Prime Time Ice Ribbon

Hello everyone! This is Pumi, Puroresu Commentator from Thailand. Today I want to make the official announcement about my channel’s new programme, Ice Ribbon Girls Pro Wrestling. Miyako Matsumoto made a public announcement August 21st at Korakuen Hall. I’m writing this article to give more details for fans.

Starting in October, Ice Ribbon will air every Friday 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm on Sports Plus. I will be the commentator. As an Ice Ribbon fan I’m very happy and excited! My goal is to make it as famous here as AJW was 20 years ago. AJW performed live in Thailand at least 3 times and I feel Ice Ribbon can get to the same level.

I love Ice Ribbon because it was small wrestling promotion that grew up very fast. I love how they work together like family, laughing and crying together. I’ve never seen this kind of wrestling promotion before. As a fan, I want to be a part of this kind of family.

My favourite wrestler in Ice Ribbon Makoto. I can’t exactly say why. When I saw her match for the first time, she just struck me with her. I know she’s not the best wrestler in the world, but she had something that appealed to me.

I want to thank my friends Mr. Phil Jones (@IceRibbonEurope) for his help, and his suggestion to make this deal happen. Also Mr. Hiroshi Arai, Samurai TV’s commentator. He helped me communicate with Ice Ribbon. Without him, this deal surely would not have happened.

Thank you to everybody who has supported me. I’m a commentator, but that doesn’t mean I know everything about Ice Ribbon. So, I may have to ask for your help! I will do my best for both Ice Ribbon and wrestling fans.

For updates you can follow me on twitter at @IceRibbonPumi or IceRibbonPumi‘s Youtube channel.

But for anyone not in Thailand, or those who don’t want to wait until October, here is a preview of the action that. We’ve hand-picked some of Ice Ribbon’s best matches in Ice Ribbon history for the below playlist. The promos for Ice Ribbon’s Thailand premier are also included. Just click play and enjoy 2 and a half hours of modern Joshi greatness.

Match Listing:

  1. Emi Sakura & Ray Vs Hikaru Shida & Syuri
  2. Makoto vs Mima Shimoda
  3. Command Bolshoi vs Hikari Minami
  4. Nanae Takahashi vs Natsuki Taiyo vs Tsukasa Fujimoto
  5. Jun Kasai & Miyako Matsumoto vs Kazuhiko Ogasawara & Chii Tomiya
  6. Tsukasa Fujimoto vs Tsukushi
  7. Emi Sakura Vs Azumi Hyuga
  8. Tsukasa Fujimoto vs Ray
  9. Tsukasa Fujimoto & Hikaru Shida vs Riho & Hikari Minami

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