Lovelace, who’s recently been seen in AIW, OVW and SHINE, came in and went toe to toe with Cassidy. Reed Bentley (no relation to this reviewer) came in and wiped his ball sweat all over Lovelace (again, no relation). Bentley eventually pinned Lovelace to even the sides, leading to more of a regular tag team feel. Bentley and Cassidy ended up taking control. However, Stone returned and caused a distraction, allowing the relatively inexperienced Patricks to roll up Cassidy for the pin. Bentley was the only remaining member of his team and eventually succumbed to the odds leaving Patricks and Wilkins to fight each other to decide the winner.

A huge pump kick by Patricks got two, but Wilkins hit Patricks with the “Fire Pro stuff” as Dunkerton called it, ending with an atomic drop turned into a knee to the face for the win. An impressive showcase for the School of Roc, probably a better showing than their CHIKARA showcase back in April.

4. Davey Vega [+9] & Eric Ryan [0] vs. Kentucky Buffet (alex Castle [0] & Matt Cage [0]) Vs. The Hooligans (devin Cutter [0] & Mason Cutter [0]) – This was meant to be Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett, but Fitchett tore his quad prior to the show. This wasn’t the Hooligans team I’m used to either, as Roy and Zak Knight team under that name in the UK. I was impressed by the Kentucky Buffet in the couple of SLA appearances I’ve seen them in, so I hoped they’d carry that on in this match.

One of the Hooligans, both of them being big men, hit a hella impressive standing moonsault, then another off the middle rope to the outside. These guys are really agile for their size. Tandem Wheelbarrow DDT (AKA Athena and Vega’s ‘Hussybuster’) by the Hooligans led to the elimination of the Kentucky Buffet. With one of his plays nicked, Vega decided to borrow a bit himself as he and Ryan hit a Total Elimination, leading to a win. Fans and wrestlers pounded the mat in approval for this very good tag match and The Hooligans got the chants even in defeat. I’d pay for a Hooligans vs. Hooligans match to see who gets the name…


5. Mark Angel [+14] vs. Drew Gulak [0]Mark Angel was the Beyond Wrestling points leader going into this match, and was accompanied by Academy of Anatomy partner Nick Talent. This was a rematch from Crisis Precipitates Change, the last Beyond Wrestling show I reviewed, where Angel pulled out the win, despite Gulak being the better man.

Colorado and Aaron Epic put over Drew Gulak’s experience, having wrestled all over the world for many years at a young age. It is alleged that Angel is responsible for Mr. Touchdown, who has vowed to have a longer undefeated streak than Angel, being off the show.

Talent got involved early, handing the advantage to Angel. Angel followed up with multiple dick moves until Gulak answered with a sweet diving clothesline. Gulak hit a sick overhead Exploder on Angel off the ring apron to the floor. Another suplex to the floor and Gulak looked well on his way to victory, but Angel somehow kept kicking out. Seeing his man in danger, Nick Talent got up on the apron to berate Gulak, who swung for Talent but accidentally hit the referee. While the ref was down Gulak trapped Angel in the Gu-Lock, and the referee came to and called for the bell. However, it was not for a Gulak victory. The referee disqualified Gulak for hitting him. Gulak went berserk, and lunged at Talent, putting him in the Gu-Lock (Mark Angel did not come in to save him). Gulak had to be pulled off Talent by some of Beyond’s wrestlers, but then he went in for some more, and had to be dragged out of the building. I really loved this match, and it had a very creative finish to set up matches for Gulak against both Angel and Talent. Do not sleep on either of these guys.

6. ACH [0] Vs. Johnny Gargano [-2] – And somehow that last match got followed up by this one. Talk about not giving the fans a rest, as two of the hottest properties in all of wrestling squared-off in a dream of a match. There was mat work to start, Johnny Gargano with hammerlocks and chicken wings to took control early. That didn’t hold ACH down for long, who along with a big time dropkick, engaged in some mat wrestling of his own. Nobody can accuse ACH of simply being a flashy high flyer. Gargano caught ACH with a high knee on the apron, and went for tackle, but ACH backflipped off the ring… only for Gargano to dive through the ropes onto him to the outside.

ACH had done his homework on Gargano though and avoided Gargano’s outside-in spear. Likewise, ACH powered out of a springboard DDT to hit Gargano with a slingshot Ace Crusher for two. Both men were then down after exchanging kicks and elbows, and Johnny attempted to lock on the Gargano Escape. ACH countered but Gargano doubled him up and bridged into pin for the three count! But Gargano’s shoulders were also on the mat. The referee declared the match a draw. The fans wanted five more minutes, and both ACH and Gargano demanded five more minutes, so the match was restarted.

