ACW: Beyond Good and Evil 2011

In his seminal work “Beyond Good and Evil: Prelude to the Philosophy of the Future,” Friedrich Nietzsche deconstructed Western philosophy by challenging, among other things, the notion of a universal human morality. Nietzsche felt that moral frameworks based on the dichotomy of “good” and “evil” were inherently flawed, and should be done away with in order to create a new philosophical paradigm. Nietzsche saw good and evil merely as pretentious moral dressing on the real driving force behind human behavior der Wille zur Macht, the Will to Power. Nietzsche saw this Will to Power, the struggle to reach the highest level in life, at the core of both human actions and a driving force in nature itself.

In Anarchy Championship Wrestling‘s appropriately titled Beyond Good and Evil 2011, these Nietzschean ideas played out in pro wrestling form. Even in a company based in anarchy, ACW wrestlers are usually seen as proponents of either good or evil. However this show suggested that, at the end, this division was not clear cut. Ultimately all were driven to act by their personal ambition, and not a moral imperative. We saw fan favorites brutalize each other in an effort to become the face of ACW. We saw reviled villains work against each other for temporary gain instead of uniting for the greater evil.  We saw greed turn partners against one another, honorable men taking shortcuts to achieve success, and an act of revenge driven by a hatred so pure that it would be impossible to understand, let alone judge.

It was also Fan Appreciation Night, Portia Perez’s Birthday Palooza and the Halloween show, for those who like their moral annihilism with fun costumes. Here’s how it went down.

Additional photography courtesy

Beyond Good or Evil

The Mohawk, Austin, TX
Sunday, October 23, 2011

A. ACW Tag Team Championship: Rachel and Jessica’s Excellent Tag Team (c) defeated Jordan Jensen & Jojo Bravo,  The Halloween Crew (Jack-O-Lantern & Black Rocker), Mat Fitchett & Gregory James – Rachel and Jessica came out in amazing Buffy and Faith outfits. That, combined with the riffs of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer opening theme, threw the Lost Boys into a blood frenzy and they attacked the Tag Champs as they entered. A cowardly act, considering this match was an open challenge for the titles. They’ve been attacking RaJETT for months claiming they deserve a shot, and they could have placed themselves in the match if they shows. Apparently, the Lost Boys felt they weren’t ready to face RaJETT head on. Perhaps with good reason, considering how the match transpired.

As she often does when called into a multi-person pre-show match, Jessica James to charge and kicked all sorts of ass. She even had time to compare heights with Jojo Bravo and play a game of trick or treat with The Halloween Crew. They were stingy with their Butterfingers, driving JJ to scream, “Look motherfucker, I want my candy!” She eventually got some from friendly audience members without any casualties.

Rachel Summerlyn’s Mr. Pointy (running Yakuza kick) took out JJJB, a super crusher by Fitchett ended Halloween early for the Crew, and then RaJETT tootsie-rolled their way to another title  retention. The World’s Greatest Tag Team Vampire Slayers were happy about the win, but still pretty miffed about that attack from earlier.

Note: “Too Much Metal” Gregory James was dressed as Mat Fitchett’s usual Tag Team partner Brent Masters. He seemed like a natural fit, so a “Too Much Flippy Shit” trio down the line would be nice.

B. Four Way Match for ACW American Joshi Championship Athena (c) defeated Barbie Hayden, Portia Perez, and Lillie Mae – Athena came out dressed as ACH, the non-evil, non-female version of herself. This Barbie didn’t come with any costumes, wisely as she was making her ACW Portia. Portia is just scary enough on her own. She welcomed Hayden to the American Joshi Division by savagely choking her out. Almost immediately though, Portia was upset again by Lillie Mae with a School Girl. Lillie came very close to scoring another huge win, but Athen’s Charming Heroine had the Glow tonight and finished off Lillie with a top rope Frog Splash to retain the title.

1. Ken Carson defeated Chingo del Santo – Chingo was, inexplicably, dressed as a Taco. Ken Carson, also made his ACW debut and wasn’t nearly as fan friendly as Barbie. He was still very impressive, and his performance drew The Takeover’s Jaykus Plissken ringside for a bit of scouting. Carson scored the upset win over the Texas Taco with a Boston Crab.

