Oz Academy Archives IV

Nami has sent us some more, beautiful, photos. Her photos cover the 7/24, 8/14, and 8/21 Oz Academy shows as well as the 7/31 Wave show. These events feature some of the top talent in Joshi and, as always, Nami captures the action in the most beautiful way possible. Note that Kana, Manami Toyota, Yumi Ohka, Aja Kong, Tomoka Nakagawa, Hiroyo Matsumoto, and Meiko Satomura are on these shows and will all be making their way to North America in the next few months for SHIMMER, CHIKARA, and NCW:FF. It’s a great time to be a fan of Joshi!

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Speaking of it being a great time to be a fan, there’s no better example than the videos for two of these shows already being available online. No more waiting 9 months for a 3rd gen copy of a VHS tape, you can see puroresu greatness practically immediately in great quality.

Here are the full Oz Academy 7/24 and 8/15 shows! Both are definitely worth a watch. Both Hiren and Toshie Uematsu on their retirement road, so make sure to appreciate any matches they have coming. It’s also interesting to see Triple Tails take on parts of WAVE’s Black Dahlia in an Oz ring. The Big Japan offer match is a treat for Joshi fans who haven’t seen much of BJW talent outside of deathmatches. And of course there’s Meiko Satomura, one of the best in the world, teaming with and facing her long time friend/rival Sonoko Kato. Enjoy!

OZ Academy “GRAVITY” – 2011.07.24
Shinjuku FACE
468 Fans – No Vacancy

  1. Tsukasa Fujimoto vs Nao Komatsu
  2. Aja Kong & AKINO vs Yumi Ohka & Hiren
  3. Chikayo Nagashima vs Takako Inoue
  4. Meiko Satomura & Sonoko Kato vs Tomoka Nakagawa & Hiroyo Matsumoto
  5. Manami Toyota & Carlos Amano vs Mayumi Ozaki & Ayumi Kurihara
  6. OZ Academy Openweight Title Match: Ran Yu-Yu (c) vs Dynamite Kansai


OZ Academy 15th Anniversary2011.08.21
Yokohama Bunka Gymnasium
2,515 Fans

  1. Bolshoi Kid vs Nao Komatsu
  2. Big Japan Offer Match: Ryuji Ito , Yoshihito Sasaki & Shinya Ishikawa vs Daisuke Sekimoto , Yuji Okabayashi & Kazuki Hashimoto
  3. Tomoka Nakagawa & Hiroyo Matsumoto vs Takako Inoue & Sakura Hirota
  4. Kana, Mio Shirai & Io Shirai vs Ayumi Kurihara, Yumi Ohka & Hiren
  5. Meiko Satomura vs Sonoko Kato
  6. Chikayo Nagashima & Mari Apache vs AKINO & Fabi Apache
  7. OZ Academy Tag Team Title: Manami Toyota & Carlos Amano (c) vs Toshie Uematsu & Ran Yu-Yu
  8. ~THE WIZARD OF OZ~ OZ Academy Openweight Title: Dynamite Kansai (c) & Mayumi Ozaki vs Shinobu Kandori & Aja Kong


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