PWWA: Prelude to SHIM 10/01

On September 3, 2011, the Professional Women’s Wrestling Alliance hosted their big return event at the Masonic Centre in Liverpool, New South Wales (AUS). This was my first time attending a PWWA event, and my first time to “The Land Down Under”; I had missed out on the opportunity to check them out the night prior (due to “time traveling” issues). Regrettably, I missed all of the men’s action, as well as a chance to see, from what I hear, an excellent 8-woman tag match and the debut of “The Lariat” Nicole Matthews. Now, I would’ve Loved to have been able to do the ‘double-shot’ (and observe both cards), but if I had crashed my rental car and died (due to lack of sleep), I would’ve missed out on this excellent, all women’s show (which was, in fact, the motivating force in my international travels).

Photo 1 courtesy Gilda Pasquil. Live action shots courtesy Verse, be sure to check out his Youtube Page.

1. Britenay vs. Shazza McKenzie

The opening contest started off with a bit of a shoving match but Shazza, the clear crowd favorite, managed to gain the early control. That is until a “bitch slap” from the oh so full of herself Britenay. Brit quickly bailed to the floor, as a mad McKenzie gave her chase. After a lap or two, Britenay was greeted back into the ring with a Thesz press-style mid-ring collision! Shazza proceeded to light her opponent up with fists and chops, until a reversal of fortune, an Irish whip, and then a corner spear that damn near knocked McKenzie out of her gear! Brit resorted to some ‘unfair play’, using Shazza’s blonde locks to gain the advantage, and inflict even more pain. McKenzie tried for a small package victory, only to be cut off and worn down with a sleeper hold. She went for another quick rollup (this time, “O’Connor” style), but was countered and met with another sick spear! More cheap tactics, in the form of Britenay utilizing the ring ropes, ensued. Shazza began mounting her big comeback, after she countered an attempted German suplex with a wheelbarrow bulldog. Both ladies exchanged forearms until Shazz nailed a flying hair takedown and slick neckbreaker for a near fall. Still in it to win it, however, Britenay connected with a wheelbarrow “hotshot”/bridging German combo. The force of throw was so much that it actually helped Shazza escape defeat, as both of her shoulders were not down for the count. Brit followed that up with a sick, Del Rey-esque modified Gory stretch, straight into a Flatliner. Shazza was all but finished, or so it seemed, until she managed to get a foot on the rope. Visibly frustrated, Brit hoisted her smaller opponent into a firewoman’s carry, only to be countered with a boot to the midsection and the “Shazztastic Stunner” (an Overdrive/Playmaker-style neckbreaker). This allowed Shazza to claim the victory, much to the fan’s delight.

2. Bombshell Bo vs. Minx (with KC Cassidy)


We were graced with a pre-match promo from the terribly lovely/god awfully obnoxious KC Cassidy. She hobbled to the ring, with the aid of the mischievous/mysterious Minx, sporting crutches and a full leg brace. KC explained to all of her “disappointed fans,” that she was not cleared by her doctors to wrestle, and the fans let her have it, with chants of “Cripple” and a claim that she had been seeing a “vet” (which lead to a priceless expression by the partially, poised prima donna). She then notified us that Minx, her redheaded friend with the spooky face paint, would be replacing her in the second match of the evening. Wasting no more time, Bombshell Bo (who looks as though she graduated from the Reggie Bennett “School of Thick Chicks, Who Don’t Take Shit, and Know How To Hit,” complete in what I would refer to as “old school style women’s wrestling gear”) made her way to the ring for some action (poppin’ and groovin’ along to her Missy Elliot entrance theme).

The match began with a really rough tie up and, without selling Minx short, you could just feel that Bo was gonna have “the keys to the jeep (BEEP! BEEP!),” in this one. After sending her opponent crashing to the mat Bo dropped a mean, heavy elbow. Shortly thereafter, she connected with a devastating stunner on Minx. It could’ve been all over, right then, but Cassidy was no fool. With a devious mind that is as brilliant as her near-perfect teeth, she chose the right to time interject herself into the match. That brief interference quickly turned the tide, and Cassidy and Minx capitalized on it as they took turns, manipulating the referee and getting off cheap shots and crutch attacks. Minx scored a near fall and kept it up with a flying takedown (that’s when a women jumps, grabs her opponent’s hair, and drives her to the mat, got it?). and a big leg drop complete with a cocky/sexy cross-legged pin, over the throat of Bo. Having had enough abuse, the “Bombshell” exploded, with sick strikes and an even sicker spinebuster. Clearly concerned, the injured Cassidy forced herself up onto the apron, and into the ring, to deliver one last desperation crutch shot. Unfortunately that only seemed to fire Bo up more, and she laid out KC with a brutal punch for her cheating ways. Bo then unloaded a serious series of palm strikes to the chest of Minx before polishing her off with an equally intense swinging fisherman suplex neckbreaker (you know, that one move that Daffney and Rachel Summerlyn do so well). No discredit to Minx or, the unfortunately injured, KC Cassidy, but Bombshell Bo definitely deserves a chance to explode onto the international scene!