2. Team S.E.X. (High-Roller Hayze & Johnny Axxle) w/ Chris Trew defeated The Lost Boys (Jason Silver & Sky de Lacramosa) – The Lost Boys came dressed as two soap opera actors (not from True Blood or The Vampire Diaries, too obvious). They should have picked less conspicuous, or at least more intimidating, disguises as The Slayers made a run in and got a measure of revenge for the earlier attack. A wicked double team Air Raid Crash later scored Team S.E.X. the win. They scored again after the match as the girlfriend of a fan chose to follow them back to the S.E.X. suite.

3. Jaykus Plisken defeated Shawn Vexx – Jaykus came out wearing a Red Lantern shirt, which meant his power was fueled by rage. Indeed he nearly ended the life of a fan who got a bit too personal about Type-O-Negative. He saved enough of that anger to survive a gallant effort by former ACW Heavyweight Champion Shawn Vexx. He called out Vexx on his “baby mama drama,” which is just cold-blooded. They had a good, long fight with Jaykus controlling most of it. However towards the end, Vexx delivered four straight picture perfect German Suplexes, and looked on his way to the win, but Jaykus pulled out a wicked backbreaker from nowhere to earn a narrow victory.

4. ACW U-30 Championship: JC Bravo (c) defeated Slim Sexy, Killah KASH, Gregory James, Khris Wolfe, Berry Breeze (w/ Chris Trew) – JC Bravo costume was perhaps the most esoteric of the night, as he was the Spirit of the New Wave (next year, we demand Post-Punk). Like any ACW scramble this was mad. Khris Wolfe’s #KingsRoadBeastMode is even more intimidating now that a beard is in the mix (Bryan Danielson, your move). Killah “Monster” Kash continued to show improve, but fell short of winning his first ACW gold.

The beef between Breeze and Bravo proved far from over. JC picked up the win in the match, but Breeze attacked him after (no doubt at the urging of the devious anti-hipster Chris Trew). Chingo had to make the save for his fellow Legionnaire but, boy, was Bravo pissed. He demanded the microphone and said he was tired of being jumped on and wanted to prove that he can take on anyone. He then right then and there laid out an open challenge for another defense of his title. Shockingly that led to…

5. ACW U-30 Championship: Chingo del Santo defeated Champion JC Bravo (c) to become the new Champion – Yes. Even after suffering the betrayal that destroyed the Smurf Nation, Chingo allowed his ambition and greed to overcome him.  He jumped the already worn down Bravo from behind and effectively stole his best friend’s title. We’ve heard that Bravo will explain his actions in the future, but it’s hard to think of any possible justification. JC was in no condition, mentally or physically, to have another match that night. Chingo should have been talking him out of his crazy Cowboy challenge. Instead he saw gold, and took it in a shameful way.

6. Angel Blue with Darin Childs defeated Barbie Hayden – If any ACW fans wanted to know what it’d be like to be berated by a foul-mouthed Lady Gaga, they found out at BGE 2011. The eloquently vulgar Angel Blue showed off her new, lovely costume with her same, hateful mouth. Barbie Hayden had another chance to prove herself in the AmJo division, she was more than just a pretty package. She took quite a beating from Blue (who transformed into an angry female Ziggy Stardust once her wig came off), but definitely held her own. Angel “Poked-Her Face,” (her pun, not ours) and got the win after a very good match. Angel Blue gets better every time out, and Barbie is a great addition to the Division.

7. ACW Heavyweight Championship Match Darin Childs (c) w/ Angel Blue defeated Jeff Gant – Another impromptu title match. This time young Jeffery demanded a shot at the man who has been bullying him for the past year. The ref-turned-rookie actually did quite well while it lasted, but an Avalanche style Fall From Grace put an end to the boyhood dream, for now.

Darin’s victory celebration was short lived. Former ACW Champion, Joshi Division hater, and all around dick JT LaMotta made his surprise return and attacked Darin, declaring an intent to recapture the title he once held.

