AIW: Girl’s Night Out 4

Last night AIW put on its fourth show to feature its womens’ division, Girl’s Night Out 4. The card featured an interesting mix of both male and female talent though, and was to be highlighted by Roxie Cotton‘s retirement and a first blood grudge match for the title between Angel Dust and the most controversial women in wrestling, Jessicka Havok. Here’s how it went down.


To start, Chest Flexor and associates, including Jessicka Havok and Allysin Kay, held up the opening of the doors by an hour and a half as they refused to allow fans in until they made their grand entrance in a limo. This was pretty successful in pissing fans off before the show even started. Equally angry Johnny Gargano couldn’t wait for his pre-show match with Flexor and bum rushed him. It was eventually broken up and everyone was finally let in out of the heat.

A. Eric Ryan defeated Kobald and Facade with a Koji Clutch submission on Facade – Since there only seemed to be two guys in the ring at any given time, this resembled more of an round robin gauntlet of some sort more than a triple threat, but that wasn’t a bad thing. The match was fun and all three guys showed off their high flying abilities.

B. Ricky Shane Page defeated Mad Man Pondo – Stop sign assisted Rolling Elbow – Pondo came out and asked for a No DQ match, because he’s Mad Man Pondo. RSP said he wanted to wrestle Pondo, not just hardcore brawlerize with him. Compromised and decided to start out wrestling then maim each other. There were wristlocks. Then chops. Then stop signs. Then light tube. It may have been a bit extreme for what was technically a Pre-Show match, but enjoyable nonetheless.

C. Bobby Beverly defeated Gregory Iron with a low blow – Gregory Iron came out and addressed his recent bout of internet fame, due to being given some love by Colt Cabana and former ROH champion CM Punk. He said that it was one of the best moments of his life. He laid out an open challenge which was answered by the familiar riff’s of Living Color’s Cult of Personality….which eventually gave way to Ludacris’ “What’s Your Fantasy.” Bobby Beverly came out with taped hands marked with X’s, for some reason. He said he was sick of hearing about Greg’s story and was going to put him out of wrestling. He had help. Evil, sparkly ref Dave Dawson cut Greg off every time he got any momentum, and allowed goons from Flexor’s crew to beat on Greg interminably on the outside. After stealing the win, Beverly moved to make good on his promise to end young Gregory’s inspiring journey, but Johnny Gargano made the save which led to….

D. Johnny Gargano defeated Chest Flexor by Referee Stoppage – Less a match and more Gargano just destroying Flexor. Again, the cronies tried to interfere but Tim Donst o/ made a surprise appearance and ran them off. That left Gargano alone with Flexor. Gargano tied him up in the ropes and delivered three brutal superkicks, just killing him. Johnny wasn’t satisfied. He took him outside, beat him bloody, them buried him with chair after chair after chair until he there was just a big pile of blood, meat, and chairs on the floor. Gargano walked to the back before the ref even called for the stop. He knew it was over.

Main Show

1. Mena Libra defeated K.C. with a loaded foot brace – Mena Libra, still sporting a boot from the foot she broke in AIW 2 months ago, moved a bit slower than she did in her great matches at the last SHIMMER show. Her running hip attacks were still quite impactful and the massive, probably solid steel, brace did have its advantages. Early on K.C. performed a drop toe hold, and Mena collapsed in ‘pain’ suggesting she had re-aggravated her injury.. The inexperienced K.C. fell for Mena’s ruse and stayed on defense until she eventually ate a face full of that boot for the loss.

2. Cherry Bomb defeated Veda Scott with a dropkick into the pole – This was really good. Cherry Bomb is a completely different wrestler than a few years ago when she appeared at SHIMMER. Veda absolutely held her own; her talent (and arrogance) far surpassing her experience. Veda survived the Cattle Mutilation and the Sliding D, but getting drop kicked head first into the ring pole proved to be enough to take down the rookie, or anyone really.

3. Allysin Kay (w/ Jessicka Havok) defeated Mickie Knuckles (w/ Andrea) via Roll up – Team Be Jealous came out together talking their usual trash. Mickie tried to counter the impending double-team shenanigans by bringing 6’6” Andrea into her corner. Havok said she would, “literally break that bitch in half” but got rid of Andrea sans violence, by planting brass knuckles in her corner leading the ref to eject her.