3. Harley Wonderland and J.P.E. vs. Kellyanne English and Eliza Sway

Our only taste of tag action, came to us in the form of Harley Wonderland (a sultry vixen, with cruel intentions) and J.P.E. (a dark and brooding force, who is “Just Plain EVIL!”) taking on the team of young Kellyanne English (who’s bright red hair dye and ring attire was somewhat reminiscent, of a certain “real life Anime” character that I know) and Eliza Sway (long, strong, and tattooed up and down). This was a case of strength and experience, Harley & J.P.E., versus speed and heart, Sway & English. The early goings of this match favored the youth, with Kellyanne and Eliza sending their more imposing/intimidating opponents to the floor. Not willing to settle there, English followed up with a cannonball tumbling body press from the apron onto the evil doers. The good girls kept it up, hitting some tandem offense in the form of a wheelbarrow-assisted splash and a jawjacker/neckbreaker combination. It didn’t take long for the baddies to get their act together, though, and they did so by knocking Sway from the apron and dissecting Ms. English in the center of the ring. Wonderland has deceptive strength and threw English with a mean Wonderplex (bridging German suplex). JPE came in stomping away and intimidating the official (along with just about everyone else in the building).

The Evil one didn’t stop there, as she crushed Kellyanne with a running elbow into her corner, followed by a near fall, and plenty of angry screaming. Harley tagged back in to continue the assault. Just when it seemed English might get away by attempting to deliver a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, Wonderland displayed more of that hidden, raw power and executed a great side slam counter! English seemed to just be getting her ass kicked, until*BAM* an enzuigiri out of nowhere! Both women went down, but English finally made her way to her partner, but it was a “no go,” as JPE came in to prevent the ref from seeing any tag. This led to Eliza being shoved off the apron, again, and allowed for further domination of Kellyanne. JPE executed a beautiful “Big Boss Woman”-type attack onto the second ropes, followed by kiss to her own bicep and a cocky pin. Seeking to end it all, JPE attempted a massive, slingshot corner elbow, but Kellyanne rolled out of the way and finally got the tag! Sway charged in swinging and connected with a spinning heel kick. Tag back into English, and the duo executed a Hart Attack on Wonderland, but she kicked out! Sway, still on fire, connected with a running boot. Things started to break down from there with all four women going at it, at once. JPE crushed Sway with a two-handed chokelift powerbomb, but it didn’t end there! English managed to dropkick JPE to the floor, ttaking both of them out of the match, leaving Eliza and Harley alone to determine the finish.  It came by way of Eliza Sway with a “Barbie Crusher” on Harley Wonderland. A hard fought, and well deserved victory.

4. Megan-Kate vs. Savannah Summers

The last matchup before intermission pitted Savannah Summers against Megan-Kate. According to the official program, this match was sort of a “good girl gone bad” (the psycho-twisted Summers) versus a “bad girl gone good” (one half of “The BFF’s/Team Kick” Megan). Unfortunately for Megan-Kate, she wound up on the wrong end of the alignment shift. This match was brutal and one-sided, from before the opening bell even! Savannah laid in wait, hiding alongside of the entrance way, and pounced on her opponent without warning. She proceeded to use the ring as weapon and brutalized Kate on the floor.

