Aki Shizuku: The Dirty Dirty Sheets Interview

Aki Shizuku is not a name widely known to pro-wrestling fans in Japan, and almost completely unknown to even dedicated fans outside the country. That meant that it a came as a surprise when she was named the opponent for Kana on SMASH’s October 28th show. Kana handpicked Shizuku as an opponent, no doubt due to her outstanding history in amateur wrestling, unique physical ability, and keen mind. Known as the “Intelligent Monster” this hidden gem of Japan will have a huge opportunity to showcase her skills and reveal why her pro future is just as bright as her amateur past. We invite all our readers to learn more about the talented Aki Shizuku.

Photos courtesy miruhon.net.


Please tell us when you made your debut, and against whom.

My first opponent was Midori on October 13, 2007.

I took a hiatus from pro wrestling in 2007, and returned in 2009. I have been wrestling professionally for 3 years.

Who trained you?

I trained at Ito-Dojo until my debut. After returning, I was trained in ground technique by Yuuki Ishikawa of BattlArts and had wrestling practice in Gaku-puro. [Gaku-puro is Japanese backyard pro-wrestling.]

You have a great track record in amateur wrestling, and were an All Japan Student Championship Finalist in 2009. Why did you choose to become a professional wrestler?

At first, I became a joshi puroresu fan, seeing AJW’s ATHENA TV show when I was a junior high school student. I wanted to become a pro wrestler. I told my mother and she said, “You should wrestle amateur, and learn the severity of winning and losing”, and I was tossed into the world of wrestling.

After your debut, you started wrestling in Gaku-puro. What did you learn by doing that? What is the difference between Gaku-puro and professional wrestling?

Gaku-puro wrestlers are not a professional and are not athletes.  Their physical ability and strength is at the level of ordinary students. Therefore, it is most important that they use ingenuity and make characters that utilize their own unique abilities. They are university students, so they have an academic approach to puroresu. “The first phase of puroresu is to introduce myself to the audience”, was the advice from a member of Temple Puroresu that affected me the most. I had experience in women’s professional wrestling organization and similar basic skills, but I had no skills to tell audience about my unique advantage. After getting that advice, I actively incorporated certain moves, leading to my own style now. If there was no encounter with Gaku-puro, the present version of myself would not exist.

You are a representative of the “Temple Puroresu” promotion. Please tell us about it.

When Temple Puroresu puts on an event, instead of selling tickets, we solicit donations. The fundraising activities primarily contribute to an orphanage, but we also do volunteer events for the disabled, and we are giving support and guidance for a professional wrestling organization run by the hearing-impaired.

On October 28th at SMASH.22, you face the first SMASH Women’s Champion Kana. Why do you feel Kana chose you as an opponent? Please tell us about your feelings on this match.

In the past year I have gotten emails from many fans saying “Please fight against Kana.” There was also an organization which said, “Please fight against Kana,” before SMASH did, although it did not happen.

During this past year, when I did professional wrestling, the name of Kana was always mentioned. Kana and I both studied under Yuuki Ishikawa, president of BattlARTS. I think that there is a professional wrestling match which only Kana and I can express.

Do you have a more chance of fighting well? Is there anyone who you would want to face, Japan or abroad? And what are your goals in your wrestling career?

I would like to fight with all woman wrestlers of SMASH. A trainee of SMASH is in Temple Puroresu. I would like to fight him when he debuts.

My greatest target is Hailey Hatred. I would like to fight with her again. She is a wrestler whom I respect.

I never want to lose to other wrestlers. I want to be the strongest among those with this same career.

What are your thoughts on the current state of Joshi Puroresu?

Based on my experiences in Gaku-pro, we should focus on unifying wrestlers’ individuality.  Individuality and character is not about personality nor appearance. It is a skill which each person is trying to gain and use. I love Joshi Puroresu. There is Puroresu which only women can do and we should have the spirit of inquiry.

Please give us your brief thoughts on the following wrestlers.

Serena Deeb – I am not acquainted with Serena, I’ve only watched her fights. She has a great body. Just watch her entrance and you can see that she is very strong

Hailey Hatred – She is my goal wrestler. I respect her as a player. I am training kicks, therefore, I do not fear her kicks. I was beaten by her in a singles match recently, but I have confidence that my ground wrestling skills in first phase of the match was better than hers. I studied it, and I would like to beat Hailey some day.

Syuri – Uses great kicks. She has something I don’t have, so I have a natural interest in her. We would have an  MMA style fight. My style is based in amateur wrestling, Syuri’s is based in kicks. They seem similar, but they are surprisingly opposite styles. That is why she is also the best person for me to fight.

Makoto – I’m now involved in SMASH and I think she is an absolutely essential wrestler. I don’t  want to be defeated by her.

Ray – Ray is good at the high flying style, a style that won’t by any means be done by me, so I think it’s fantastic. She does everything brilliantly, and is a beautiful wrestler. She previously participated in  Joou-Bati* so I have interest in her. [Joou-Bati (女王バチ) means Women’s BattlARTS/shoot style, as seen in Queen Bee.]

Hiroyo Matsumoto – I am interested in her as young heavy weight class wrestler. I would like to fight with her someday.

Is there anything else you would like to say to your current and future fans?

Proceeds of the merchandise sold in my shop will be donated to an orphanage.

Yes! You can also contribute to society by coming to see my fights! Laugh together through Puroresu. Let’s wish for people’s happiness together through Puroresu. Be happy together through Puroresu!

Learn more about Aki Shizuku by following her on Twitter (@shizukuaki0702) . See her in action in this epic open training session where she puts 8 guys through the ringer.



DDS: こんにちは。まずはあなたのキャリアをお聞かせください。あなたがプロレスデビューした日はいつで、対戦相手は?


DDS: あなたがプロレスデビューした日はいつで、対戦相手は?



DDS: デビューまでにどこでトレーニングをつみましたかか?デビューまでの、そして今のあなたのコーチは?


DDS: あなたはレスリングの世界で素晴らしい実績をお持ちですが、あえてプロレスラーになったきっかけ、理由は?



DDS: デビューの後で、あなたは学生プロレスにも参加しました。そこでは何を学びましたか?学生プロレスとプロレスの違いは?


DDS: あなたが会長をつとめる「お寺プロレス」とは?目的は?


DDS: 10.28SMASHでは初代ディーバ王者の華名選手との試合が決まっています。なぜ華名選手はあなたを指名したのでしょう?この試合への意気込みを。


DDS:  今後、試合数は増えそうですか? 国内、海外問わず戦いたい選手はいますか?



DDS: あなたのキャリアにおける目標は?



DDS: 現在の『女子プロレス』について、言いたいことはありますか?


DDS: 次の選手について思うことをお願いします。













DDS: あなたのファン、これからファンになるであろう人々にメッセージをお願いします。


DDS:  インタビューにお答えいただき、ありがとうございます。今後のご活躍に期待します。



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