Spotlight: Eddie Edwards

Today we bring you a post by someone new to DDS. Amanda is the creator of Wrestling For Everyone a site that covers, well, everything in wrestling. What caught my eye were her excellent profile pieces on wrestlers like Davey Richards, Masato Yoshino, and AJ Styles. Here’s one she did on no former ROH Champion Eddie Edwards. I hope you enjoy the matches, and her unique and enthusiastic way of talking about them – Leslie, Ed.

Since my last spotlight was for Davey Richards, and they had an epic title match at ROH: Best in the World, I thought I’d do the other half of the American Wolves, Eddie Edwards.


Gonna start out with Eddie’s first ROH appearance back in 2006, where he faces Austin Aries and has really bad hair.

Of course he gets owned by Aries, but manages to hold his own for nearly eight minutes. While there’s nothing in this match that inherently screams “Future ROH world champ!” I think it’s an excellent debut. Eddie, while not showing off any particularly unique moves, does a lot of other moves very nicely, like a perfectly lovely enziguiri at 2:45 in and a pretty epic missile dropkick off the top rope at 6:20.

In direct and almost startling contrast to his debut match, I bring to you a match from earlier this year. Eddie Edwards vs. Kotaro Suzuki in Pro-Wrestling NOAH, the joy and wonder that is Japanese wrestling.


The match itself doesn’t even start until roughly four and a half minutes, but when it does, oh my goodness. Almost right out the gate, Eddie flies out with two huge, fabulous hip tosses, followed by an equally huge and fabulous dropkick. Suzuki manages to control the pace for a while until Eddie comes back in at 10:30 by bombing Suzuki on the apron and almost breaking the guy’s shoulder.

16:20 has Suzuki busting out the craziest-looking submission move I’ve ever seen and has Eddie firmly held, at least until he stumbles over and falls onto the ropes. Hold on to your butts at 17:20, for another one of those “I don’t even know what that was but holy crap that’s awesome!” moments, when both dudes go backflipping over the ropes onto the floor. And Suzuki almost breaks his shoulder. Again. Dude better watch out. Suzuki ends up on the other side of the barrier (and the fans are so respectful; they sedately move out of the way instead of groping on him like American fans would) so Eddie can backflip off the ropes onto him. Stay tuned for a huge missile dropkick, also from Eddie, and a beautiful kip-up at the twenty minute mark.

Suzuki makes a suicide dive between the ropes at 23:50 seem pretty tame, considering that roughly a minute later, Eddie turns what’s about to be a facebuster on the apron into another one of those I-don’t-even-know-what-that-was-but-holy-shit onto the floor. Where Suzuki almost breaks his shoulder, for a record-breaking third time in twenty minutes. 27:30 brings us something markedly similar in the “Holy shit, what did I just see?!” moveset, except from the top rope into the ring.

After a series of near-falls in a set of moves which, sorry to say, evoked quite a few giggles, all laughter was temporarily halted at 31:10 during which Eddie goes into a glorious, heart-stopping bridge/pin. Suzuki throws a series of forearms and elbows, ending in a giant powerbomb which sadly puts Eddie down for the count, so to speak, at just before 34 minutes even. If I could sum this match up in two words, which clearly I can’t, those two words would be Holy. Shit. I know it looks like a huge video, 45 minutes long, but the match itself is only a half hour and I absolutely promise you it’s worth your time.


Here is The American Wolves and Chris Hero vs. Kevin Steen, El Generico and KENTA. It took me a while to find a Wolves match that I didn’t already use when I spotlighted Davey. Eddie’s contribution starts with part three, elsewhere he is either sparingly tagged in or getting his ass beat when he is. But check out part one for Kevin Steen and Chris Hero, and part two for KENTA cleaning house.

Feel free to awe at El Generico’s suicide flip off the rope onto Davey and Chris at ringside mere seconds in. Eddie finally gets his bearings in this match when KENTA’s got him on his shoulders and he counters into a hurricanrana at :47 followed almost immediately by a jaw-dropping what-the-hell-was-that flying kick thing. He tags Chris in at 1:00 to allow ourselves to get our breath back. After this, Eddie is seen mostly doing sneaky things at ringside, like throwing Kevin Steen into the barrier or breaking up a pin, at least until 7:45 when he is unceremoniously dropped on his face by El Generico. Ouch.

One last video, a brief one, if you’ll permit me.


Eddie winning the ROH title from Roddy Strong back in March, ensuing celebration, and hug from Davey.

I hope you enjoyed this look at Eddie Edwards as much as I enjoyed making this post.


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