Once inside the squared circle, Megan began a striking comeback flurry (shades of one Kyle O’Reilly). However, it wasn’t long until Savannah was back in the driver’s seat and turning up the heat, nailing the “Ego Trip” (a sit-out, full nelson atomic drop), followed by body-scissored rolling pin-attempts and nasty back chops! Summers then punished Megan-Kate with “Self Satisfaction” (a surfboard submission stretch), and unceremoniously, dumped her back down, face first, onto the mat. More rope and buckle use/abuse by Savannah kept the torment coming. The crowd was into this match, cheering for Megan to do more than just “hang in there” and to fight back, but Savannah seemed to be the most into this match (and really pleased with herself and the amount of pain she was inflicting). Summers continually used Megan’s hair as leverage to throw her around the ring, but argued that she was actually pulling her opponent’s ears (which, for the record, is also illegal and a bit meaner).

The constant wild screaming from Summers would’ve led one to, correctly, believe that she was some kind of freak obsessed with hurting others. Summers repeatedly chased Kate into the ropes, driving her knee into Kate’s stomach, each time. Savannah then performed a suplex with a float-over, into a guillotine choke for further punishment. I don’t know what her deal was, but it was getting very hard to watch this “public execution.” After a short arm clothesline and vicious hair throw, one fan even shouted “BACK OFF!” Did she? Nope. The beating continued. It seemed as though there was no hope, for New Zealand’s Megan-Kate. Then, after receiving the hardest chop of the night, Megan had enough and it was on!She came back with a hair assisted bulldog and a variation of the “Double Shot.” Still, the deranged Summers took back control, this time displaying sick strength with a two-handed choke lift! Going nuts over not being able to put away her, seemingly, passive opponent, Savannah screamed “BITCH!” and charged in with a sickle like clothesline, which was a huge mistake. Just then, Megan snapped out of it, ducked the line, and delivered a K.O. kick for the win! Just like that. It goes to show 1.) No matter how bad ass you are, how much damage you inflict, or how long you remain in control during a match, all it takes is one knockout blow, well-timed maneuver, or perfectly executed submission to win it. And 2.) Be careful who you go around calling “Bitch.” You just might get, your head, kicked in.

5. “The Rate Tank” Kellie Skater vs. Evie

Following intermission, the action returned in a big way as the “Colossus of Bacchus Marsh” Kellie (“I-don’t-need-any-performance-enhancing-drugs-to-grind-your-bones-into-dust!”) Skater squared off with (Megan-Kate’s “Best Friend Forever”) Evie. This match was all-around AUSome! What started off with some face-to-face trash talking, quickly elevated into the best Kellie Skater match that I have witnessed! This was a first time meeting for the two but, you would swear they’ve been feuding up and down the roads for years. Before I get carried away with my results, let me just say that Evie is like if you took Mia Yim and “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena, fused them into one, and changed their nationality into New Zealand.

They engaged in an early test of strength and, surprisingly, Skater had to resort to a scissor sweep to avoid being ‘overpowered.’ The women then went hold-for-hold in some solid chain wrestling, leading into a mean shoulder tackle from Evie. The Indie-Structable one tried to snatch a quick victory with an inside cradle, and the Kiwi Kicker was unleashed! After popping ol’ “Moppy” with a solid roundhouse, Evie sent her crashing into the corner and uncorked a picture-perfect cartwheel lariat followed by an ultra -sharp Uranage backbreaker!! The onslaught did not stop there. As soon as Kellie bailed to the floor she was greeted with a Penalty Kick from the apron! Ouch. On the floor, Evie tried ramming Skater into the side of the ring, only to have Skater block and crush little Evie’s body into the ring frame herself! The Tank then smashed Evie with a hard clothesline on the floor. Back inside, Evie began fighting back only to come crashing down courtesy of another clothesline. Both women went down and came back up fighting but, *Snikt!*, Kellie went right to the eyes with her claws and stopped Evie’s assault. Skater then went for a Fisherman Suplex, only to be countered into a roll-up. Evie’s pin may have been unsuccessful, but her back suplex wasn’t, and it brought both women were down for the count, again. And again they came right back up, exchanging strikes to the “Boo’s” and “Yay’s” of the crowd. Evie hit a crucifix driver, but not with the necessary impact required to pin a mutant the likes of Kellie Skater. Evie then tried the classic O’Connor roll, but she was met with a heavy DDT for her troubles. Skater cinched in the Skater Recliner, but Evie wouldn’t call it quits.

