ACW 3rd Annual American Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament

Just before the 3rd Annual American Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament, Anarchy Championship Wrestling put out T-Shirts that boldly claimed their women’s division possessed the “Best Women’s Wrestling on the Planet.” Having seen every company with a claim to that title live, we think ACW has every right to make that statement. That goes double especially after last night. Once again, ACW topped its previous efforts and put on what fans and wrestlers seemed to agree was hands their best Queen of Queens tournament. There was not a single bad match on the show, with several that were just phenomenal and multiple people having the best matches of their entire careers. If you’re a fan of wrestling this is a show you must buy on DVD when it is released.


A. Gary Jay, ○ Evan Gelistico, and Berry Breeze defeated × Slim Sexy , Rico Rodriguez, Chingo Del Santo  with the St. Louis Stretch submission – Athena came out with The SS, but had to be carried to the back as she was all too excited to see Chingo whom she believes is Edward, a werewolf from the sparkle vampire movie series she loves. The Suicide Squad seemed entirely disinterested in teaming with Berry, which is understandable since for all their dickish ways the Squad knows the value of friendship (Berry previously betrayed all his friends in the now defunct “Smurf Nation” which Chingo was a member of). The dysfunction didn’t affect the outcome, as Squad did their thing, won the match, then tossed Berry out of the ring for fun.

B. Mat Fitchett defeated Khris Wolfe, Highroller Hayze, Matthew Palmer, Pierre Abernathy, and J.C. Bravo – A fast-paced and very entertaining match. Khris Wolfe utilized some King’s Road Beast Mode before falling to Matthew Palmer (who came out in MASADA garb, a nod to his quest to defeat the Death Match monster). Palmer then took out three people, including himself, leaving highflyers Fitchett and Bravo to do their thing before Mr. “Flippy” took it with a brainbuster onto the knees.This was listed as an Anarchy Televised match, so you’ll be able to watch it on ACW’s youtube channel. Make sure to do that, because it’s unskippable.

Main Show

Portia Perez is a horrible person. This is news to no one I’m sure, but it needs to be stated again. ACW management made the mistake of attempting to do a nice, formal, Joshi-style competitor introduction before the matches started. Portia used this opportunity to blast Lillie Mae in the face with a wrench, re-breaking her nose which had previously been injured by J.T. Lamotta. Serena had to be dragged to the back to keep her from ripping Portia in half right then and there, which led to our first tournament match:

1. ○ Portia Perez def. × Mia Yim defeated via Arm/Choke submission – This match may or may not have been a part of New Japan’s BOSJ Tournament as well. Mia certainly brought that style to this fight and forced Portia to change the programming on her neural combat computer to Jr. Puroresu mode. It worked. After surviving a few penalty kicks, an Hayato Rush and a couple of close K.I.D. choke scares, Portia was able to get the win with an arm-trapped choke, after hitting Mia in the stomach with a wrench. The crowd was very into Mia from beginning to end though and proved a very worthy selection for the tournament.

2. ○ Rachel Summerlyn defeated × Christian Von Eerie with a Gory Bomb – Total insanity. While Rachel and Christina started off with friendly chest bump, things quickly devolved into a vicious, nasty brawl. CVE fulfilled her role of the “Big Bad” of this tournament, taking Summerlyn to her breaking limits from the start and forcing the chosen one to display her most brutal side in the very first round. At one point the they just sat in two chairs in the ring and took turns punching each other in the face. Minutes later, they were shaking hands after Rachel had advanced; a sign of mutual respect that the audience enjoyed. As with Mia, CVE drew a rabid reaction from the ACW faithful, and would surely be welcome back.

3. ○ Athena def. × Amber Blue with a Top Rope Double Knee Attack – You know that ill-advised photo-op that started the show that lead to Lillie Mae being attacked by Portia? Well, Lillie was unable to compete and it just so happened that Angel Blue, the new favorite Joshi of a certain member of the ACW Office, took her place. I’m not saying it was planned to go down that way, but Darin Childs’ claim that all the blame lies completely on Portia was less than convincing. Anyway, this was yet another really good match. Angel Blue was in the first QoQ tournament and has come quite far, but not far enough to take out Athena who is one of the hottest prospects in wrestling now.

4. ○ Amanda Fox (w/ Highroller Hayze) defeated × Serena Deeb with a roll up – There was lots of hatred, anger, and intensity in this match, and much of it coming from wrestling’s sweetheart, Serena Deeb. Amanda had claimed for months that she was “Serena Deeb’s Worst Nightmare,” and decided to drive the point home by spitting in her face to open the contest. After that, it was an all out war on every level of the battlefield. Fox tried several times to achieving a Danielson like stoppage by locking Deeb into holds and repeatedly striking her. Serena countered with her spirit, speed, and an unbelievable spear off the apron. Amanda probably could have taken this one fair and square but chose to use a shortcut (Highroller Haze) and sully what was the best match of the night and her career for the pinfall. Oh well. Deeb promised to return to ACW and show Amanda what a “Nightmare” really is, I can’t wait.

