Joshi 4 Hope Christmas Special

The Joshi 4 Hope crew put on a brief but thoroughly entertaining show for Christmas Eve. With nearly half the roster being SHIMMER attendees, the programs featured a “We Are SHIMMER” ad on the back. A sign that the world of women’s wrestling is, thankfully, becoming a bit smaller.

Joshi 4 Hope – Christmas Special

December 24th, 2011
Shinjuku FACE, Tokyo, Japan

  1. Cherry defeated Nao Komatsu – 10:38 via Cherry Bomb
  2. Hailey Hatred and Rabbit Miyu defeated Tomoka Nakagawa and Kellie Skater when Hailey put a massive Running Lyger Bomb on Skater
  3. Yumi Ohka and Sawako Shimono defeated Hiroyo Matsumoto and Nana Kawasa at 18:04
  4. Misaki Ohata and Kagetsu defeated Ayumi Kurihara and Mika Iida at 16:29 with a Hanamaru Dokkan from Ohata to Iida

The show had Kellie Skater‘s first match of her second Japan tour, and it placed her across from Hailey Hatred, whom she seconded the night before at JWP. Hailey’s priorities in life put powerbombs before friendship though, and the two ripped each other apart with chops. Skater had already cemented her spot on Santa’s naughty list at that point, as she mocked Rabbit Miyu‘s small stature and played up her, ahem, massive arms. When the bulky Tank couldn’t keep up with the rabbit’s speed, she tagged in Tomoka Nakagawa who was able to match it. The end came when Nakagawa was trapped in the corner and Hailey Lygerbombed Skater down five floors of the Shinjuku FACE building (or at least it seemed that way).

After the match, Hailey called out Ayumi Kurihari. Hailey, who apparently won’t be satisfied until she is entirely covered in title belts, challenged Ayumi for her newly won CMLL title (to fill the gap on her shoulder left by the JWP title). Ayumi readily accepted.

Ayumi went on to have a stellar match, teaming with Mika Iida AKA mini-Ayumi. Iida was the final student of NEO and was left in limbo last year when the promotion closed. She seems to be finding her place though, and was a great partner for her idol (whose old gear she wears). Misaki Ohata has grown a lot in the past year as well, due to her leadership role in WAVE’s Black Dahlia. A much more confident and aggressive Ohata scored the win for herself and Sendai Girls standout Kagetsu.

Misaki closed the show by speaking about the spirit of Christmas requiring her to Fisherman bust rookies, or something like that. Although it was a Christmas Special, there was no singing or dancing unfortunately. Those dreaming of a Nakagawa/Skater duet will have to hope for next year.

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