Kikutaro: The Dirty Dirty Sheets Interview

Hello everyone, Pumi here. I am a puroresu commentator in Thailand. My English is not good but I did my best to write this. This Is my second article in English and it’s an exclusive for DDS. Last Friday I had a chance to meet Kikutaro, the most famous comedy wrestler in the world. This Interview was for my channel Sports Plus in Thailand, so, some questions are related to it. Again I have to says thanks to my friends at DDS who helped me edit this interview and my previous Manami Toyota article. This is an interesting interview, the first one in English with Kikutaro. I hope you enjoy!

by Pumi for Sports Plus

Sports Plus: Hey, wake up! Sawasdee krub! [“Hello” in Thai]

Kikutaro:  Sawasdee krub!

SP: How are you today?

K: I’m good. This is my second time here!

SP: We hope you enjoy our country! So, let’s begin our interview. Who is your favorite American wrestler?

K: Mick Foley and Ric Flair. Ric Flair because he is a what a pro wrestler should be. He’s wonderful. His mic skills and his moves are so awesome, especially the Figure Four Leg Lock.

SP: So, who’s your favorite wrestler in Japan?

K: Wait! I want to talk about Mick Foley too!

SP: Sorry! Why do you like Mick Foley?-

K: Mick Foley is younger than me, and he wrestled against me many times as Cactus Jack, in IWA-Japan about 15 years ago. He is a great wrestler.

SP: Okay then, who’s your favorite Japanese wrestler?

K: [Atsushi] Onita, absolutely! I respect him so much. Nothing to say, except he’s the greatest of all time. I always watch my old FMW tapes. [Kikutaro was a hard-core wrestler in FMW and similar promotions before moving to comedy.]

SP: What do you think about Thailand?

K: I love this place. I think Thailand and Japan are not very different. For me, America is too dangerous, so I want to come here again. Inexpensive goods, huge shopping malls, smiling people, it’s great. The only bad thing in Thailand are the traffic jams, just like in Tokyo.

SP: Do you know that you have many fans in Thailand that really love you?

K: Really!? I’m very happy. I want to wrestle in Thailand very soon!

SP: Let’s talk about your famous match with Kana. We could see you were very happy after it.

K: Oh, yes, she has very big boobs! If it was not a wrestling match, I think I’d be going to jail. But it was wrestling match, so all I did in the ring was an ‘accident.’ Haha!

SP: Because you are a comedy wrestler, this means you can’t win any major title such as the IWGP title. Do you have a desire to win titles like that? Your comedy makes your fans happy, but we want to know how you feel about this.

K: Great question. I have to say, ‘No.’ I’ve been living in this business for more than 20 years and I’ve seen that everybody wants to be at the top, but I feel differently. I never wanted to challenge those at the top. I spent my whole life looking around [for my own place in wrestling]. Then, I found small room, and this room is so beautiful. You know, when people are trying to be on the top, they’re full of bad feelings, and you can’t see any smiles on their faces. So, I chose a different way with my friend, Kuishinbo Kamen. We wrestled only two matches together in the beginning. We made people laugh and gained many fans. Before Kamen and I debuted a lot of people thought wrestling was just all violence, but once when we came in, wrestling was not the same. We did our best to make people laugh. We wanted them to feel good after the match. This is what I care about most.

SP: You wrestle in both men’s and women’s company. Which company is impressing you?

K: Ice Ribbon. I wrestled in their big show this past May. Ice Ribbon is very small and has a very short history. The wrestlers are very young but have great potential. I think they have a good future ahead of them. Ice Ribbon is also a good example for how to use the internet in wrestling. They have an internet show (19 o’clock on uStream), and can gain viewers not only from Japan but from around the world.

SP: This is the most important question. Do you want to say anything about our channel’s puroresu commentator,  Pumi?

K: Yes! He always says, “Makoto, Makoto, Makoto,” when talking to me! If Ice Ribbon comes to Thailand, please bring more than 100 bodyguards with Makoto, because Pumi is too dangerous!

SP: Do you want to wrestle full-time in America? In TNA ? [Editor’s Note: Sports Plus is the official broadcaster of TNA in Thailand]

K: In America? I really want to meet Ric Flair and see my good friend Mick Foley. I wrestled for TNA in the 2004 X Cup. It was very good, but I have many fans in Japan now. I love them, so I can’t move. The most important thing is I don’t want to change my lifestyle. America has different foods, weather, and different wrestling. Japan is better for me.

SP: Do you have something to say to your fans?

K: Hmm… if you have a chance to go to Japan, please come and see my matches! I put my life into every match. I believe if everyone smiles, there will be no war. So, my matches different from what you see in other places, TV, internet, etc. My matches are better than football, Muay Thai, better than your life! [Laughs] I am EXCELLENT! If you want to see pro wrestling, see me!

To learn more about Kikutaro, follow his English account on Twitter (@Kikutarosan). Also, check out his hilarious match against Kana below:




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  1. haha ! He’s awesome !


  2. Kikutaro’s older than Foley?


  3. im the interviewer and His English is not good.I think he means he has more experience than foley in IWA 🙂


  4. That makes sense then. Thank you for following up, great interview by the way!


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