In the corner, Kellie made mocking corner kicks/squats, similar to what we’ve seen her use at SHIMMER. Evie wasn’t feeling that nonsense and looked to set an example with a running, high-arched boot in the corner, only to miss and be spiked on the back of her head, but a brutal yank of the hair! Skater made a pin with her legs all the way to the third rope for leverage, but it wasn’t enough! Deep knee strikes to the gut of Evie, but she still block Skater’s body slam attempt. Distraught, Kellie grabbed her protein shaker, took a sip of “X-Factor” and went into “Berserker” mode, delivering a ring-shaking body slam! Down, but not out, Evie fought back, hitting the second most brutal knife-edged chop of the evening! Her high cross body attempt was caught by Skater, but Evie escaped and hit a “Sick Kick” and one of the highest/prettiest running boots in the corner you will see! And Skater kicked out?! HOW DID SHE KICK OUT?! From up top Evie connected with a missile dropkick and went for the cover again only for Skater to somehow manage to kick out. Not only that, she came back with a beautiful Northern Lights bridge, for a near fall! She then hit the ropes and landed an adamantium-loaded running forearm. She then signaled for the Superkick, only to miss and receive a victory roll driver! 1…2…NO! Both women got back to their feet, jockeyed for position, and in the end it was Evie with Go-2-Sleep to bring an end to this a great match! Whew… Evie is another wrestler that gets my full endorsement as someone who should be on the international level. And don’t get me started on Skater, she just keeps bringing the noise. You know that you’re doing something right when you receive praise for matches you didn’t even win. This could’ve been match of the night, if it wasn’t followed by…

6. SHIMMER Title Match: Madison Eagles (c) vs. Nicole Matthews vs. Jessie McKay

I started to write notes for this match, and then I intentionally threw down my notepad and just watched, and cheered, and jumped out of my seat. Instead of a detailed match report, allow me to tell you a little story (trust me, it’s “relevant”). This match is the sole reason why I flew over 18,000 miles (round trip) to Sydney (AUS), from Chicago, IL (USA). I came because I wanted to witness the first ever international SHIMMER title defense; on top of that, this match featured my two current favorite wrestlers in Eagles and Matthews, as well as “Everbody’s Favorite Girlfriend” who is a top-notch in-ring competitor, as well.

To make this all possible, I spent an irresponsible amount of money, had to “play hookie” from work just to get enough days off to make it back and forth in time, lost my favorite hoodie on the first plane to L.A., flew over 40 hours (in only 5 days), was repeatedly harassed by customs agents, and risked life and limb driving on the left side of the road (amongst other crazy shenanigans that may or may not have included a polish ballerina), just to see this one match. And, you know what? The match was worth every bit of it. It was so great that it felt like they were rewarding me for my efforts. I know that’s not the case because, let’s face it, even if no one showed up they were still going to have that same, ultra-competitive match because they are athletes, they are professionals, and they want to be the best at what they do.

Still, to bear witness to such a match, that far exceeded even my own expectations, did make me feel kind of special. All three women showed up in the best shape of their respective careers and each woman fought with more heart and soul than they may have even realized they possessed. This was, for me, the most intense, hard-fought SHIMMER title match I have ever seen (and I’ve seen my fair share). I’m not even a huge fan of multi-person title matches (especially, when they are not under “elimination” rules), but none of that even mattered. I swear, you would think these three ladies had something against the Freemason society, because they practically burned that place to the fucking ground! It was a full on sprint, from start to finish, and it was phenomenal. All three competitors pulled “S-class” moves out of their arsenals, that they normally do not use, for this bout; I’m talking Spider German suplexes, top rope double stomps, and reverse hurricanranas! That’s how serious it was. I would have been satisfied with any one of them walking away with the title, because they all fought as true champions. In the finale however, and in grand fashion, the dark heroine Madison Eagles retained, and extended her glorious title reign. This match proved that Eagles, Matthews, and McKay are true stars, and could be in the main event of any show, in any country. Legit.

I could’ve given you a move-by-move report for this match, but I feel that you owe it to yourself, to watch this one as it becomes available (order it on iPPV, and then pick up on DVD), because it was that stellar. Then, after you’ve seen it, you can tell me, what you think. If you disagree with my assessment, I’ll buy you a drink; now, if that’s not enough, and you still disagree…well, you’re a jerk, and I will gladly fight you over it. ; )

You can learn more about PWWA by following them on Facebook or by following the twitter of their sister promotion PWA (@PWAaustralia).

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  1. mate,that was an amazing read..I was there on the night & I am glad you had a great time watching what Australia had to offer the wrestling world..take care buddy & I hope you return again one day


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