SHIMMER: Fall 2011 Video Preview

We’re just a day away from SHIMMER and with many of the DDS Staff preparing to once again step foot inside the Berwyn Eagles’ club, we got together to talk about what wrestlers we’re most excited to see in the coming days. For those who don’t have a chance to attend SHIMMER, no worries, we’ve provided you with a few great videos of SHIMMER stars in action. Enjoy!

Photos by Aoikougei. Thanks to Diva Dirt’s Steven for contributing to this report as well.

Kellie Skater

SHIMMER weekend is always a great weekend for wrestling. This upcoming set of tapings look to be spectacular with plenty of talent to look forward to seeing. The U.S. debut of Kana, Hailey Hatred’s first SHIMMER appearance, plus so many more new faces, up and comers, and established veterans should be enough to get any wrestling fan‘s blood pumping. However, the wrestler I’m most excited to see this weekend is “The Rate Tank” Kellie Skater.

Why, you ask? Is it her antics? Her constantly getting in over her head with her open challenges? Perhaps because I’m looking for a ‘Roo ‘Roids hook up? Well, I suppose those are all true, but the main reason is that I want to see what is next for the Colossus of Bacchus Marsh.

Looking solely at Skater’s Win/Loss record in SHIMMER might not paint the best picture, but what those numbers don’t show is this: she’s constantly getting better. As the Indy-structible One’s mutant powers continue to develop, she is becoming more dangers. A proper comic book villain may get beat, but they always come back and they are always a bigger threat than before. This is what I’m looking to see from Kellie Skater this weekend in Berwyn.

At some point, lifting those pink adamantium[1. There is absolutely no evidence Kellie Skater’s weights are made of adamantium. – Ed.] weights and drinking that *ahem* protein shake was going to pay off, and I think that time is now. Skater talks a big game and it is at these tapings that she will back all of that up. After this, “mutant threat” won’t just be a hateful term utilized by anti-mutant speciesists, it will be a warning of what you’re getting into if you step inside the ring with “The Rate Tank.”


Check out this match as Kellie Skater takes on WSU mainstay Niya:


Madison Eagles

Since everyone seems to be popping for ‘Eagles Facts’ lately, let me lay a few more on you: Though she has almost 10 years of wrestling experience, Madison Eagles emerged onto the North American scene in 2008 as a relative “unknown.” Now, she is the top female wrestler, for, arguably, the top female wrestling promotion. There’s simply too much to say about this long, lethal lady so, I’ll try to keep it short. First, I’d like to point out, that since becoming champion she has yet to be defeated in singles competition in SHIMMER. The only times she has been pinned has been in ‘multi-person’ tag matches where the odds were stacked against her; none, of the other top competitors, have been able to best her on their own.

At 6 feet tall, Eagles’ ‘length’ plays a significant role, in many of her matches, adding to her striking range and ability to escape comprising positions and pinning predicaments. She also utilizes a very deliberate method of breathing, during her matches; now, this may sound (or even look) ridiculous to some, but it plays an important role in her victories, allowing for her to stay evenly paced, the entire match-up, no matter how intense the action gets.

Naturally, the fans despise the champ for ending MsChif’s historic “reign of torment,” and they “loathe” how much she “Loves” herself; still, Madison Eagles finds a way to make me feel her plight, as the champion. She gets visibly upset anytime the crowd mocks her, she doesn’t believe there is anyone she can trust in the SHIMMER locker room (her heart having been broken by her former best friend Jessie McKay’s championship challenge). she’s convinced that the match making committee has it out for her, and has begun to feel that only the physical championship itself is her friend, her precious. As much as the SHIMMER fans hate to see her turn back their heroines, I can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for her and respect what she is able to overcome, no matter how much the crowd wishes to see her fall.

All that being said, each of The Champ’s title defenses will be what I am most looking forward to, this weekend. I want to see who are the next in line, and the next to fall behind.

– Anthony

If you, shamefully, have not seen it by now, check out this Six Women Tag from JWP featuring Madison Eagles, Cherry Bomb, and Sexy Starr taking on Yoshiko Tamura, Hailey Hatred, and Makoto:



Whenever SHIMMER weekend comes around, you can’t help but to speculate on all the possibilities. Will the other NINJA get a championship match? Is Britani Knight going to make as big a bang in the US as she has in the UK (Bigger than the Beatles!)? Who will make the leap up from SPARKLE? Will LuFisto surprise us this time and NOT show up as a surprise? But there’s one question that has me wondering the most, will this be the weekend of Athena?