8. Just Willie, Bolt Brady, Ricky Romida & Jessica James defeated The Submission Squad (Pierre Abernathy, Evan Gelistico, Gary Jay & Athena) – This was originally meant to be a 6 man tag. Athena made her way out to the ring with her Squad and called out Lady Poison. Instead Jessica James emerged from the curtain and after suggesting that Lady Poison may no longer be with us, she challenged Athena and they were added to the bout.

The Submission Squad is already a top crew, and Willie, Brady, and Romida are steadily working their way up the ACW ladder. The addition of James and Athena, who’ve already had epic battles in the past, lead to an absolutely stellar match. Evan Gelistico was the Orange Lantern, which represents avarice. He took the time in the match to call out Johnny Saint (someone make this happen) as he worked over Bolt Brady. Perhaps it was the arrogance that cost them, but the slick team work of the Submission Squad did not bring them the win here. After the match Jessica James and Athena had to be pulled apart. It’s probably not over between those two.

9. ACW Anarchy Televised Title Match: “Mr. Showtime” Scot Summers (c) w/ Stan Summers defeated Davey Vega with a Triple Rolling Brainbuster – Showtime was dressed as the Yellow Lantern, whose abilities are powered by fear. That was very appropriate since Summers expressed a rare hesitation when talking about this match. Showtime had broken his hand a few weeks prior to this show. That’s a bad injury to go into any match with, but even worse when you’re facing a former ACW Heavyweight Champion and member of the Submission Squad. Summers made it clear he had not gotten over his loss to Robert Evans at last year’s Lone Star Classic, where he was forced to submit to an arm bar and lost the ACW Title.

The first phase of the match was almost an MMA exhibition, with Vega uses his submission skills to counter Summers mat wrestling strength. Summers hand clearly bothered him, in those early exchanges. Things got ugly soon after as Summers busted open his knuckles badly. Somehow, someway he was able to fight through the pain of broken bones and open wounds during several close submission attempts. Survival was only half the battle, because he still had to beat Vega and Vega would not say die. Not to suplexes. Not to brainbusters. Not to a brainsuster on a chair. It took three rolling sheer-drops, with the final being on steel, to put Vega down.

Amazing match. Afterwards Summers offered this profound praise to Vega, “There’s something about you that, when you come from behind the curtain, everybody believes in you.” Indeed.

10. ACH vs. “Centerfold” Matthew Palmer went to a No Contest – When this special, fan pleasing dream match was announced, Palmer stated publicly that he as the “Son of Anarchy” probably couldn’t keep up with the Next Best in the World ACH. A lack of confidence? Not quite. As the familiar intro of “In the Air Tonight” was cut short and the J Geils Band started to play, fans saw the glorious return of the smiling, dancing, posing “Centerfold” version of Matthew Palmer. This aspect of Palmer hadn’t been seen for about a year, and was especially unexpected given his recent obsession with MASADA. But, after all, it was fan appreciation night. Palmer seemed to put aside his personal goals to give the fans what they wanted, and they wanted greatness.

This needs to be said a lot when you’re covering good wrestling, but I’m not sure if it’s ever been more necessary: There are not words to adequately describe this match. It was hard-hitting, fast paced, innovative, high-flying, technically sound, and everything in between and outside and beyond that. The knuckle lock sequence in the opening minutes was as fresh than almost anything else I’ve seen this year. Yes, the knuckle lock. That was just a start of what was the match of the night, possibly year, possibly eternity. That’s how it felt in that moment, at least. Wrestlers gathered on the balcony to watch with all the fans as everyone knew something special was happening.

