WSU: Uncensored Rumble V

Who is this Summers’ greatest super-villain? Bane? No. Loki? No. The Lizard? Not even. The biggest, baddest, scariest destroyer of worlds right now is WSU Champion Jessicka Havok. The Summer of Havok began last month at WSU’s Uncensored Rumble V. Jessicka raised her black wings over the world of Professional Wrestling, defeating rival Mercedes Martinez in a phenomenal casket match for the WSU title.

The women displayed their usual disregard for one another: Mercedes cruelly ripping off Havok’s “Angel of Death” wings and choking her with the wire frame, Havok violently throwing Mercedes into steel barricades and smashing her against the ladder, and sickest of all, Mercedes actually destroying the casket by German suplexing Havok through it, leaving the Jessicka convulsing on the mat in pain. It looked like Mercedes had the match, if she could just find a casket to use. She went to the back to grab a spare which, as anyone who read our LuFisto interview knows, held a bit of an ultra-violent French Canadian surprise for Mercedes and cost her the the match.

Havok’s triumph over Mercedes was complete, and clearly quite satisfying. As he straggled the casket and raised her title belt, you couldn’t be blamed for forgetting that she started the night with two of those. In an impromptu WSU Spirit Title, forced upon her by WSU authority Amy Lee, Havok lost to Marti Belle. Marti put on her strongest performer as a wrestler to date in an upset victory over Havok. Marti gets better every time she’s in the ring and earned a spot as one the faces of the company.

Perfect timing, as this was the last WSU show before Beyond Wrestling creator Drew Cordeiro would take over ownership. This nicely dovetailed with the beginning of WSU/NCW: Femmes Fatales partnership as KalamitySweet Cherrie, and LuFisto all making their WSU debuts. Much like in SHIMMER, fans were tres into NCW:FF champ Kalamity as soon as she walked out. Total star. For her part, LuFisto had a stellar fight with Leva Bates. Leva’s grown tremendously in the past year and kept up with one of the world’s best.

Others who no doubt impressed the new boss were Allysin Kay, who welcomed West coaster Terra Calaway to WSU by savagely choking her out with a gogoplata, Brittany Savage who finally defeated her nemesis Sassy Stephanie with a Savage Crusher onto a chair, and Alicia and Lexxus who traded wins with Alicia taking a singles match but Lexxus stealing the all-important Uncensored Rumble victory.

Despite the controversial ending the rumble was a lot of fun, despite the controversial ending. Kimber Lee had a notable performance and continued to be one of the brightest prospects in Pro Wres. The Midwest Militia, in spite of not winning, managed to show just how dominate they are as a team through most of the rumble, at least until Amy Lee made her return to the ring and got a measure of revenge for their months of abuse. Finally seeing Leva Bates, who put all her skill points into dexterity, dodge and shoot her way through the match Black Widow was rad (Leva > ScarJo).

Overall, this Uncensored Rumble V was one of WSU’s strongest shows. Lufisto versus Levi and Jessicka versus Mercedes were both legitimately great matches that are worth tracking down. That’s not hard since the DVD is already available here. This is a great jumping on point for anyone who hasn’t seen what WSU is about yet.

Also, before the show we talked with Lexxus briefly before the show started and she made it clear why she’s one of WSU’s most interesting personalities:


And we also did a joint interview with the new boss, covering in detail all the questions and concerns about the future of WSU. Hint: It’s pretty bright.


Enjoy the rest of the photos, and get ready for the new WSU.

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