WSU Breaking Barriers II Results and Photos

WSU: Breaking Barriers II

November 19th, 2011
NYWC Sportatorium – Brooklyn, NY

  1. WSU Tag Team Championship Match The Boston Shore (c) vs. The International Home Wrecking Crew
  2. Loser Leaves WSU – Jennifer Cruz vs. Niya
  3. April Hunter vs. Jennifer Cruz
  4. NYWC Starlet Championship Match – Nikki Syx (c) vs. Violet vs. Gabby Gilbert vs. Jessie Brooks
  5. The Soul Sisters vs. The Belle Saints
  6. Becky Bayless vs. Rick Cataldo
  7. Melina vs. Lexus
  8. WAR GAMES MATCH – The Mid-West Militia vs. Team WSU

Wrestling Superstars Unleashed’s most recent iPPV left everyone who viewed it, whether in the crowd or at home, in absolute shock. The main event War Games match where Alicia, Brittney Savage and WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez took on the Mid-West Militia of Sassy Stephanie, Allysin Kay, and WSU Spirit Champion Jessicka Havok was mind-blowing from beginning to end. Before the match even started you could feel the air thicken with thoughts of blood and death as the Militia made their way to the ring, wearing skulls and screaming for flesh. Everyone knew something terrible and violent was going to happen. Both groups swore to “kill” each other multiple times prior to the show. Still, in spite of all the promises, warnings, and threats, everyone was left aghast at what actually transpired.

The match was, of course, a war. A long war of attrition filled with numerous momentum changes and memorable moments. From Allysin Kay getting wiped out by a running boot whilst hanging upside-down from the cage, to a Powerbomb/Diving neckbreaker combo from the ropes, to Alicia using her best-in-the-business running hip attack on both Stephie and Kay in the corner, to Mercedes uncharacteristically flipping off the Militia before wiping them all out with a dive,  everyone poured their hearts out, and Havok her blood, in one of the best matches I’ve seen this year.

The match had no pinfalls and, as it progressed, it became harder and harder to imagine either team being willing to verbally submit to the other. That was until the machete. Echoing tactics used by Matthew Palmer in ACW earlier this year, the Mid-West Militia broke the barrier of what anyone would expect in a wrestling match and threatened to stab an unconscious Mercedes with a the massive, razor sharp blade. Alicia and Brittney were handcuffed to the ropes. Knowing they were helpless to stop it, save for screaming “I quit,” they grudgingly gave the Militia what the wanted and saved possibly saved Mercedes life.

A sick end to a sick match. Havok posed with the title as EMT’s were called to the venue to help Mercedes. Doomsday for Team WSU. Total victory for the Mid-West Militia.

It wasn’t all gloom at WSU though. The second most talked about match leading up to the show was the WSU debut of Melina. Before the match Serena Deeb, Melina’s originally scheduled opponent, came out and thanked everyone for their support during her injury and promised she would be back in the ring in a wonderful, emotional speech. WSU’s white jeans wearing workhorse, Lexus, did double duty and was substituted in as Melina’s opponent. A great choice as Lexus is constantly improving as a wrestler (while degenerating as a person), and deserved the recognition that this big match brought. Melina earned what may have been an upset over the woman who took Mercedes Martinez to the limit not long ago. Lexus and her Boston Shore partner Amber weren’t pleased with being beat by the newcomer, and attacked Melina post-match. Serena and Rain, who faced the Shore earlier in the night, ran them off. Unfortunately, Serena paid the price for doing the right thing and was assaulted backstage by Lexus, who is apparently aiming to take Portia’s crown as “Worst Person in the World” in 2012.

But you know who is a pretty awesome person? Melina. I met her the week before WSU at Wizard World Austin (more on that in our next ACW report), and she was definitely one of the nicest, coolest people I’ve met in the sport (and I’ve met a lot of great people). She told me beforehand that she was a bit nervous about her impending match and the high level of expectations. WSU is a completely different environment than where she wrestled at previously, and she had taken a bit of time off, but she adapted well, especially towards the end of the match. By all accounts everyone, save the Boston Shore I’m sure, had good things to say about her and I hope she continues to appear for WSU.

Before the top two matches Jennifer Cruz surprised many in her own way, as she sent the rising star Niya out of the promotion. Cruz didn’t have long to gloat, as she was immediately challenged by a revitalized April Hunter. April choked out Cruz and declared her intent to win the WSU title.

While the International Homewrecking Crew reunited, the Belle Saints broke up, due to a betrayal by Tina San Antonio that left poor Marti Belle in a sobbing heap. Nikki Syxx kept her NYWC crown while Rick Cataldo lost an eyelash or three to the returning Becky Bayless.

As always, WSU was eventful. While on the whole it didn’t match the magic that was the Uncensored Rumble iPPV, the main event is an absolutely must see. It’s already available on Below you can find some exclusive video we took of the Militia before the show, including the near riot they brought on. Enjoy it and more pictures below the cut. Peace!


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