Ten Questions with Sara Del Rey

If Sara Del Rey needs to be explained to you, you may be on the wrong website. She is the Best. The Queen. She will undoubtedly go down as one of the Greatest to ever step foot in the ring. Even with 10 years of experience and accolades, Sara is constantly training and watching footage in order to improve herself, and it shows. Aside from her temper and sometimes tentative relationship to the rules, Sara is the best representative  the sport wrestling can hope for, and we are lucky to have her as a part of it. We caught up with Sara just before she begins her campaign to become the first ever CHIKARA singles champion, a crown we hope our Queen will be wearing by the end of the year.

Interview by Sonny

Please tell us who trained you, and how long you have been wrestling professionally.

I started training in 2001 with APW in California under Mike Modest and Donovan Morgan. Shortly into my training Bryan Danielson took over role as head trainer and I would say he has had the most influence on me as a trainer. I would say I have been a professional, as in wrestling has been my main source of income, since 2005.

You’ve said before that the wrestler that most inspired you was Aja Kong. How did she inspire you, and how would Sara Del Rey fare in the ring with Aja Kong today?

I was never really inspired by what I saw the women in America doing. I liked the way the guys wrestled; the more technical holds and harder hitting. so when I started training I didn’t know women out there were doing that. It wasn’t until a few months into my training that I first saw Aja and was just star struck. She was so different from everything I had seen and she had an attitude and style that made her, as a fighter, so legit.

If Sara Del Rey and Aja Kong were to wrestle today it would be the best match ever!

What is a day off like for Sara Del Rey? Do you have any hobbies?

I like to relax, watch TV, cook, go to the gym. I have no other hobbies besides wrestling, it is pretty all-consuming.

You and Chris Hero both walk into your own closets. When you come back out, which of you has the best shot at looking “Very European?”

I do! I think I have more accessories. If it were a t-shirt contest Chris would win hands down but being Very European? I think I got that.

Many fans feel that the BDK is losing it’s stronghold on CHIKARA. Your thoughts?

We purged ourselves of the weak and are only stronger now. When I win the 12 Large Summit, our hold on CHIKARA will not be questioned!

Along with Cheerleader Melissa, you are the only wrestler to have appeared on every SHIMMER volume. You were both just announced for the upcoming tapings in October. What do you think of her quest to win the SHIMMER championship? Does she need to go through you? Or do you feel it’s your right to take the SHIMMER title next?

Good luck to her. I know she’s been trying real hard and always comes up short, that must be rough. I’m currently busy with other goals, so if she gets another crack at the belt before me I’m not worried.

You will be wrestling Icarus in Chicago on June 24th as part of the 12 Large Summit to crown the CHIKARA singles champion. Icarus thinks this will be a walk in the park for him. What do you have to say about this? Are you worried that Icarus’ F.I.S.T. friends Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano may interfere?

It never even crossed my mind that Gargano and Taylor would be in the equation. Unless they want a war, they will not bother me. I want Icarus to think that this match will be easy, so that when I beat him, not only win but BEAT him, it will be that much sweeter.

What are three professional goals for Sara Del Rey?

I only have one and it’s WWE.

Choose a few words to best describe these people:

CM Punk – I’m a huge fan. Makes me look forward to Monday nights.

Chris HeroSo talented! I am honored to be associated with him.

Claudio Castagnoli – Everything every wrestler should want to be.

Kana – Has come a long way. I am really excited for her.

Christina Von Eerie – Complete original, good for women’s wrestling.

Kharma – Gifted, groundbreaking.

In closing, do you have anything that you would like to say to your fans,?

Thank you all for the support and please continue to support the promotions and wrestlers you like. You can follow me on twitter at @TheSaraDelRey. Shop at my store, find links to all the company’s I work with, view my schedule, purchase gifts for me on my wish list, ask me questions on my Formspring and much much more over at SaraDelRey.com!


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