Saturday Morning Wrestling VII

Dirty Dirty Sheets brings you another selection some of the world’s finest wrestling action, handpicked for your enjoyment on this fine Saturday morning.

Beyond Wrestling – AR Fox vs ACH

There’s no better match to start off with than this. Beyond Wrestling recently put on the Tournament for Tomorrow. It featured many of the top prospects in all of wrestling fighting it out in the ultra-competitive Beyond environment. Reports say it was the best show Beyond has put on to date. Which means, of course, that they’ve decided to give it away entirely for free online. This is the first match from the show and features current ACW Anarchy Champion ACH taking on multi-promotional sensation AR Fox. Both men are known for their confidence, charisma, and next-level athleticism and the match they put on is simply mind-blowing. These guys are the future.


NSP – Cherry Bomb vs Courtney Rush

Cherry Bomb and Courtney Rush are two women who have also done a lot to make their cases for “Breakout Wrestler of the Year 2011.” However, with the recent escalation of their feud (including Cherry having Rush kicked out of NEO), they may kill one another before we start handing out awards. Angry Beauty meets Human Suplex Machine.


NOAH – Go Shiozaki (c) vs KENTA – GHC Heavyweight Title

Some unfortunate news in the land of Japan: KENTA will be out for about 6 months with a knee injury. He went out with a bang though. Check this incredible match between him and Go Shiozaki for the GHC Heavyweight title. These proteges of Kenta Kobashi square off in one of the best matches of the year.


NJPW – Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura – IWGP Heavyweight Title

Hiroshi Tanahashi won the Tokyo Sports MVP award for best male wrestler. It’s hard to argue with his accomplishments, chief being a near year-long reign as IWGP Champion. Here’s one of his best defenses against his eternal rival, Shinsuke Nakamura. Note: the video is 75 minutes long, but the match takes up less than half of that.


JWP – Mayumi Ozaki vs Akira Hokuto

Here’s another great rivalry. This time, between two promotions. As we said in our Akira Hokuto spotlight [1. Read our about Akira Hokuto and her war with JWP here.], she lead the charge for AJW in the Joshi Wars, and took particular delight in publicly berating hapless JWP President Masatoshi Yamamoto. The Dangerous Queen does a bit of that here, before going one on one with Mayumi Ozaki, whom you all should have seen at JoshiMania.


NEO – Kana vs Mio Shirai

2011 was a great year to be a Joshi fan in the US. Between the AmeriKana Tour, JoshiMania, Joshi-4-Hope, and Kyoko in CZW, lovers of Japanese women’s wrestling had numerous opportunities to see their favorites live. That most recently included Mio Shirai who gave three show-stealing performances at CHIKARA’s post-season extravaganza. Here’s an early match from her where she takes on her future BFF, Kana!


JWP – Hailey Hatred vs Tsubasa Kuragaki

And if Mio wasn’t the top star of JoshiMania, then it was certainly Tsubasa Kuragaki. She killed it each and every night. She needed the momentum, as she’s just a few days away from a huge title match in JWP where she’ll take on current Open-Class Champion Hailey Hatred. We’ll be there covering the event so we’ll let you know how it goes down. In the meantime, here is a match from earlier in the year. The rules of this one state you only need a two count to win. Imagine how hard they’ll have to beat each other down to get the three this Friday!


ROH Video Wire

On the same day as JWP Climax, ROH will also be putting on its biggest show of the year, Final Battle. This excellent video wire contains everything you need to know about the matches, and has some great promos by Kevin Steen, The Young Bucks and, ladies and gentlemen, Jimmy Rave! It’s really great to see Jimmy back in Ring of Honor, and really he looks better than ever.


PWO – Johnny Gargano vs Gregory Iron

Hopefully you all read Amanda’s great report of the last PWO tapings. Here’s one, of many, really excellent matches from it. Stargano and Iron Man go at it once again. Things are a bit different this time as Greg Iron has earned Johnny Gargano‘s respect. PWO, much like Beyond, puts a lot of great content with top wrestlers up. Be sure to keep an eye on their channel.


ACW – Rachel Summerlyn vs Scot Summers (c) – Anarchy Televised Title

One of the most beautiful and violent moments of 2011. Rachel Summerlyn, the MVP of Anarchy, takes on her “big brother” Scot Summers. We talked this match in detail in our From Innocence to Insanity report [3. Read our full report on Rachel and Scot’s bloodstained epic here.], but it’s something you just have to see for yourself. Slayer. Big Bad. Titles. Weapons. Blood. Anarchy.


AJPW – Cheerleader Melissa vs Makoto

SHIMMER Champion Cheerleader Melissa was invited on the recent AJPW Taiwan Tour. While Melissa is loveable, but aggressive, in the US there seems something about transoceanic flights that brings out the absolute worst in her [1. See Melissa in the UK try to kill Wesna and the audience here.]. In a rare AJPW women’s match, she tries to destroy SMASH’s Makoto. Note: AJPW managment was apparently was impressed with the showing, as they’ve since added more women to their shows in Japan.


AOW Christmas Promo

And finally, this is cool. Pro Wrestling in crystal clear HD, running super slow-motion, set to traditional Christmas music.

Happy Holidays people. We’re off to Japan. Stay tuned for exclusive stuff, like this video from last year at Shinjuku FACE. Who would have thought both would make their US debut in 2011. DDS karma!


Until next time, peace!

Jenny Rose and Manami Toyota (in our T-Shirt) at JoshiMania!

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  1. I like this photo of Mio Shirai,too.
    Thanks for using.


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