So You’re the New Fan at SHIMMER…

First off, can I just say: You have excellent taste in professional wrestling organizations. You’ve made the right call. It’s not often that promotions like this come along. It’s Okay to be smitten.

I was once like you: The new fan in SHIMMER’s life. I’d grown tired of sports entertainment and was looking for wrestling to come in and steal my affections. Our relationship had grown stale, repetitive to the point of being able to finish each other’s sentences. I almost didn’t notice us growing apart until I picked up Volumes 31 and 32 of SHIMMER on a whim for the 2010 ROH Black Friday sale.

Now, a year and a half on, I’ve never been happier. I look forward to many happy years with SHIMMER in my life, and you can too! Here are some basics for how to make this St. Patrick’s Day weekend one you’ll remember for more than just the green beer.

Scope out the merchandise early.

If you’ve already got a few favourites (and considering this is SHIMMER, you will), check their Twitter and Facebook accounts to see if there are mentions of merchandise on sale. A lot will post either preview pictures and some will even allow you to pre-order so it’s as simple as presenting your money and getting the item of your choice. Additionally, don’t be afraid to bring your own reusable bag(s) to pack your purchases into at the Eagles Club. They’re not just for your groceries anymore!

It’s good to have a gameplan because there’s lots of tables, a minimum amount of time, and negative space to maneuver in. Much like you were visiting the soup Nazi or having a match with Brian Cage-Taylor, you want to get your stuff then get out, so that the people behind you have time do the same. Save the chit-chatting for later.

Don’t be afraid of talking to the other people in line outside the venue.

Waiting for the doors to open is a rite of passage. All SHIMMER fans have waited patiently for the doors to open on time and they never do, so it’s the perfect time to get to know the people you’re going to be spending at least the next eight hours with. Fantasy matches, streamer distribution, experiences from shows past and speculation on who — if any — will show up unannounced is all fair game.

If you’re looking for yours truly, I’ll be in the same style CANADA hoodie that Nicole Matthews often wears. Feel free to say, “Hi,” eh? 😉

Don’t be afraid [1. You absolutely should be afraid of talking to Portia Perez. You probably shouldn’t even come within her line of sight. – Ed.] of talking to the competitors at the afterparty.

Not surprisingly, I often get my thoughts out more clearly if I write them down. It’s taken me a long time to feel comfortable talking to wrestlers and expressing my gratitude but even if it’s just a ‘Thank you’ ‘Good match!’ or a simple smile, kindness goes a long way. Many of the ladies have travelled a long way to get there and after 10 plus hour flights or a lengthy stretch behind a wheel, I know I’d love to see a smiling face. Or perhaps a refill of my favourite beverage.

But, this is important, allow people to finish eating before asking for an autograph and such. Total party foul, which you don’t want to commit around seasoned wrestling/party referees like Bryce Remsburg and Brian Gorie.

Come prepared for hunkering down for the entire day. Seriously.

The city of Berwyn does NOT allow you to leave and come back in without purchasing another ticket. Since Dave Prazak announced there’s the strong possibility of a sell out, leaving for a smoke or food break may not even be an option in that instance. Some food, notably pizza, is available in the venue, as well as beer!


This one seems pretty simple and with all of the wonderful folks that are involved in the promotion and in the audience, you’re bound to have a good time. After all, love should be celebrated!


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  1. Also, all goading of Bryce Remsburg and Allison Danger into having a rematch of their 2010 Dance Off is not only allowed, but encouraged. #BryceWasRobbed


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