MsChif: The Dirty Dirty Sheets Interview

Wrestler. Champion. Eldritch horror. MsChif has been desecrating rings for a decade now, and she’s only grown more terrifying with time. We conducted the blood-rites necessary to speak with MsChif and got her thoughts on  AAW’s  War is Coming iPPV, which she will be competing on this Friday, as well as SHIMMER, Cenobites, and demonic fashion. Just in time for Halloween! Enjoy.

Photos by Greg.

First things first: You could torment souls anywhere. Why spawn forth from the Inferno and lay waste to professional wrestling?

What better place to be more involved with the fans beyond the fight.

For those of us who haven’t been, tell us a bit about the Inferno.

No. Perhaps I’ll meet you there one day.

You have been known to utilize a poisonous green mist against your opponents. Rumors have it that the Great Muta was born with a special gland that produces it. Where does yours come from?

I had the gland surgically implanted.

Ever since people became aware of your incredible flexibility, there has been debate as to whether or not you have a spine. Care to finally put the issue to rest?

Even a snake has a spine.

You’ve shown off some horrifyingly beautiful wrestling gear recently, featuring themes such as Medusa, Freddy Kreuger, and Cthulhu. Please tell us the significance of each to you.

Don’t forget Cerberus and Alien. I love horror characters. They deserve tribute. It would take too much time to go into detail about each character. There shall be more to come.

You’re known for inventing new ways to inflict pain on people, from the Desecrator to the Obliteration. How do you come up with it? Are you working on anything else?

I always have my mind working through other things. Sometimes gravity defies me. Desecrator was inspired by Tekken Tag, the others just form in my imagination.

At the upcoming AAW iPPV “War is Coming,” the long-awaited singles match between you and Mena Libra will finally happen. What sort of torment do you have planned for Mena?

Come and find out.

At “AAW Proving Ground” last month, you teamed with Nevaeh who turned against you, costing your team the match. Any plans for Neveah?

Maybe something good. Maybe something bad. Who knows?

At the most recent SHIMMER tapings, you allied yourself with Leva Bates and Allison Danger, collectively known as Regeneration X (a mutant and Time Lord, respectively), and known zombie Christina Von Erie. Is this the start of some sort of inhuman super faction?

Regeneration Chif!

You have accomplished much in the world of wrestling. You’ve been to Japan, you’ve held the SHIMMER title, the NWA Women’s title, and the NWA Midwest Women’s title simultaneously, the list can go on. What do you consider your greatest achievement? What future goals do you have?

[My greatest achievement is] creating such a great fan base. Future what? I’ve made everything I’ve dreamed.

Your love for black metal is well known. What other music are you into that, as a demonic entity, would surprise people?

Ask me some other time, that’s privileged information!

From the beginning, your gear has consisted of black, spikes, and chains. What do these represent for you? Has Pinhead ever contacted you about joining his Cenobite stable?

Everything that I am about, my own personal style. Don’t get too personal about Pinhead, Bub. That’s info that stays in the Inferno!

Any final words of warning for your enemies?

I don’t warn, I torment.

Learn more about MsChif on her website and her Facebook. Also, check out the video below as she talks her upcoming grudge match with Mena Libra which will be available on iPPV:


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