Once things got started Allysin surprisingly managed to dominate most of the match, keeping Knuckles grounded with multiple variations of the headlock. She teased a superkick, bam, headlock. Kay motions for a spinal tap, pow, headlock. “Wrestling 101 with Allysin Kay,” was effective, and garnered “This is Wrestling”chants from the crowd. Eventually Mickie escaped the highly effective hold  and almost finished Kay off. However, Havok had her buddies back and helped Kay score a cheap victory.

4. Sara Del Rey defeated Sassy Stephie with the Royal Butterfly Suplex – Stephie made a surprise appearance on AIW, a promotion most thought she’d never step foot in. She said that she ruled Ohio and that she took Super Oprah, Sara’s original opponent, to make sure AIW had no choice but to bring her in and face Sara Del Rey. Instead of appreciating Stephie’s initiative, Sara kicked the shit out of her. At one point Del Rey even took move requests, though she lazily waved off my suggestion of a Mima Shimoda tribute Tiger Suplex. Stephie eventually gained the advantage, dropping Sara with knees, and a sweet face- into a Muta-lock combo. But a rolling heel kick and Royal Butterfly and Stephie was done for. Great match, one I hope to see again in the future.

5. Portia Perez defeated Roxie Cotton with a Superkick – Roxie came out and explained that, while she would honor some future booking commitments she had, she wanted fans to think of this her last match since she had handpicked Portia and always wanted to wrestle her. Portia Perez, massive jerk that she is, seemed to somewhat take this to heart and was only semi-dickish most of the match. Roxie was her usual fun loving self for a while, but it eventually became a intense, hard hitting contest. A near finish came with Roxie reversed Portia’s ninja choke directly into an arm-in crossface. Portia made it to the ropes and shortly after ended the match, and Roxie’s career, with a superkick.

Post-Match, in a rare moment of humanity, congratulated Roxie and raised her had as the crowd chanted their appreciation for her career. An emotional Roxie then got on the mic and talked about why this was her last match, about how her family doesn’t come to her shows, about how she has problems getting booked places due to her name, and how she actually wasn’t retiring from wrestling, just dropping the Roxie Cotton name and all the happy cutesy stuff the fans loved and going back to being Gabby Gilbert! She then attacked Portia (!) and choked her out with a crossface. Very shocking moment, and probably the last time we will ever see Perez be even a little bit nice to anyone.

6. AIW Women’s Title – First Blood Match – Jessicka Havok (c) defeated Angel Dust – Incredible match, certainly the best of the night. Pictures don’t effectively capture the size disparity between Angel Dust and Jessicka. Havok towered over Angel and effortlessly carried her around the arena. Angel Dust responded with speed and hitting back really, really hard. At one point Havok took the time to grab the belt and pose proclaiming “I’m your fucking Champ,”…just before Angel recovered and sent J. Hav into the guard rail at about 100 miles per hour. It spilled onto the floor, where Jessicka dumped trash on Angel saying, “that’s what you are.” Harsh.

When it made it back to the ring they pulled out a yellow chair (nods to Mima Shimoda) and tried to bust each other open with chair assisted face stomps. Brutal, brutal stuff but neither bled. The end came when Allysin Kay came out and smeared ketchup on Angel’s face. The easily distracted Dave Dawson didn’t see the run in, only the ‘blood,’ and called the match of Havok.

Everything, but the end, of the fight was frighteningly beautiful and brutal. Havok showed why she is the angriest, biggest, baddest bitch in all of wrestling. Angel Dust showed, in spite of her size, she will take it to anyone and that she deserves at least one more chance to regain the AIW women’s championship. The only problem was….

7. AIW Women’s Title – Mickie Knuckles defeated Jessicka Havok (c) with a Wrist Clutch Blue Thunder Driver – Mickie came out and stated she had a contract that allowed her to face Havok for the title anytime she wanted, as long as Havok agreed. Jessicka, feeling she had the ref in her pocket, took the match in spite of just going through a war. This was a huge mistake, as Mickie called guys in to call Dawson out and bring in an impartial ref. After that, Havok was easy pickings. Some elbows, a tackle, and a Mickie wrist clutch powerbomb was all it took to crown a new champ. It didn’t seem very honorable of Mickie to go after Havok after she had already had one title match that night, and she also robbed Angel Dust of having another chance to get her title back. Still, the crowd enjoyed seeing Mickie take the gold.

And that was Girl’s Night Out! A fun show with several very enjoyable matches. See you all at CHIKARA tonight!

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