Ten Questions with Athena the Wrestling Goddess

Instead of being born, Athena, the Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom, sprung forth fully formed from her father’s head, armed and ready to fulfill her duties in the Pantheon. Likewise Athena, the Wrestling Goddess, has broken into the national wrestling scene already possessing the poise, skills, and especially attitude necessary to be a top star in any promotion. Her home promotion is Austin’s Anarchy Championship Wrestling and in little over a week she will face Lady Poison for their American Joshi Title. Athena has also been announced for the star-studded October SHIMMER:Women Athletes tapings, after taking arguably its top wrestler, Cheerleader Melissa, to her limit back in March. We recently sat down with Athena to ask her about her life as a Wrestling Goddess, her growing popularity among fans, “hussies,” and what she’s willing to do in order to climb to the top of the wrestling world.

For anyone that doesn’t know, please tell us who trained you, and how long you have been wrestling professionally.

Well they should know! I was actually trained by the late great Skandor Akbar and I’ve been wrestling for three and a half years. But what a lot of the people don’t know is that I have also trained with Booker T, Vance Archer, Rodney Mack, Jazz, and countless others.

Were you a wrestling fan growing up? If so, who did you enjoy watching?

I actually started watching wrestling to escape doing chores when I used to stay with my grandparents as a young girl. I never really understood why they liked it, maybe it was because I was 6.  But as long as I didn’t have to do chores, I would settle for watching it. It wasn’t until I was 12 or 13 that I actually became a fan, and boy I was a fan. I grew up watching the evolution of The Rock and Stone Cold (which of course, I could never choose who I liked more).

My favorites are not those that most people would agree to, but I’ll tell you anyway. Just to warn you all, I never watched WCW as a child. I never even knew it existed until the whole Shane bought WCW thing. So you are warned. In  no particular order: I love The Rock, Eddie and Chavo Guerrero, Mark Jindrak, Renee Dupree (French Tickler), Kaientai (Indeed!), Kerwin White, Edge and Christian (5 Sec Pose), Ivory, Lita, The Dudleys (Get the tables), Kurt Angle, Test, Ken Shamrock, Gangrel, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Jamie Noble, The Mexicools, Tajiri, The Hurricane, Molly Holly, Crash Holly… as you see my list can go on forever.

What is a day off like for you? Do you have any hobbies? Favorite movies?

There isn’t really a day off for The Wrestling Goddess. I am in the ring training 4 to 5 times a week, in the gym, doing cardio, etc. Nobody in ACW or SHIMMER can hang with me in the ring and that’s a big reason why: I put the time in to be the best.  But I do have a few hobbies. Away from the ring I am a nerd, that’s right fanboys, I’m a nerd girl.  I like to play Dungeons & Dragons; anything medieval fascinates me.  And of course if you go to my DVR there’s always something Power Rangers and True Blood on there.

Favorite movie?  Twilight Series (TEAM JACOB!), Star Wars, The Chronicles of Riddick Trilogy (Can’t wait for #4!), The Fast and The Furious Series, Your Highness was hilarious, Season of the Witch. TV Series? Game of Thrones and True Blood. I wish I had them on DVD!

One of your breakout matches was earlier this year in ACW, when you defeated Rachel Summerlyn in a 10,000 Thumbtacks match. You dove from a stage to put Rachel though a barbwire board for the win. It seems that you are willing to do almost anything  to make your mark in the wrestling world.

Of course, there’s nothing I won’t do in the ring for a win.  It may not always be pretty, and let’s face it, it may not always be legal (but it’s only illegal if I get caught). Thumbtacks, Hardcore Match, Technical Showcase, this just proves I am the best and I can defeat you at your best anytime and that includes in your own element.

You have yet to earn a win in SHIMMER. Do you feel that this is your time to shine at the October 1st and 2nd tapings?

I would say it’s a matter of time, but realistically, I have been the victim of a combination of horrible officiating and bad timing.  Look back at my matches with me and I can show you at least three or four times I had the match won.  Sometimes the breaks won’t go your way.  I train harder than the other girls, guaranteed, and in October SHIMMER fans are going to see the beginning of the ascension of The Wrestling Goddess to the top of SHIMMER Women Athletes.  Next year, at this time, when I am wearing SHIMMER gold, fans are going to say they were there to see the beginning.

You seem to be developing quite a following amongst the SHIMMER fans. As a goddess, do you appreciate their adulation?

Who wouldn’t like fans chanting your name?  It’s a rush, it gets your adrenaline pumping and drives you on.  And everyone knows I have traveled around America wrestling, and nobody, and I mean nobody, has fans like SHIMMER.  The passion they have for our business, and the way they embrace you at the events is incredible, I have too much respect for them, I can’t go out there and do anything less than give them a match that will blow their minds.

Please tell us why you call everyone who crosses you a “hussy.”

It started as an inside joke with some friends of mine, then it just caught on and let’s face it, have you ever met a girl who wants to be called hussy?  No, they hate it, it gets in their heads. They try to think about what exactly it implies and that takes them out of their game.

Please tell us three professional goals you hope to accomplish.

First, wrestle overseas.  It is something I have dreamed of for some time.  I feel like I am ready for Japan now, but I don’t know when I am going to get the call. I will be ready, I will impress, and I will steal the show.

Second, become a main eventer at SHIMMER and take home the gold!

Third… This is my calling, this is what I was made for, my ultimate goal is to take my talents to the biggest audience I can on the biggest shows I can.  A TNA or WWE contract would allow me to show the world what women’s wrestlers can do if they are more than just models.

Choose a few words to briefly describe the following people:

Rachel Summerlyn – Rival of epic proportions.

Jessica James – Cute, cuddly, and underestimated.

Lady Poison – Twisted and sadistic.

Kana – Legit badass.

Serena Deeb – So much ability in one person, it’s a little scary.

Yumi Ohka – So much stronger than she looks!

Ayako Hamada – Innovative and powerful woman.

Do you have anything that you would like to say to your fans? Where can they find you wrestling next?

Followers of the Wrestling Goddess unite!  And follow me on twitter at @wg06athena. You can always find me at ACW and don’t forget to buy your Team Athena shirts at Shimmer!

Below, check out this lovely Athena highlight package.


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