Athena has gained quite a following over the last year, and it’s not hard to see why. The music. The strut. The presence. And that’s just to start. While she may have not have the highest winning percentage in SHIMMER, many of her matches were highly discussed sleeper-hits, thanks to several powerful, and especially innovative moves. When you see The “O” Face live, you’re going to remember it forever. But it doesn’t just stop there. Perhaps her biggest moment to date occurred earlier this year in Texas, when she dove off from a balcony, and crushed Rachel Summerlyn into a barbed-wire, thumbtacked board. She also just won the ACW American Joshi Championship from the seemingly unstoppable Lady Poison.

The Wrestling Goddess is quickly on the rise, and I see a bright future for her in SHIMMER.


See Athena take on Jessica James from early last year in ACW:


Veda Scott

I’m really looking forward to seeing Veda Scott in action. Since she made her debut just months ago, a few of her matches have popped up online, and I have to say that I’m impressed. That saying “smart, sexy and powerful?” Whatever. Veda Scott is all that times ten. Follower her on twitter and you’ll definitely be entertained. And because I have followed her, and kept up on her adventures in wrestling, and watched the matches that are out there, I’ve seen that this woman has lots of potential. She’s charismatic, and she has the basic skills down pat. You can tell that she takes this seriously, and the whole Veda package provides for excitement.  She brings attitude to the ring, and she has swagger. I’m excited to see her SHIMMER debut. And I believe this is just the start of a long, ascending road for Veda. And, you know, those glasses are hot.


From Beyond Wrestling, Veda Scott faces Josh Thor:


The Knight Dynasty

Debuting on Volume 37, with the returning Rebecca Knox (a personal hero of mine, I’m Irish) Britani and Saraya Knight made a debut that turned SHIMMER upside down. With Britani’s ENG-GER-LAND chant, Saraya’s intimidating stare and Knox…well, being the K-Nox we all love to hate, The Knight Dynasty turned the Eagles Club against them in about five minutes, and they were not happy about it. At the last tapings they managed a tag title shot in their second match for the company, showing how storied their legacy is and how quickly the got America’s attention.

This weekend I hope we get to see them in singles competition as well, because I feel they’re really skilled singles wrestlers in their own right and they should get a chance to showcase their talents.

Some Matches I’d love to see this weekend are Britani versus Ayako Hamada, as I think Hamada could really test Britani’s abilities and it’d be great to see what they could pull together, and Saraya versus Sara Del Rey simply because it’d be interesting to see these two mix it up in the ring!


Check out Britani taking on gone but never forgotten SHIMMER icon, Wesna:


Hailey Hatred

I’ve been fortunate enough to see Kana and Yumi Ohka wrestle multiple times in Japan, so the new Joshi import I’m most looking forward to seeing in SHIMMER is Hailey Hatred. This is a woman who has done what almost no other has. As a foreigner, has captured the top women’s title in Japan, the place with the best, most respected legacy of women’s wrestling. More than that, as we mentioned in our interview, she has been an underappreciated innovator in the current boom period for women’s wrestling in the US. She’s not only one of the best wrestlers in the world, but one of the most important. She has opened doors on both sides of the border and on both sides of the Pacific. It is only fitting that now, as JWP Open-Weight Champion, she comes to SHIMMER (and AIW) with the fanfare she has earned through her years of hard work and dedication.

Plus, I want to hear The Mars Volta blaring through the Eagles Club speakers.

– Leslie

Check out Hailey Hatred taking on Kana in a nasty, brutish, and short match:


Cheerleader Melissa

Years ago, after watching my very first SHIMMER DVD, the wrestler that stood out to me most had to be Cheerleader Melissa. Everything from her stoic demeanor to her aggressive, hard-hitting style resonated with me. From there on out, I would purchase SHIMMER DVDs and skip straight to her matches, knowing that I’d get an excellent match each and every time. That said, it’s no surprise that I’m looking forward to seeing Melissa most at SHIMMER at the next tapings. Whether it’s a tag match, a match against a rising star, or the main event, I know that she’ll be giving her all to put on a fantastic performance each time she sets foot in the ring.

Steven from

Check about Melissa take on Joshi Legend Mariko Yoshida:



SHIMMER starts on Saturday! Here are photos of recent matches of Joshi that are coming to SHIMMER. They are from REINA on September 24th and 25th, and WAVE on September 26th.

Fight for Japan! Fight for the world!


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