SMASH.21 Results and Photos

The historic SMASH.21 took place last night in Korakuen Hall. This show was highly anticipated on both sides of the Pacific because SMASH would crown it’s first Women’s Champion. With the likes of Lin Bairon, Tomoka Nakagawa, Makoto, and Syuri eliminated, Tournament finalists Kana and Serena Deeb would square off to see who would be the first person in history to hold a SMASH title. The show would also include the two semi-final matches for the men’s tournament as well as the SMASH debut of Ayumi Kurihara. Here is how it went down.

Photos Courtesy: @Luke_the_3, @MakoReco, @youji4876, @tikwrestling, SportsNavi and DDS Staff Member @aoikougei.

Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan
Attendance 1500

  1. Genchiro Tenyru defeated Mitsuo Momota with a Lariat at 7:19
  2. MENTALLO, Ultimo Dragon and Yusuke Kodama defeated YO-HEY, Black Buffalo, Hajime Ohara via MENTALLO hitting a Bamboo Dragon Fly on YO-HEY at 10:29
  3. No Rules Match – Mio Shirai defeated Takuya Kito via Figure Four Neck Lock Barbed-wire Bat submission at 6:59
  4. Ayumi Kurihara and Ray defeated Syuri and Makoto via DQ after Syuri attacked the Ref – 17:48
  5. Kana defeated Serena Deeb with a the Kana Lock at 12:05
  6. Starbuck defeated VENENO with a Piledriver at 13:25
  7. TAJIRI defeated AKIRA with the Buzzsaw Kick at 19:41

Tenryu, being in the opening match for the first time in his long career, showed he didn’t want to jerk the curtain for long and lariated his way up the SMASH ranks. The Six Man Masked Lucha Osaka Fusion tag saw MENTALLO  get the win.

In a NO RULES match Mio Shirai brutalized her admirer/stalker/would-be-fiancé by busting Kito open with a barbed-wire bat and choking him out. Kito came out with a marriage contract that he hoped Mio would sign. She covered it in his blood. Love is cruel.

In Joshi tag action the normally wholesome Syuri surprisingly earned a DQ for kicking the referee. Why? Well, remember last month when Ayumi came and declared herself the “Joshi Puroresu Ace” as Syuri fans in the audience took offense? Apparently, Syuri was just as heated about it and came out very aggressive against Ayumi. Syuri took it too far and got DQ’d. Even after the bell rang these two wanted a piece of each other. Ayumi even replaced her typical “V” without a different, almost as ubiquitous, hand sign. Also, Makoto debuted a brand new, grown up, outfit.

Starbuck defeated VENENO to advance to the finals of the SMASH men’s title tournament. He also got a measure of revenge for his FCF disciple, Hajime Ohara, who had a crisis of faith after losing to the Mexican god of pro wrestling. TAJIRI also advanced to the finals, as he defeated AKIRA in what looked to be a very emotional battle between two good friends. That set the stage for another Starbuck and TAJIRI match to crown the first SMASH men’s champion.

TAJIRI is, of course, the founder of SMASH while Starbuck founded Fight Club Finland, a promotion SMASH works with extensively. These two patriarchs already have a storied history. When TAJIRI won the FCF Championship from FCF heart-throb Valentine, it forced Starbuck to make the trip to Japan in order to bring “his” belt home. Now, on October 18th, Starbuck will have a chance to complete the circle by winning the SMASH title and bringing it to Finland as well. Odds are in his favor, as he’s defeated TAJIRI four times with his perfect Piledriver.

Finally, All Hail Kana! As predicted by Luke, the Queen of Poison was born, as Kana used the Kana Lock to defeat Serena Deeb in the finals of the SMASH Women’s Title tournament, becoming the first ever champion. This was their 2nd singles contest, and 3rd time meeting in the ring. Serena had won both of those matches with her devastating spear, so Kana decided to come with a weapon of her own: a katana. She brought it to the press conference and the match itself. It, along with the world-spanning support of Team Kana, gave her the confidence she needed to defeat the previously unbeatable Deeb.

It should be noted that in spite of Kana’s World Famous status, this was her first singles title win. She also won the WAVE “Catch the WAVE” Tournament recently. Much like Serena, her perseverance in the face of adversity is paying off. We’re big supporters of both Kana and Serena as athletes and people. Both have overcome much to reach this point in their careers, and SMASH couldn’t have had two more talented, skilled, and fantastic people fighting for their title.

After the match, Syuri, Ray, Makoto, and Tomoka Nakagawa came out and they all let Kana know they were getting in line for a title shot. This displayed the firm commitment SMASH has to its women. A commitment that has been great for both the fans and the company. Its strong focus on Joshi and it’s use of inter-gender matches helps SMASH stand out from other Japanese feds. Three cheers for companies willing to support women in wrestling.

No, that’s not Photoshop. Instead of hanging in the back as she usually does, Kana actually came out for the SMASH post-show celebration, and even shared a beer with AKIRA and TAJIRI. Yes, the same TAJIRI she’s threatened to retire, castrate, and cripple in the past year. Its seems Kana has cooled on her plans to take over the company and destroy TAJIRI…for now.

And that was SMASH.21! SHIMMER fans will be lucky enough to see both Kana and Serena on October 1st and 2nd in Chicago. Perhaps they’ll bring their feud international? Kana will also be appearing for CHIKARA in North Carolina and Tennessee the next weekend. If you’re in the area make sure to represent Team Kana and show some love to the AmeriKana tour.

That’s all for now, enjoy the hundreds of pics from our friends in Japan. Until next SMASH!

Genchiro Tenyru vs. Mitsuo Momota

[nggallery id=54]

MENTALLO, Ultimo Dragon and Yusuke Kodama vs. YO-HEY, Black Buffalo, Hajime Ohara

[nggallery id=55]


Mio Shirai vs. Takuya Kito

[nggallery id=56]


Ayumi Kurihara and Ray vs. Syuri and Makoto

[nggallery id=57]


Kana vs. Serena Deeb

[nggallery id=58]


VENENO vs. Starbuck

[nggallery id=59]



[nggallery id=60]


Still with us? Then check out the match we mentioned  earlier. Starbuck challenges TAJIRI for the FCF title:



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