Eagles vs Matthews vs McKay: The Interview

This October, SHIMMER will be putting on yet another star-studded line-up of the best wrestling talent the world has to offer. A month prior though, for the first time, the companies’ title will be defended internationally. On September 3rd, Australia’s PWWA will host Champion Madison Eagles taking on both Nicole “The Lariat” Matthews and “Everybody’s Favorite Girlfriend” Jessie McKay for the SHIMMER Championship. We were able to get together with all three competitors for their thoughts on how they feel about this huge match, what they think of each other, and who they feel would be worthy challengers in the future for the SHIMMER title.

Madison, you’ve held the SHIMMER Championship now for close to a year and a half, dominating your competition in an impressive manner. However, there’s a large influx of new, world-class talent entering SHIMMER, including Kana, Yumi Ohka, and Hailey Hatred. How long do you see yourself holding on to the title?

Madison Eagles: I will hold on to my title until someone plies it from my cold dead hands! Seriously, I have beaten a lot of the top wrestlers in the world, so I know my wrestling skill can hold up against anyone that wants to try take my belt from me. But you never know when some low life, bottom of the barrel, scum, will cheat to get one up on me. And the ones that seem the nicest are always the ones that end up being those sneaky cheaters.

Jessie, you’ve had some impressive wins through the past year, and you’ve defeated Nicole in the past. Likewise Nicole, you’ve had a lengthy reign as one half of the SHIMMER Tag Team Champions earned wins over Jessie, including a 2 out of 3 falls contest on volume 39.  How do you feel about having to share your title match with one another?

Jessie McKay: It has both advantages and disadvantages. One big advantage is I have wrestled Nicole many times in SHIMMER. I’m aware of her abilities, so I feel that I will be able to stay one step ahead of her. But with Madison involved, I have two of my toughest opponents to contend with – at the same time.

Nicole Matthews: I don’t think it’s fair I have to share my chance. You had your chance against Madison, and you lost. I’ve never had a title shot. It’s total bullshit! My chances have gone from 50% to 33% because Everyone’s Favorite Girlfriend just has to be apart of this match.

Jessie you aren’t going to win, and Madison you aren’t going to win, either. I’m going to win, plain and simple.

Madison, what do you think of your challengers?

Eagles: Nicole, just like Jessie, is a very good wrestling talent, and both have the potential to be great, but it’s their attitudes that could let them down. Nicole is a little bit too cocky and that could mean a wrong step here and there, and when you compete against the best wrestlers, that is something you really don’t want to happen.

Jessie, on the other hand, you aren’t worried enough about what’s going on in the ring. You tend to get distracted by the fans and their cheers, and that’s why many are not afraid to hop in the ring with you. Now you might be thinking that I’m cocky and I’m distracted by the fans and their crude comments towards me, but the difference between the two of you and I is that I’m unstoppable, and I have all my competitors beaten before they even step in the ring with me.

McKay: Madison you trained me and helped me so much throughout my career, and I thought it was amazing to see you win the championship, but your change in attitude was not something I expected. So I fought and fought my way up until eventually I defeated Ayako Hamada and Sara Del Rey to become the number 1 contender for your SHIMMER title. Fighting you one on one in the main event was such an important moment for me. I gave it my all and came close to beating you. This time around, in my hometown of Sydney, I’ll be more motivated than ever to pull off the victory.

Matthews: Madison, you’ve been a great fighting champion, no doubt. And your ability in the ring is second to none. But that won’t matter on September 3rd. I’ve been studying and watching your matches since you came into SHIMMER back on Volume 21. I doubt you’ve been watching Nicole Matthews matches for that long. I don’t think you realize just how well I know you as a wrestler. You know Jessie’s wrestling game probably better than anyone else, but who do you think knows her game second best though? I know both of you better than either of you know me, and that is what’s going to give me the edge in this match.

Nicole, do you feel that you’re at a disadvantage having the title match in Australia?

Matthews: Hells no. They’ll be too worried about pandering to their home crowd and be too wrapped up in their pride of it being the first SHIMMER title defense outside of America. I, on the other hand, will only be focused on getting that title around my waist.

