Fredo Majors: The Dirty Dirty Sheets Interview

As 2011 closes and fans and wrestlers alike reflect on the year that passed, there’s one man already determined to make 2012 different. CZW Academy’s Fredo Majors wants more. More matches. More competition. More opportunities to show what he’s made of. Built like an X-Men villain, this juggernaut of a man has his sights set on trampling anyone who gets in the way of him breaking out in 2012, even if that includes Davey Richards himself. We present to you a man who fears neither combat nor controversy, Mr. Fredo Majors.

Why did you decide to become a professional wrestler?

To be honest at first my answer was because I loved wrestling all my life, but then as I became smarter to the business it quickly changed. I explain to people now it’s like when you first realize you’re in love, but you don’t have words to explain love. Love truly has no explanation. I have no explanation of why I became a wrestler Because if I didn’t love it I just would have quit.

You trained at the CZW Academy. What was a typical day at the CZW wrestling school like?

I still do train at the CZW academy, Any respectable wrestling school isn’t a walk through the park. You truly have to earn the right to be in a wrestling ring. I am taught to treat this business as a gift.

A typical day starts out with calisthenics. After that we get in the ring and tumble, which usually leads into warm up drills and being taught techniques. Finally we usually end class with promos and matches.

While you are associated with CZW, you aren’t thought of as a death match wrestler. Is that something you want to do more of eventually, or are you happy to just show the world that CZW can also do traditional wrestling?

If the time calls where I need to compete in a death match so be it. However CZW has the best traditional wrestlers on the circuit right now and I want to show that I can fit right in with the best in the world.

There’s lots of talk about the ECW Arena no longer having Pro Wrestling events. What has that Arena meant to you as a wrestler?

I have been really fortunate to train and compete in the arena. It’s a historic staple in pro wrestling. There are guys around the world that would give an arm and a leg to be in the position I am. Being able to perfect my craft in that legendary building is truly a dream come true.

You recently participated in the huge CZW Cage of Death show. What was that experience like for you?

This has been my third Cage of Death that I participated in and it gets bigger and bigger every year. Cage of Death is the biggest show of the year on the circuit. If you didn’t get a chance to see it live at the Asylum Arena or via iPPV I certainly suggest you buy the replay or DVD at

You have also wrestled in Beyond Wrestling recently. They offer a very unique take on the sport. What are your thoughts on the company and what was being a part of it like?

I loved it at first cause it was fun but my take on the company has changed. I have lost most of my matches there and to me losing isn’t fun. Also, Denver Colorado plays favorites and gives good match ups to his “boys.”

Prior to a recent Beyond show you actually made a video calling out [1. See Fredo challenge Davey Richards here.] ROH World Champion Davey Richards. Most wrestlers at your point in their career probably wouldn’t want to step in the ring with the Best in the World. What made you call him out?

First off, “Best in the World,” according to whom? A few hundred people that fill the Manhattan center every three months. I called him out cause I heard Beyond wrestling was bringing him in to compete. What happened? DC booked him against a guy that was a thorn is his side a year leading to that. Bottom line is that I wanted to show that could hang with Davey Richards.

One of the most talked about wrestlers to debut in CZW recently was Mia Yim. What do you think of her as a competitor? Would you like to face off with her?

Mia Yim is FANTASTIC! She can go with the best of them guy or girl. Her versus Greg Excellent from CZW Night of Infamy is certainly a match of the year candidate in my eyes. I would definitely like to compete against her in the future, but I’m not sure if she could handle some “Major Pain.”

Who are some other wrestlers you’d like to face in the future?

Where should I begin? Sami Callihan and Johnny Gargano are definitely at the top of the list. Greg Excellent, Matt Tremont, Tursas, and A.R. Fox. Lets’ be serious though, anyone that gets put in front of me better be ready for fight.

What are you goals in wrestling? What are some places you’d like to wrestle?

First and foremost my main goal right now is debuting for my home company CZW. Also, I love what CHIKARA is doing right now. Working there is also one of my aspirations. Wrestling for ROH is a dream of mine cause that’s what drove my passion to become a pro wrestler. I’m hoping to make a trip to Canada before 2012 is over.

What are some of your passions and hobbies away from wrestling?

Believe it or not, Fredo Majors is quite the singer. That’s right I like singing. Other than that, I really don’t have any others. My passion is to perform for people and get a reaction out of them whether it’s a cheer or boo.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to the fans?

Yes, I want all wrestling fans just to keep supporting independent wrestling. We do it for you. We thrive on your participation.

You can learn more about Fredo by following him on Twitter (@FredoMajors), adding him on and subscriting to his Youtube Channel. For any Booking inquiries and Merchandise you can reach him at Also, check out this match where Fredo teams with Kit Osbourne against Latin Dragon & DA Law in a CZW offer match in Beyond:




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