666 vol. 44

666 took their motto “The Wrestling of Darkness” 666 literally last week, putting on a show at the warehouse that is Shin-Kiba 1st Ring on a very cold, very dark night. More than that, the main event was “dark” as no pictures were allowed (probably something to do with the massive amounts of fireworks, and flamethrower used by Crazy SKB).

A less dangerous use of ballistics came with Jun Kasai‘s “‘Exploding’ Ring Death Match” where the ropes were “lined” with party poppers, dutifully set off by ring-side staff whenever someone made contact with the ring boundaries. Highly amusing.

Kana was victorious in her semi-main match with Onryo. The ghostly came out covered in a white powder-like substance and, after luring her under the ring, he covered Kana with it as well. Bad, bad move. Kana, a skilled Sambo practitioner and shootstyle vet was able to easily grip her opponent in this state and she got the inevitable win.

Kana also won that main event and retained her Presidency of 666 by pinning SKB in the all out crazy fight battle royal. Post-match, for good measure, she lit a fireworks laced baseball bat-shaped object and cleared the ring, a final display of her dominance over the roster. The soft men of 666 made a mistake in bringing in a hard woman like Kana. Her reign of terror will continue into 2012.

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