REINA 23 Results and Photos

Reina 23

December 24th, 2011
Edogawa Friend Hall, Edogogawa, Japan

  1. Saori defeated Lady Aphrodite with Reverse Gory Special Bomb at 8:27
  2. Kelly Skater and Kyoko Kimura defeated Saya and Aki Kanbayashi at 9:54
  3. Mima Shimoda and Cassandra defeated Yumi Hotta and Aoi Ishibashi with a Tiger Suplex from Shimoda on Ishibashi at 20:37

Here are some photos from the recent REINA show. Edogawa Friend Hall is set up like a traditional theatre, which is great for live viewing and into the audience brawling, but not so great for photography from the cheap seats. Never the less, there’s still a few good ones of Rate Tank meeting her match in equally jacked (and insane) tag partner, Kyoko Kimura. Kyoko even tried some of Skate’s “protein” shake, likely a felony in Japan. Here’s hoping this team appears again, and leads to Skater diving from the balcony at Korakuen Hall.

Also, Joshi Goddess Mima Shimoda was there, and that’s always a great thing. And REINA went around and handed out free DVDs as Christmas gifts to fans! Good times on Christmas Eve.

[nggallery id=98]


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