Eagles: Flying to another country and being overwhelmed by all the new faces and wrestling life can go one of two ways: you either let it get to you and struggle, or are pushed into being the best. But since no one can take away the ‘Best’ spot from me, Nicole is definitely in the position of being disadvantaged!

Jessie, your thoughts. Also, who do you think the Australian fans will support more: you or Madison?

McKay: Well, just having a third person involved in the match is a disadvantage, and with Nicole, there’s no love-lost between us, and we have taken each other to the limit in every match we have fought in SHIMMER. In a match where the champion doesn’t have to be pinned to lose the title, it can become so unpredictable.

And of course I hope the fans support me! I’ve been wrestling in Australia for 4 years and this will be the biggest match I’ve had yet. I am going to need their support and encouragement.

Madison, since winning the title you’ve seemingly become more and more obsessed with retaining it, as if it were the most precious thing in the world to you. What lengths will you go to, to keep the SHIMMER Championship? Given that, what are the chances that we’ll see a new champion crowned?

Eagles: I go to the lengths that are required. I have never regretted the things I have done in my matches. And lets just say that if you know you’re getting into the ring with me, you know you’re going to get your fucking head kicked in.

As for these two, I may still be injured, but that does not make me a liability, it makes me dangerous! I put my body on the line every time I get in that ring, and if I already have something wrong with me I’m more likely to not care if anything else were to happen.

Matthews: 2009 was the year of Nicole Matthews with my breakout matches against Daizee Haze and Cheerleader Melissa, as well as the beginning of the outstanding SHIMMER Tag Team Title reign with Portia Perez.

2010 was the year of Nicole Matthews with my fantastic matches against Ayako Hamada, Sarah Stock and Jessie McKay, as much as I hate giving her any credit. And 2011 so far has also been the year of Nicole Matthews,with my series win against Jessie, as well as my memorable match against Ayumi Kurihara. Logic says to me that with the roll I’ve been on these last few years, that I’m gonna win the title on September 3rd, and of course 2011 will continue to be the year of Nicole Matthews.

And Jessie? You’re just going to have to continue being second place to me.

Jessie: With each year I become wiser and more experienced when I step in the ring. In SHIMMER I have faced such talented and experienced wrestlers as Hamada, Melissa, SDR, Tomoka Nakagawa and you, Madison, and I have shown that I have the heart and the determination to belong at the top. I want to become better every year.

And there’s no doubt Nicole, you’ve had big victories, including over me, but I won’t let you take this spot easily. I have a lot to prove and I’m willing to fight for it!

In closing, whomever wins the title on September 3rd, who do you think is deserving of a title match at the October 1st and 2nd SHIMMER tapings in Berwyn, IL? Any thoughts on Cheerleader Melissa?

Jessie: I’ll bring the title to Berwyn with the same honor and integrity that past champions and contenders have fought with, and would be more than willing to give anyone a match – I have faced Cheerleader Melissa once before and that was a true test. There is no doubt she deserves an opportunity. Likewise with Ayako Hamada, Sara Del Rey and Mercedes Martinez. Nicole and Madison would be deserving too, and I would gladly give either of you a rematch so that I could prove to everyone again that I deserve the SHIMMER title!

Nicole: Of course, I think Portia Perez is most deserving, with Serena screwing her recently and all. Madison, I also think you would deserve a rematch, and Sara Del Rey would deserve a long, overdue shot.

How many shots has Cheerleader Melissa gotten? Isn’t it time to give it up already? She wouldn’t be high on my priority list.  And Jessie, if you got another rematch after losing twice, I would call shenanigans!

Eagles: You know what? No one deserves a title shot from me. I have given title shots to almost every top competitor in SHIMMER and they are soon going to have to start dragging the undercard competitors up to have title shots, only to have them roundhouse kicked all the way down the ladder again. I’m the champ, and everybody loves ME! SERIOUSLY!

Learn more about these women by following them on Twitter: Madison Eagles (@SeriouslyEagles), Jessie McKay (@xxjessiemckayxx), and Nicole Matthews (@nmatthewsninja). Visit PWWA’s Facebook Page and check the preview video for the upcoming show below:


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  1. Really enjoyed this interview, and great hype for the upcoming match. Great work 🙂


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