AIW: Girls’ Night Out 6

Earlier this month, Cleveland’s Absolute Intense Wrestling put on its biggest women’s show to date with Girls’ Night Out 6. While Eric Ryan and Ethan Page still represented for the dudes, the traditional Guy’s Night Out pre-show was mostly done away with leaving a full card where some of the top female wrestlers today mixed it up with rising stars. The shift in focus paid off, as this was the strongest GNO show thus far. 

It went down like this:

AIW Girls’ Night Out 6

April 15th, 2011
Cleveland, OH

  • Eric Ryan defeated Ethan Page with a Package Piledriver
  • K.C. defeated Miss Heidi
  • Hailey Hatred defeated Leva Bates with a Running Lyger Bomb
  • Melanie Cruise defeated Taylor Made with a Cruise Driver
  • Death Match: Cray Mary Dobson defeated Trash Cassidy with an Oklahoma Roll
  • Cherry Bomb defeated Sassy Stephie with the Best Superkick Ever
  • Taelor Hendrix defeated Annie Social (w/ Sammy Geodollno)
  • Jennifer Blake defeated Kimber Lee
  • Sara Del Rey defeated Veda Scott with The Lebell Death Lock
  • Hailey Hatred defeated Jenny Rose with a Tiger Suplex
  • AIW Women’s Title Street Fight: Allysin Kay defeated Mia Yim to win the vacant title

Let it be known: Hailey Hatred is not a Star Trek fan. Leva Bates, dressed as the world’s cutest Captain Picard had come out with a tribble in tough. Hailey, unamused, challenged Leva to an impromptu match. She then proceeded to punt the tribble to the back of the venue, before attempting to do similar to Leva. A Vulcan Death Grip variation kept Leva in the match, but inevitably Hailey set her phasers to death and welcomed to the AIW family with a Lyger Bomb.

Melanie Cruise and Taylor Made had a strong showing as they brought their Chi-town feud to Cleveland. Fans were in awe of Melanie’s power, just like she likes it. Crazy Mary Dobson got in a bloody light tube laden brawl, just like she likes it, but managed to beat Trash Cassidy with some good old fashioned wrestling.

Cherry Bomb finally made her way back to AIW, and continued to make her case for an AIW title shot. She narrowly escaped kissing Stephie’s Sass to put her out with the Best Superkick Ever (not an exaggeration).

“Girl Dynamite” Jennifer Blake made a glorious return to the states after spending far too long away from us down in Mexico. She looked better than ever up against the very new, but very very good, Kimber Lee. Lee is definitely a future star, and it’s past time for Jenn Blake to chop her way through big matches north of the border.

We’ll have a first-hand account of Veda Scott’s match with Sara Del Rey sometime soon, but needless to say it was not Veda’s time. Neither was it Sammy Geodollno’s, whose management skills were sorely lagging behind the likes of CHIKARA’s Veronica.

Hailey Hatred, Ohio’s first lady of wrestling, has spent the last few years rising to the top of the Japanese scene in JWP. Jenny Rose, the former Jamilia Craft, trained for an extended period of time in DIANA. Hailey’s been back in the states refocusing and recharging for her next title campaign(s). Rose, now imbued with the power of legendary Joshi pro wrestlers, has been back in the US showing off her new found skills.. Two American women from rival Japanese factions were united by fate in Cleveland, and they went full-on-Alpha-fight-to-the-death-mode on each other. Furious strikes, slick submissions, screams, dives, and ever increasing violence gave fans in the Turner’s Hall a 15 minute preview of what it’s like to be in Korakuen Hall. Hailey came out on top, but by no means then Jenny end up on bottom. Rose surely made her supporters in Japan proud in an amazing showing.

And finally, the much anticipated main event between Mia Yim and Allysin Kay for the vacant AIW Women’s Title was pure insanity. Kay came out wearing a pink Hannibal Lecter mask she started rocking after having her nose crushed by Yim. Yim came out twirling two light tubes and wearing a DDS “We Will Save Pro Wrestling” T-shirt.  The ring was surrounded with weapons that fans brought: aluminum bats, steel rods, brooms, tire irons, a garden hose, and a plastic AK-47 assault rifle (which proved to be the most dangerous of all). Kay needed revenge. Yim needed a title. It felt exactly like a Main Event.

They slapped the shit out of each other kicked the shit out of each other then beat the shit out of each other then tried cut each other open. Kay failed with a stab of her machete. Yim succeeded  with a brutal light tube smash across Allysin’s back. Yim looked close to capturing her first title in wrestling, but interference from the Flexxor Industries crew gave Kay the win. She neither asked for nor wanted their help and attacked, them effectively severing her ties with the group. Kay wanted to restart the match in order to prove she could beat Yim without any help, but since it was a Streetfight, the interference was legal. Kay and Yim were told by AIW officials they would have to settle their issue later. The fans chanted for “Absolution,” AIW’s biggest show of the year. An appropriate reaction given these two woman put on an amazing main event that could have headlined any show in the US.

And that was Girls’ Night Out. If you haven’t been following AIW, this would be an excellent time to start. It was the best GNO so far, and Blake vs Lee, Hatred vs Rose, and Yim vs Kay are things you really should go out of your way to see when it is released on Until then, enjoy the pictures, and this exclusive post-post-show interview with Hailey Hatred:



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