Ten Questions with Yumi Ohka

With ten years in the sport, Pro Wrestling WAVE’s Yumi Ohka has defied the odds. Entering as a model turned athress (athlete + actress), it was a long time before she gained respect as a legitimate Joshi competitor, and that was only after overcoming a career threatening injury. Now she’s the most prominent figure in one of Joshi’s leading promotions and the head of it’s premier faction, Black Dahlia. Ohka previously wrestled in Hawaii for J’d Star, and had long hoped to return and debut on the mainlaind . That will soon come to fruition as Ohka has been announced for the next SHIMMER: Women Athletes in October. She will also appear for NCW: Femmes Fatales in Montreal. We caught up with this stoic puroresu icon for an interview just a month before fans in the US and Canada have a chance to see her in person. Enjoy.

Aoikougei, Markus, and Nami contributed to this report.


Please tell us who trained you and how long you have been wrestling.

I made my debut on August 19, 2001, and I reached my tenth anniversary this year! This year starts my eleventh year in pro wrestling. Jaguar Yokota was my trainer up until I made my debut. Toshie Uematsu is the wrestling coach at WAVE now.

Who are some of the wrestlers that have inspired you?

The wrestler that most inspired me has retired already, The Bloody of the original J’d era. She taught me the splendor of professional wrestling. She is the reason that I continue to wrestle now. I don’t think I would have wrestled for more than two years if there was no Bloody. She is the one that affected me the most.

You began your career in J’d Star, and now you are part of the Pro Wrestling WAVE. How do you feel that your skills have progressed, from being a J’d Athtress, to being the ace of WAVE?

I wasn’t very good at all in those days when I made my debut. I was a crybaby and wanted to drop out! But I grew up, and Bloody and I captured the tag team belts. Then I had an injury. I had an operation on my anterior cruciate ligament, and I was out of J’d for two years.

During my absence, J’d was dissolved, and when I came back I joined pro Wrestling WAVE when it was formed in 2007. I’ve been with WAVE for 4 years now. With my various experiences, and carrying a heavy responsibility, my career has been ten years long, and I am not a crybaby anymore. I do my best to carry this responsibility on my back. My fighting style has changed completely, and I think that I have grown up mentally and physically.

Please tell us what some of your favorite matches have been from your career?

The Metal Garage cage death match (with the ceiling on the cage), where Bloody and I defended the TWF tag titles against Fang Suzuki and Crow. We were fighting on top of the cage, and I have a fear of heights! But the adrenaline took the fear away. We lost the belts, but that experience made me a stronger professional wrestler.

Do you have any hobbies? Do you enjoy anime or movies?

What qualifies as a hobby? I have about 20 hobbies! My favorite animation is “Creamy Mami, The Magical Angel,” which broadcast about 28 years ago. I still love it. I have collected a lot of merchandise from this anime! I love “Creamy Mami,” and I want to become a voice actor. That’s not an exaggeration!

For foreign films, I love “Titanic.” I want to cry every time I see it!

How do you feel about making your debut for SHIMMER on October 1st and 2nd? Have you seen any SHIMMER DVDs? Have any of the wrestlers impressed you?

I am very much looking forward to my debut in SHIMMER! I borrowed some SHIMMER DVDs and watched them. My first impression is that you can really feel the energy of the crowd, and that feeling was conveyed through the DVD. I get excited thinking that it will be like that! All of the wrestlers are great! The Japanese wrestlers seem so small compared to the American wrestlers! They seem dynamic!

SHIMMER afterparties are quite popular with wrestlers and fans. In October, the bar will have karaoke. Do you enjoy singing, and can you sing any American songs?

I am looking forward to the afterparty and meeting the American fans. But I have to study, because I cannot speak English! I am poor at karaoke. Because my voice is so deep, I can only sing men’s songs. And I cannot sing American songs, because I am weak in English. I will study!

In Pro Wrestling WAVE you are a member of Black Dahlia together with Misaki Ohata, Hiren, Bambi, Cherry, and A*YU*MI. Do you enjoy being a part of this villainous group? Also, where did you learn to use a whip like that?

I formed the visual unit Black Dahlia, which is the most popular faction in Joshi Puroresu. We’re not an evil team, we’re just cool and look good. I only use the whip during Black Dahlia matches. I wrestle without the whip when I am in singles matches.

Please give us your brief thoughts on each of the following wrestlers:

GAMI – She is the president of Pro Wrestling WAVE. She always has comedy matches, but she is a strong woman with infinite skill when she wants to be serious.

Kana – She is a heretic in Joshi Puroresu. She is very different from other Joshi wrestlers. She follows her own rules.

Hailey Hatred – She is very big and powerful!

Hiroyo Matsumoto – She is a monster.

Ayako Hamada – She is a thoroughbred in the world of professional wrestling. I think everything of Ayako Hamada. She is one of the wrestlers that paved the way for me going into professional wrestling.

Portia Perez – I mainly saw her tag team matches, but she was good. She was a deserving champion.

Do you have anything that you would like to say to your fans?

I am happy to make my SHIMMER debut! And I am looking forward to coming to mainland U.S.A. I want to gain a lot of experience in the U.S.A. I will be trying very hard for the American people, and I hope that you will remember me at SHIMMER! Thank you in advance

Follow Yumi on Twitter (@ohkayumi) and Facebook.  You can see her live October 1st and 2nd in Chicago for SHIMMER and October 8th in Montreal for NCW Femmes Fatales. In the mean time, check out this freshly uploaded match, as Yumi takes on the legendary Aja Kong.



DDS: あなたのプロレスの先生は誰ですか?プロレスラーになって何年ですか?


DDS: あなたに影響を与えたプロレスラーは誰ですか?また、尊敬するプロレスラー誰ですか?


DDS: J’dでキャリアを開始したあなたが 、今はプロレスリングWAVEの一員です。J’dアストレスでのキャリアの始まりから、WAVEのエースになるまで、あなたのスキルは発展しました。どのように感じますか?


DDS: なたのこれまでのキャリアの中で、好きな試合をいくつか教えてください。


DDS: 趣味は何ですか?アニメや映画は好きですか?


DDS: 10月1日・2日のSHIMMERでアメリカ・デビューを果たしますが、どのように感じますか?SHIMMERの DVDを見たことがありますか? 印象に残ったレスラーはいますか?



DDS: SHIMMERのアフター・・パーティーは、選手とファンの間でとても有名です。今年アフター・パーティーを行うバーにはカラオケがあります。あなたは歌いますか? アメリカの歌をで歌えるものがありますか?


DDS: プロレスWaveで大畠美咲と一緒にブラック・ダリアの一部です。 その悪党のグループの一部であることを楽しみますか?そして、どこでそのようにむちを使い方を学びましたか?


DDS: 次にあげる選手について、ひとことコメントをお願いします。

GAMI – プロレスリングWAVEの社長です。

華名- 女子プロレスでは異端児。普通の女子プロレスラーとは一味違う選手。

ヘイリー・ヘイトレッド – 凄く大きくてパワーのある選手だと思います!

松本浩代 –  怪獣です。

浜田 文子 – プロレス界のサラブレッド。世界の浜田文子だと思います。プロレスラーになる為に生まれてきたんだろうなと思うほどの選手です。

ポーシャ・ペレス – ちょうどそのDVDを見て凄くチームワークが良い選手だなって思いました。 ベルトを保持していたのも分かる気がします。

DDS: 桜花由美ファンに特別なメッセージをお伝えください。



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