Kana 100

Luke Matsuki is the world’s greatest Kana fan. Her worldwide fame is due in no small part due to his consistently beautiful documentation of many of her matches and events. We’ve all seen the countless great shots he’s taken of our Queen of Poison, so we decided to ask him to pick a few of his personal favorites and share with us. We also asked this top flight photographer a few questions about his work. Enjoy!

How long have you been a Kana fan?

I knew her as a trainee from before she debuted. I saw her debut on June 16th, 2006 and immediately became a fan. I was sad when she retired once, and am very thankful she returned.

How many Kana shows have you seen?

I have not counted exactly, until last year I watched about 70 games a year. I have seen little less this year, as the number of her local city matches has increased. Still I’ve seen about 45 games to date, more than half of her matches this year.

What camera do you use?

Canon EOS40D

Have your pictures appeared in magazines?

No, but they have been used several times in small ads and posters.

What makes Kana such a special wrestler?

It is a very difficult question, as she defies comparison. While taking photos or watching her matches, she touches your heart.

When you see her matches you can’t be satisfied with other wrestlers.

For me, there is not another wrestler that compares to her. Whether it’s looks, fighting style, speech, ability to act, and everything else.

To sum it up: “I love Kana!”

Follow Luke on Twitter @luke_the_3.

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  1. I would agree that she is to be considered not only attractive, talented, intelligent (I do not speak Japanese but can tell how she never loses her train of thought or looked too rehearsed) but a pioneer. Good fashion sense although she needs to lose the thong it doesn’t flow well with the gear. She is fearless and truly seem to do her own thing and is very forward thinking. I hope she comes back to the USA and somehow is allowed to be HER and not concede to the whims of our sexist promotions here. She keeps her private life extremely private but if she is married….he is sooooooooooooo lucky and I hate him already. Love her as a whole and wish to best for her.


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