Saturday Morning Wrestling VI

Some of my earliest memories of wrestling involved anxiously waiting for Jem to go off so that I could kick my sister out of the living room and watch Bret Hart or Sting save the day. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we can not just relive those moments, but do so with different, new wrestling from all over the world. Here’s the latest installment of Dirty Dirty Sheets’ Saturday Morning Wrestling.

Hanan also contributed to his report. Photo 1 courtesy LA Weekly. Photo 2 courtesy @Luke_the_3.

ROH – Chris Hero vs Kenny Omega

Ring of Honor will be returning to TV very soon, and that’s a great thing. Here’s one of the best feuds from their previous run on HD Net. Your hero, my hero, Chris Hero takes on Multi-Promotional-National-Dimensional sensation Kenny Omega. Be sure to check out ROH”s site for a 25% off weekend sale.


WAVE – Yumi Ohka vs Kana

We’re less than a month away from the next SHIMMER tapings and they look to be the biggest yet. Besides hosting the United States debut of the “World Famous” Kana, the shows will also bring Pro Wrestling WAVE ace Yumi Ohka to mainland USA for the first time. These women are no strangers to each other. Both have grown much since this match from a few years ago, so one can only imagine the amounts of Joshi greatness they’ll be bringing to the Eagles Club next month.


NJPW – G1 – Shinsuke Nakamura vs Hirooki Goto

From the most anticipated tournament in puroresu scene, the G1 Climax, a tourney that crowns the next IWGP challenger. In this match from Day 9 of the tourney, we have Shinsuke Nakamura, the Strong Style savior whose aim is to finally win the G1 and once again impose his will on the NJPW roster. On the other hand, Hirooki Goto is fresh from a tour of Mexico that has seen him improve his style and add new moves to his arsenal. He was also hugely upset by a recent loss in an IWGP title opportunity. Two men chasing the gold for different reasons. Hard hitting isn’t enough to describe this bout.


Beyond Wrestling – Josh Thor vs Veda Scott

Beyond Wrestling is always looking to bring in fresh, new prospects and you don’t get much fresher than super rookie fashionista Veda Scott. Here she takes on Josh Thor who, apparently, is a follower of Chikarian God of War, Tursas. An unimpressed Veda was overheard snarking, “I make my blood sacrifices to Menhit, the thing which massacres. You’ve probably never heard of it.”


Dragon Gate USA Untouchable 2011 – Contest MV

Of course Beyond is known for its creative use of social media and slick promo videos, and Dragon Gate USA is combining those two by crowd-sourcing promo videos for its next iPPV . Here’s one we loved, as it uses a remixed theme of Game of Thrones. Also check out these two from some DDS friends: TheMaverickMJ and ProperGanderPro. Like them! DGUSA and EVOLVE are having a 30% off sale this weekend.


SWS – Jenny Sjödin vs Aurora Flame

We’ve said many times that Pro Wresttling EVE Champ Jenny Sjödin represents everything that’s great about pro wrestling. Here she takes on Aurora Flame in a double title EVE vs SWS Championship match. It should be noted that though the show itself has several men’s matches, this dual-promotion title match is still where it belongs: the main event. Womanist Revolution.


NJPW – Fujita “Jr” Hayato vs Koji Kanemoto

It’s old, but still game, versus new here. The next big thing in Junior Heavyweight wrestling, “Jr” Hayato, faces the vet Koji Kanemoto in the BOSJ ’11 tournament earlier this year. These two have heated rivalry, hence the brutality.


Lola “La Loca” & Ayako Hamada vs Lola Gonzalez & Melina

Some big recent news involved Melina making announcing her return to professional wrestling for WSU. She’ll take on Serena Deeb at their next iPPV. This match is a look back at one of her earlier bouts, as Melina finds herself across the ring against the always amazing Ayako Hamada. Surely Melina has grown a lot since then, but she’ll have to be at her very best to avoid getting her skittles scrambled with a spear.


ACW – Children of Pain vs Shawn Vexx and Flippy Shit

ACW: the gift that keeps on giving. Sara del Rey on commentary makes pretty much anything entertaining, but add in vampires and an impromptu dance-off to George Michael? Gold.


SMASH – Kana Press Conference

Kana, Queen of Poisons, makes her thoughts on her upcoming SMASH Women’s Title match known with a friggin’ sword. She’ll be taking on the aforementioned Serena Deeb. Roughly, Kana says that this sword represents her passion. It’s dipped in poison. “My heart is a poisoned sword.” She also posted a picture of her kicking Ayumi Kurihara’s head off with the caption “Katana.” Ouch. This is why we love her, and why TAJIRI fears her.


NSP – Cherry Bomb vs Courtney Rush

Here’s a very enjoyable match from two wrestlers who seem to improve every time they step in the ring. Turnbuckle Rush Spinebusters and Running Corner Head Kicks all day! Also, be sure to wish Cherry Bomb (@cherrrybomb) a Happy Birthday! We hope, like the Joshi wrestler Cherry, she insists that her age is always listed as X years old.


NWA Hollywood – Joey Ryan vs Colt Cabana

NWA Hollywood is always putting out something rad. Here two of the most colorful and talented guys in the sport square off, with “Scrap Iron” Adam Pierce as the even-handed (?!) referee.


ARSION – Mariko Yoshida vs Aja Kong

In our final match we have a classic bout between Mariko Yoshida and Aja Kong. For our money, ARSION was some of the best wrestling to ever happen anywhere, and the feud these two had there was epic.


AJW – Madusa – Who’s Madusa?

And here’s a bit of fun. Joshi has a longstanding tradition of having it’s stars try their hand at J-Pop. And, well, here’s Madusa’s try. We showed her this clip after we uploaded, her response: “LMFAO! That was my first concert. [I] was nervous as hell and couldn’t sing a lick! They sure knew how to market anything. LOL.” Enjoy!


Just one more video. Metal group Kittie recently released their new album I’ve Failed You. We, along with our cover model Joey Ryan, are big fans of theirs. Check out their latest music video and download the album if you dig it.


Thanks for joining us for Saturday Morning Wrestling. We, along with Triple Tails.S say: Peace out!


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