5. ○ Lady Poison (w/ Daffney)  defeated × J.T. Lamotta with a Poison Kiss – One of the original ACW American Joshi, Daffney, made her return after far too long an absence to call out J.T. Lamotta. If you’ve followed ACW here, you know all the heinous, misogynistic garbage the “Mind of Wrestling” has directed at the AmJoshis of ACW. Daffney’s been following it too and decided it was time to end Lamotta once and for all (via Zombie Queen). For all his faults, Lamotta really is a hell of a wrestler and legitimately seemed to have the better of Poison for much of the match…but Lady Poison kept coming, and coming until Lamotta was reduced to near lifeless heap. Like an ancient, unstoppable curse, Lady Poison showed Lamotta that are lines you should never cross: disrespecting the Queens of Anarchy is definitely one of them.

6. ○ Rachel Summerlyn  defeated × Portia Perez (w/ “Super Electro”) with a Texas Cloverleaf – The past finally caught up with Portia. For years Perez has made it her goal to ruin Rachel Summerlyn’s life and force her out of professional wrestling. In doing so, she only managed to make Rachel more driven and determined. In this match Portia had to face Rachel at her absolute best, and the result was an epic confrontation that forced Portia to prove her claims that she’s the best wrestler in the world. One amazing moment involved Rachel attempting a Lionsault, only for P2 to move and Rachel somehow saw that in time to land on her feet!

The stunning athleticism of Summerlyn was not the most shocking moment of the night, however. Robert Evans, current breakout star in Ring of Honor and CHIKARA and former ACW champion, revealed himself to be under the Super Electro mask and attacked Portia, preventing her from using the wrench to steal a win. This was a payback months in the making, as Portia break Evans heart, his jaw, and stole his robot. Evans promised months ago that he’d get revenge on Portia, [1. You can watch this chilling video here to see Robert’s promise of revenge.] and had not been seen in ACW since. It was an amazing, unforgettable moment capped off by Portia having to submit to Rachel. Again, the match was simply epic.

7. ○ Athena defeated × Amanda Fox (w/ Highroller Hayze) with a Kimura Lock submission – Two wrestlers known for their shenaniganry have the first pure wrestling match of the tournament. It just as good as you’d expect from both women, and Fox continued make me think about how good ‘”American Dragon” Amanda Fox’ sounds when you say it out loud. The highlight was perhaps Athena using a Rampage Bomb counter to a triangle choke, no small feat for someone the size of Athena.

8. ACW Heavyweight Title Match – Davey Vega (c) (w/ Gary Jay and Evangelistico) defeated × Darin Childs (w/ Khris Wolfe and Angel Blue) with an Air Raid Crash to retain – Darin may be in the best physical shape of his career, and constantly improving, but his gameplans may need a little work. His decision to bumrush Davey Vega during his entrance seemed like a great plan early, but he should have used the Children of Pain to get the job finished before the rest of the Suicide had a chance to come out and level the playing field. Another really good brawl that left much of the ringside seating area cleared for the duration. Vega makes a really great champion for ACW.

9. ○ The Don’t Give a Fuck Army (A.C.H., Scot Summers, andMASADA) defeated The Takeover (× Jaykus Plisken, Miss Maulie, Draven, James Claxton, Franco D’Angelo) with a Powerbomb – These big multi-person matches are something that ACW’s stars do better than most. It was a lengthy war of attrition which saw everyone involved, yes even Miss Maulie, put in their best stuff to try and secure the victory for their time. Scot Summers got the crowd in the mood for brutality by coming out to “Natural Born Killaz” but everyone involved more or less kept things clean. ACH downloaded some new DLC content and busted out some crazy wall that you’ll probably have to watch twice on the DVD to wrap your head around. DGF scored a surprising win in this handicap match after ACH and Summers took themselves out in order to even the odds, leaving MASADA, still bearing the scars of the previous nights CZW show, alone with Plisken the bring it to an end. It was very satisfying to see someone finally bring The Takeover down a peg, but I somehow doubt it’ll last.

10. American Joshi Queen of Queens Final: ○ Rachel Summerlyn defeated × Athena via Texas Cloverleaf submission – After losing the 10,000 Thumbtacks match to Athena, and being betrayed by her as she tried to respresent the Joshi Division against J.T. Lamotta, Rachel met exactly the person she wanted in the finals. With Portia Perez dispatched Rachel had the opportunity to remove the other major thorn in her side on the same night. It was not a remotely easy task, as a fresher Athena was able to exploit the fact that Summerlyn had already been in two knock-down, drag-outs that night. The women repeated the violence of their previous enounters, sending each other onto the floor of Hooligan’s with sickening thud after sickening thud. Rachel proved to be the better women this night, after driving Athena into the floor with a Gory Bomb and forcing her to tap away the title of “Queen of Queens.”

The crowd was elated to see Summerlyn finally capturing the QoQ trophy after three previous attempts. It was all the more emotional considering how she had to beat a beastly new comer and her two greatest foes in order to win the tournament. Jessica James made her first appearance of the night to congratulate Rachel before our Queen of Queens delivered a tearful, emotional speech thanking everyone who supports her and ACW. An amazing finish to an amazing night.

Again, this was the best Queen of Queens tournament so far. All wrestling fans owe it to themselves to purchase this DVD when it is released. The crew at ACW have a true love for the sport of professional wrestling and it is apparently in every show they put on, but this one was truly special. Enjoy the rest of the pictures, and look for even more at some time soon. Oh, and buy Athena’s new, cool, Team Athena shirt!

Oh, and check out this video with a very dejected, former QoQ winner Portia Perez.


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  1. I’d always like your pictures better, Hype. That was an awesome show.




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