This is massive. Chris, Greg, and Ayzali took an incredible amount of pictures of CHIKARA this weekend. Nearly 360, covering every angle of CHIKARA’s return to Chicago as well as their appearance the next night near Detroit. Chris also provided a  write-up of the Chi-Town show. Enjoy these shots and share with your fellow CHIKArmy members!

CHIKARA: The Case of the Bullet-Proof Waldo – 6/24/2011 Chicago, IL.

1. The Batiri: Obaryion, Kodama, and Kobold def. The Throwbacks: Sugar Dunkerton, Dasher Hatfield, and Matt Classic with a Blockbuster – A back and forth match until a miscommunication between Classic and Dasher led to Kodama pinning Classic.

2. Ophidian def. Isaiahs Velasquez with the Cobra Clutch – A fine match which saw Ophidian gain the win by blocking a superkick with astonishing skill and locking on a bridging Cobra Clutch for the submission win.

3. FIST: Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano def. The Colony: Solider Ant and Green Ant with the Hertz Donut – An excellent match that capped off with some hard-hitting double team action by FIST and Gargano’s Hertz Donut for the pin on Solider Ant.

4. Young Lions Cup holder Frightmare def. Hieracon with a rollup in a Non-Title Match – Hieracon came close, but Frightmare survived a crossface and Lightning Spiral and secured the pin.

5. 12 Large Summit: Sara Del Rey def. Icarus with Jackknife Pin – Icarus clearly wasn’t taking Del Rey seriously at first, but she quickly took control and kicked him all over the venue. Icarus gained control and nearly took the win, but the Queen reversed a Pedigree attempt into a jackknife pin to nab 2 points toward a title shot. The crowd was firmly behind Sara the whole match, which shows how vile Icarus must truly be if a member of the BDK is given a hero’s welcome.

6. 12 Large Summit: Claudio Castagnoli def. Hallowicked via Illegal Pin – Claudio Castagnoli used his power and mat skills to keep his opponent grounded for much of the match. Hallowicked showed some signs of life, but fell to Claudio after the Very Eurocheatin’ BDK leader illegally put his feet on the ropes to obtain the win.

7. 12 Large Summit: Ultramantis Black def. Fire Ant with a Praying Mantis Bomb – An incredible match which saw quite a few hard hits, devastating moves, and unbelievable near falls. Ultramantis finally managed to score a pinfall after the Praying Mantis.

8. Eddie Kingston def. Colt Cabana with Backfist to the Future – Colt started this match playing games with Eddie, much to the crowd’s delight. Eventually, things got serious and the two wrestlers went back and forth until a surprise backfist from Kingston knocked Colt silly for the win.

9. Main Event: Da Soul Touchas: Marshe Rockett, Acid Jaz, and Willie Richardson def. the BDK: Tursas, Tim Donst, and Jakob Hammermeier via Guillotine Leg Drop – The match started out with all wrestlers fighting on the floor. When it got into the ring the BDK kept Willie Richardson isolated. Eventually, the tides turned and after some wild segments a wild match, which saw interference from other BDK members and the return of Da Soul Touchaz’ manager, C. Red, the big man Richardson flew off the top rope with a guillotine leg drop on Jakob for the pin.

This was CHIKARA’s second show in the Chicago area (the first one being all the way back in 2008) and they definitely delivered an excellent show to the Windy City. The matches were all quality, the crowd was rowdy, and the athletes of CHIKARA just overall made for a very fun professional wrestling event. Enough tickets were sold to force standing-room only for late-arriving fans, which hopefully means CHIKARA will find their way back here much sooner than three years from now. I, for one, can’t wait for the return.

[nggallery id=44]


And from the other side of the ring, giving you a 360 degree view of the action, here’s Greg’s gallery:

[nggallery id=45]


CHIKARA: A Demon in his Pocket – 6/25/2011 Taylor, MI

1. o Gregory Iron (8:07 ~ O’Connor Roll) Icarus x

2. o Gavin Quinn {W} & Tommy Treznik & Ded Vaughn  (10:19 ~ Superkick) Cameron Skyy {L} & Bryce Benjamin & Joey Marx x

3. x Hieracon (7:06 ~ STF) Vin Gerard o

4. o Dasher Hatfield {W} & Sugar Dunkerton (13:24 ~ Grand Slam) Jakob Hammermeier {L} & Tim Donst x

5. x Hallowicked & Frightmare {L} (11:44 ~ Omega Driver) Chuck Taylor {W} & Johnny Gargano o

6. 12 Large: Summit: o Mike Quackenbush (17:31 ~ Super Black Tornado Slam) Ophidian x

7. 12 Large: Summit: o Eddie Kingston (11:56 ~ “Backfist to the Future”) UltraMantis Black x

8. o Fire Ant & Soldier Ant & Green Ant {W} (26:08 ~ Texas Cloverleaf)  Claudio Castagnoli {L} & Tursas & Sara Del Rey x

[nggallery id=46]


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