PWO: Four Year Anniversary Video Preview

This weekend marks the four-year anniversary of Cleveland based Pro Wrestling Ohio. They have put together one serious card to commemorate the occasion.

Matches include (but are not limited to): a double main event of Jason Bane defending his PWO Heavyweight title in two matches against “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross and Marion Fontaine, a special challenge match where Gregory Iron faces his once bitter rival Johnny Gargano, a tag team title match where The Sons of Michigan defend against Aeroform, and “The Embodiment of Evil” Krimson taking on “The World’s Most Huggable Wrestler” Bryan Castle.

Let’s take a closer look at these five match-ups.

Krimson vs. Bryan Castle

Krimson is a member of the Dead Wrestling Society, a collective usually found wreaking havoc upon PWO’s roster, most recently attacking Castle’s tag team partner, Brian Bender and Gregory Iron’s tag team partner Hobo Joe (more on this in a minute). Here he is giving an “interview” about his perspective on wrestling, and life, and… you’ll see:


And this is Bryan Castle. Here he is in a match against Benjamin Boone from about a year ago. He does indeed look very huggable.


Krimson is probably going to eat Bryan Castle’s soul and spit it out all over the ring, whilst maniacally laughing. I’m going to hope for the best for Bryan Castle, at least he should be able to put up a good fight, provided the rest of the Dead Wrestling Society doesn’t get involved.

Tag Team Championship Match: Sons of Michigan vs. Aeroform

The Sons of Michigan, N8 Mattson and Benjamin Boone, are obnoxious, arrogant, cheaters. The members of Aeroform, Flip Kendrick and Louis Lyndon, don’t feel the Sons properly represent the titles that they carry.

However, the Sons have managed to “beat” (cheat) every other tag team which has come against them. That includes Aeroform themselves back at Wrestlelution 4, when a split-second timing error cost them the win.

Kendrick and Lyndon have managed to work themselves back to the #1 contendership over the past couple of months, and will finally get a rematch. Here’s a bout with Aeroform taking on the Northstar Express from last year in Chicago’s AAW:


Johnny Gargano vs. Gregory Iron

Iron and Gargano have had a long, violent, and bloody history. It began with Gargano’s very first appearance in PWO, where he was defeated by Iron. He gave Iron no respect for this win though, and mocked him relentlessly afterwards. This culminated in a horrific attack that left Iron sidelined for three months:


Upon his return, Iron challenged Gargano to a Last Man Standing match at PWO’s first-ever Wreslelution event. Gargano soundly defeated him, seemingly ending the feud. In the three years since, something of a mutual trust has grown between them.

Iron specifically requested this match, seeing Gargano as a personal test. Since the Dead Wrestling Society attacked his tag partner Hobo Joe and put him out of action indefinitely, Greg Iron has had nothing but retribution on his mind but if he can beat Gargano, perhaps he’s ready to face the evil dead.

Here’s Greg Iron and Hobo Joe in action against Corey Winters and Eric Ryan:


Double Main event: Jason Bane vs. Matt Cross and Jason Bane vs. Marion Fontaine.

Current PWO champ Jason Bane has a lot on his plate. On one hand, he has Matt Cross calling him out after being back in PWO for roughly eight minutes. Bane readily accepted Matt’s challenge, but made sure to tear him up one side and down the other in the meantime:


On the other hand he has mustached attention whore Marion Fontaine. Since losing the belt to Bane back in April, Fontaine stopped at nothing to get the belt back, finally earning a rematch by beating Bane by count-out. This match was originally supposed to take place earlier in October, but due to the unfortunate postponement of the show, had to be rescheduled. Fontaine threatened to sue PWO if he did not recieve his title shot on this show, hence Bane having to defend his title twice in one night. In order to make sure there is no interference during the match, and that Marion Fontaine can’t run away, it will be a Lumberjack Match.

Here’s the match where Bane defeated Fontaine for the title:


But there’s much more on this show, including massive international star Brodie Lee. For a recap of recent PWO events check out the below video. PWO puts on a great monthly TV program, which they then upload online. Be sure to dig through those archives as lots of great matches. If nothing else, check out all the creepy cool Krimson videos. Also, let us know what matches you’re looking forward to and if you’re going to the show as we’ll be there! Until then, peace!


PWO’s four-year anniversary show takes place Saturday, November 5th in Streetsboro, OH. Doors open at 5, show at 6. Tickets are $15 for front row and $10 for GA. Get tickets here. Find out more about them on and follow them on Twitter @PWOwrestling.

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