ACW: The Show Goes On

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2012 had already started off with a bang for Anarchy Championship Wrestling. January’s Guilty By Association 6 left fans happy, stunned, and in a general state of awe. February’s The Show Goes On live did exactly as its title promised, keeping ACW’s unsurpassed streak of great shows going.

The first pre-show match was a four-way elimination for number one contendership for the U-30 Young Guns championship, featuring “Wild Gun” Aiden Colt, Jordan Jensen, Lillie Mae and Just Willie. Every single one in the ring wanted a shot at the title, currently held by JC Bravo, and the audience could tell by the action. Lillie Mae was the first to be eliminated, thanks to Colt who was eliminated almost immediately after by Jensen. Willie didn’t get to enter the ring until then, and when he did, wow. The boys went at it, but Willie ultimately triumphed over Jordan.

The next pre-show match was one that had been much hyped on Twitter: the yoga pants match! A four-way tag team match, it featured the pairings “Too Much Metal” Gregory James and Rachel Summerlyn (Too Much Bacon?), Darin Childs and Angel Blue, Davey Vega and Athena of the Submission Squad, and ACH and Mia Yim comprising “Team Kick.” Before the match started, the men left the ring in order to better admire their female counterparts displaying their stretching prowess—yoga pants are particularly ideal for stretching.

Finally Athena had enough of watching Angel Blue attempt to stretch, and an all-out brawl started. The guys jumped in to clear it up and finally we were left with Childs vs. Summerlyn to start the wrestling proper.

As the match was progressing, one of my friends pointed out Lady Poison’s presence in the crowd. She slowly stalked around the edge of the room for the duration of the match, just… watching. It was incredibly disconcerting.

Meanwhile, Athena eliminated Summerlyn (and Gregory James). Mia Yim entered the ring and challenged Athena to a booty comparison (via Athena having the audacity call Mia “flat ass” on Twitter). After getting to the wrestling (which still included both shaking their booties in the other’s face), Yim eliminated Athena and Vega.

Childs came into the ring next. Yim had a cover on him, but Angel Blue broke it by kicking Yim and then grabbed up the Joshi title belt and shoved it in her face violently enough to knock Yim to the mat. ACH came in to defend his Team Kick partner but Childs grabbed him and pinned him for the win before he could get there.

The first main show match was a three-way tag team match. JC Bravo and Chingo del Santo reunited as the Smurf Nation to face Big Ricky Romida and Bolt Brady and Team SEX. After the bell rang, Team SEX made as if they were going to leave rather than wrestle, but they came back and the match resumed. Halfway through the match, everyone was mildly surprised to see Chingo turn on his tag team partner again, and punch him in the stomach. Bravo was quickly eliminated by Axxel and Chingo stormed off. Bolt came in to face Highroller Hayze and covered him for the win. Of course, Team SEX can’t let bygones be bygones and came in to attack after the bell had rung.

The second match featured everyone’s favorite… zombie? Demon? Reincarnated avatar of a long dead elder god? Whatever she is, Lady Poison returned, facing Barbi Hayden. Barbi spent a good 97% of the match freaking out about her opponent, claiming to the ref that she couldn’t fight her, saying “I can’t do this” alternated with strikes and “I’m doing this!” Barbi did make a surprisingly good showing, in between the wailing, but Poison ended her with a kiss. The referee was goaded into attempting mouth-to-mouth by the crowd, but Barbi hadn’t received a fatal dose and was quite surprised as the ref’s attempts.

Next came a trio tag team match of Gregory James, Khris Wolfe and Junior Garza versus The Lost Boys and Killah Kash, representing the Children of Pain 2.0. James dominated the first half of the match, but lost control of it later on. The most dramatic moment came when Garza and James jumped on the other four, outside the ring, from the top ropes. This was followed in short order, however, by Kash pinning Garza for the win.

JT Lamotta made a surprise appearance (surprising to me anyway) and stepped into the ring to announce that it may or may not be his last year on the professional wrestling circuit. He issued an open challenge to anyone who wanted to face him. Stan “The Sinner” Summers, Scott Summers’ half-brother, was the first to answer the challenge. The match was a good one, but ended with Lamotta punching Summers in the head and then pinning him. JoJo Bravo was the next out the gate for the challenge. That, too, was a good match, with JoJo giving as good as he got, but Lamotta defeated JoJo with an eye gouge, taking advantage of the fact that he almost lost his eye a month earlier. Dick.

The next match featured the male members of the Submission Squad pitted against each other for Davey Vega’s Televised Championship belt. Evan Gelistico showed himself to be dominant against his teammates (if not rather vulgar in doing so), and it took all of his opponents to take him down long enough for his own tag team partner Pierre Abernathy to pin him. Gary Jay was next to be eliminated by the defending champ, who then finally lived up to his team’s name by getting Pierre to submit.

For the next match bitter rivals Athena and Rachel Summerlyn (with Machiko) returned to the ring. They quickly ended up outside the ring on the chairs, and brought one back in with them. And then, Lady Poison struck! First she attacked Machiko ringside, then Summerlyn. After those two were neutralized, she turned her attention to Athena, who backed away in fear but ultimately was taken down by a poison kiss. Summerlyn recovered enough to crawl to Athena and cover her for the win.

After a brief intermission, the show went on with the tribute match to Spiro, who passed away last November. Paying respect to their friend were Mike Dell and Jaykus Plisken (accompanied by the rest of the Takeover, Miss Maulie, James Claxton and Ken Carson). The two competitors were equally matched and the wrestling itself was beautiful in technique. Finally, after two top rope elbow drops and a double knee attack, Dell kept Plisken down for the three count. The two ended as friends while the crowd applauded in Spiro’s memory.

The tribute match was followed by a grudge match between Scot Summers and Awesome Andy (accompanied by Aiden Colt). They started early with Summers attacking Andy as soon as he came down the stairs. They stayed outside the ring for a while, and upon returning inside the ropes, worked to submit each other. Summers finally succeeded in getting Andy to tap.

A tag team match followed, featuring the Takeover represented by Ken Carson and James Claxton, accompanied by Miss Maulie and Plisken, versus MASADA and Mat Fitchett. Fitchett spent, as he does, a lot of time getting the crap kicked out of him, but finally MASADA got to come in. Fitchett had had enough of a beating that, when MASADA was distracted by killing Claxton outside of the ring, Carson was able to pin him for the win.

An American Joshi title match followed as Mia Yim challenged Angel Blue. Yim came out accompanied by her Team Kick partner ACH and Blue accompanied by Childs. Yim displayed her impressive kicking skills, but ultimately proved unsuccessful in her bid after Kash attacked ACH, Silver attacked Childs and Mia herself was attacked by Shawn Vexx. Angel Blue won after crawling to her opponent and draping her arm across Mia’s chest for the cheap win.

The main event of the evening was another title match: Shawn Vexx and Darin Childs challenging ACH for the ACW title. The match started almost immediately after Blue’s “pin” of Yim, since all the contenders were already out and brawling. Childs had a pin on Vexx when ACH saw his opportunity. He leapt onto his opponents and pinned them both to keep the belt and send the fans home happy once again.

And that was the show. There’s another this Sunday as lucky fans in San Antonio get another Anarchy experience. We’ll let you know how it went down. Oh, and huge thanks to Mr. Kris Wolfe for showing DDS some love and repping our motto T-Shirt. Come at him, bro!

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