And what a five minutes it was. Lawn dart, superkick, counter, God’s Last Gift, Giant Swing, Texas Cloverleaf, dive, Crusher, Hurts Donut, Gargano Esc…and then the extra five minutes expired, leaving things at a draw again. Both men paid tribute to each other after the match, with ACH saying that Gargano had a better match with Akira Tozawa than he did, and Gargano declared that ACH is better than Rich Swann (considering Gargano and Swann’s DGUSA team, ouch). Together they agree that combined, they are one of a kind, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s a match you should definitely check out, and the ending, both of them, leaves the door open for a rematch to see which of these two will finally come out on top.

7. #KOA (aaron Epic [+8], Pinkie Sanchez [+5] & Sugar Dunkerton [+3]) vs. The Slaughterhouse (KJ Crush [-6], Maserati Rick [-6] & Tony Banks [0]) – Just prior to this show Pinkie Sanchez announced that he was retiring from professional wrestling, and this was set to be his final match. On a more upbeat note, this was Sugar Dunkerton’s first match back since he broke his arm at an AIW event in April.

Colorado speculated on commentary that Sugar may have returned too soon, as he was unable to body slam KJ Crush early on (to be fair, he’s a large man). Dunkerton got back into the game proper with some NBA films worthy basketball moments (accompanied by John Stockton-esque technique from Pinkie Sanchez). A monstrous Slam Dunk by Sugar on all three of the Slaughterhouse gave the #KOA control.

Later, Aaron Epic and Dunkerton set Pinkie up for a Moonsault, but Maserati Rick (distant cousin of Maybach Taniguchi) got his knees up, and hit Pinkie with a high impact piledriver for the win, sending Pinkie Sanchez into retirement…Or maybe not.

Shades of Kaori Yoneyama as, after a seemingly career ending speech, Pinkie turned on the #KOA, attacking Epic and Dunkerton. Then his DUF partner Arik Cannon ran in to help him in the beatdown. Only intervention from Jonny Mangue prevented further damage from being done. Cannon declared that this wasn’t Pinkie Sanchez’s retirement, and that the Dirty Ugly Fucks are planning on causing more damage wherever they go.

8. St. Louis Anarchy Heavyweight Championship Match: Dan Walsh (c) [0] Vs. Rickey Shane Page [+1] – The match started right off with a flip dive to the outside by Rickey Shane Page. As this was under Anarchy Rules, and because “Fuck Chairs,” Walsh suplexed RSP onto a pile of them. Back in the ring, RSP busted out a series of nice wrestling holds, proving that he’s more than just a brawler. He went for a dive, but Walsh threw a chair in his face, busting RSP open. RSP, bleeding, fought on but eventually succumbed to a choke and was forced to tap.

Great effort by RSP, but Walsh was in better condition and it told. Walsh complimented RSP after the match, and offered him an opportunity to come to St. Louis Anarchy for a rematch, which RSP accepted. A nice 10 minute sprint, and I’m all for seeing the SLA rematch.

9. Johnny Cockstrong [+11] Vs. RD Evans [+2]Johnny Cockstrong likes to have a good time when he’s wrestling, perhaps in part due to his full life and nice career outside the squared circle. However, after losing the points lead in Beyond he questioned whether or not it was time to hang up his boots and fully move on to the next chapter of his “real” life. Cockstrong put his career on the line in this match against Robert Evans, who would be all too happy to remove a character like Cockstrong from his ring permanently.

Ever the gentleman, Evans offered a handshake to start the match, but the fans and wrestlers thought that was the wrong body part Evans should be shaking. Evans took control early, but ate a, ahem, pelvic thrust to the face and fell out of the ring. Cockstrong offered Evans to the fans, who chopped the heck out of him around ringside.

Evans turned the tide with a trip on the apron, and begin to pick apart Cockstrong. Cockstrong tried to mount a comeback, but the Submission Squad came out and helped Evans out with a 4 on 1 attack. Evans locked on the Stomach Claw, but Cockstrong fought out of it and hit the Shining Cocksucker. He followed up with the Flying Cock and the BullCock. Lots of Cock.

The fans pounded the mat in support of Cockstrong, trying to keep his career alive. It looked for naught, as Evans delivered more and more devastating maneuvers to Cockstrong’s mid-section. However, out of desperation, Cockstrong was able to reverse a Super Gutbuster attempt by Evans into a Kryptonite Krunch on the turnbuckle, ultimately leading him to the biggest win of his career.