As the back and forth “Let’s Go Centerfold!” “A-C-H” filled the streets of downtown Austin, Palmer climbed the far wall of the venue and invited ACH to join him for something amazing and reckless. However, as soon as ACH made his way up Palmer quit the match, telling the fans he doesn’t appreciate them at all, and disappeared into the night. Everyone was left shocked, confused, and mostly angry after being robbed of a conclusion to what could have been a timeless match. As everyone sat in stunned silence, only one person seemed to know what they wanted to do next…

11. ACH defeated Mat Fitchett – Anarchy’s Young Lion, Mat Fitchett, is always looking for an opportunity to prove himself. It’s part of the reason why fans have embraced him so. However his timing here  just seemed wrong. ACH was worn out from a grueling match while Fitchett had plenty of time to recover from his pre-show appearance. With the dick move Chingo pulled earlier, it did not reflect well on young Fitchett. Matt came at ACH 100MPH hoping to score the big win quickly, but paid for his unbridled ambition when ACH countered the Shooting Star Press (via knees) and got the pin.

12. Darin Childs & “Cookie Monster” Rachel Summerlyn defeated Portia Perez & JT LaMotta – This was a “Mystery/Dream Partner Tag Match.” Portia’s hand was tipped early when JT made his attack on Darin. This time he came out dressed as Scott Hall, which was awkward since a fan in the audience had the same idea. Yes, LaMotta is the same guy who spent the first half of the year making life hell for all the ACW Joshi. However, Portia hates all the other women in ACW just as much, maybe even a little bit more, so the team made sense.

Darin Childs’ mystery partner was a special birthday surprise for Portia, on Portia Perez Appreciation Night. Very special indeed as Portia’s personal nutritional hero/fashion icon the Cookie Monster showed up! Sadly everyone was amused, but Portia. She was probably following her instincts as her eternal rival Rachel Summerlyn was under the suit. In spite of Darin’s affiliation with The Lost Boys, Rachel agreed to team with him in order to get another shot at P2. Predictably they tried to kill each other. It got ugly enough where their partners had to hold them back.

JT Lamotta looked very solid here coming off an injury. His attitude toward women seemed to have improved slightly, as he mostly worked well with Portia. Only mostly, because towards the end of the match he tried to bargain, then steal, a kiss from Portia. She promptly superkicked his teeth out, effectively removing him from the match. This incident occurred shortly after the Lost Boys came out and attacked Rachel. Jessica James followed, barefoot, all four brawled to the backstage area not to be seen again. That left just Darin and Portia and Portia’s wrench.

In order to understand what happened next we have to backtrack to the start of the show. Being the Halloween event many fans came in costume, but one stood out a bit. A tall, deliberate man came wearing an intricate Rorschach costume. It looked so good that I snapped a couple of photos while he sat there. Motionless. Through the pre-show. Through all the matches. He did not cheer. He did not check his phone or grab a drink. For 4-plus hours he just sat and intensely watched every single match. He did not make any movement, until the very end of the main event.

When Portia went to her corner to fetch her wrench and put Darin down for good, “Rorschach” rose from his seat, took the wrench off the apron and sat back down. This distracted and confused Portia long enough for Darin to hit the Fall From Grace and earn the pinfall. As Darin went to the back, Portia stood in the ring still in shock. Shock turned to horror as the man masked, trench-coated man mad his way into the ring. As Anarchy’s personification of Evil, Perez has never backed down from anything or anyone. That night she saw or maybe felt something beyond evil. Pure hatred, divine retribution, and brutal revenge from the man who revealed himself to be Robert Evans! Yes, the former “King of Anarchy,” whom Portia spurned all the way back in January, made another unbelievable return to ACW. As he promised, he hurt Portia in the most painful way at her most vulnerable moment. After driving Portia to the mat with a Reverse Styles Clash, Evans got on the microphone and sang “Happy Birthday” to her in the most chilling way possible. He posed briefly for the fans, then walked out of the venue leaving Portia in a sad heap as the crowd roared. Happy Birthday, Portia.

And that was Anarchy. As usual, all the matches were at least solid, most good, a couple outstanding, and one was the sort that redefines wrestling. Another great, unforgettable night of wrestling from one of the best companies in the world. Enjoy the pictures. Buy the DVD, and add ACW to your live wrestling “Bucket List” because there’s nothing else like it in the world.

DDS will be on hand for one day of this weekend’s ACW Fun Fun Fun Fest shows. Until next time, enjoy the photos and match below the cut:

[nggallery id=80]

Check out this great, newly uploaded Six Man Scramble from earlier this year:


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