What a finish, and what a fun match, proving that JC’s about more than just his gimmick. Evans was a fantastic foil for him, forcing Cockstrong to dig deep and fight in order to keep his wrestling career. Hopefully this match will open people’s eyes to what Cockstrong can do, and hopefully his career can kick on from this point.


The Attempted Stabbing of Eric Corvis – As part of the commentary during the show, Eric Corvis referred to a backstage incident that Denver Colorado vowed to find out more about, but no further reference was made about it. This video goes on to show what happened, as the Hate Junkies jumped Corvis, and dany only attempted to stab him with a corkscrew, before being restrained. Corvis would later press charges and serve the Hate Junkies with a restraining order, leading Beyond Wrestling to announce that the Hate Junkies would never be booked again.

dany only then proceeded to tell his side of the story, saying he had 30 days (as of July 15th) to answer the charges Corvis brought against him, saying that he “doesn’t know what he’s going to do”… with a smirk on his face.  Ten days later, on July 25th, dany only had an altercation with a bail bondsman, who was demanding double payment for his arrest and being bailed out, leading to dany punching him in the face and running away.

dany only then went onto TNT Radio’s “To Be Determined” programme on August 9th to reveal his plans over the situation, which amount to him planning to flee the United States in order to avoid being arrested. It’s a ten minute listen, and is currently the latest piece of the ongoing storyline that has been an interesting weave outside what has gone on in the ring.

As for the show, sure it may have had a lot of multi-man tag team matches on it, but there was enough variation between them for each one to stand out in their own way. The opener was probably the more forgettable of them, but the post match story that I’ve just detailed has made it a bit more significant, which tells the tale that the smallest thing can sometimes grow into something pretty big and intriguing.

The Submission Squad put on a very good effort to keep them on a roll heading into King of Trios, for what that was worth. The School of Roc offer match was very entertaining, showing off that Billy Roc’s students all have very promising futures. The three way tag was a break out performance for The Hooligans, who will surprise a lot more people as time goes on. As for the #KOA/Slaughterhouse match, if one man stood out, likely for the same reasons as the Hooligans did, it was Tony Banks. The man is a formidable hoss, and is showing a lot of potential. Pinkie Sanchez’s split from the #KOA has the likelihood to lead to some interesting stuff down the line, and will hopefully allow Aaron Epic to step up even more.

The singles matches all brought it on this show. Mark Angel and Drew Gulak are right up there as names to watch out for in US wrestling, Gulak for his chain wrestling and getting fans into matches, and Angel for his sheer power and psychology he has picked up in such a short time. Dan Walsh and Rickey Shane Page had a fun ten minute battle, and if the St. Louis Anarchy rematch happens, that will hopefully build on this match. The main event had an intriguing story, with RD Evans working extensively on Johnny Cockstrong’s stomach, and Cockstrong having to battle back harder than he’s ever done before in order to keep his career alive.


But the match of the night had to be ACH and Johnny Gargano. Two of the best young wrestlers in America right now giving us a good taste of what they can do against each other, resulting in an outstanding encounter. The fact we did not get a conclusive finish wasn’t a bad thing, as it simply whets the appetite for a rematch in the future – just who is the better man out of these two outstanding athletes?

St. Louis Anarchy’s next show is The Gold Edition on September 29th in Granite City, IL, featuring the Gold Edition Tournament, with the winner earning the right to challenge for any title in either St. Louis Anarchy or Anarchy Championship Wrestling – participants in the tournament include Davey Richards, ACH, Arik Cannon, Kyle O’Reilly and Rachel Summerlyn. Also, Dan Walsh defends the St. Louis Anarchy Heavyweight Title against Darin Corbin, and Davey Vega defends the Anarchy Televised Title against JoJo Bravo. More information on the show is at

Beyond Wrestling’s next show is the following night, September 30th, with Armory Amore in East Greenwich, RI, where Drew Gulak takes on Eric Corvis, Dave Cole faces JT Dunn, Darius Carter meets TJ Marconi in a tag team match where both men will choose their partners on the night, Portia Perez makes her Beyond Wrestling debut taking on Lexus, and two lawyers collide as Robert Evans takes on Veda Scott. Information on that show, as well as their October 13th double header in Deer Park, NY with Women Superstars Uncensored, is available at

You can watch Double Trouble by buying on DVD for $12 here, downloading the MP4 for $12 here, streaming on VOD for $10 here.

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