Saturday Morning Wrestling V – June 18th, 2011

In today’s edition of Saturday Morning Wrestling we focus on the wrestlers who have been a part of our recent interview series. The response to our interviews has been tremendous and we again thank all the wrestlers, promoters, and fans for their support in this. If you’ve missed reading any, you can catch up by clicking on the linked names below. And after you’ve read about their passion for wrestling you can see it in action! We invite you to enjoy some great matches in this special late edition of Saturday Morning Wrestling.

NJPW – Kota Ibushi vs Prince Devitt – BOSJ Semi-Final

This is a battle from 2009 featuring the, now, former and current IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champions (the match and title change took place just hours ago in Osaka). It took some time for Ibushi to climb from DDT sensation to top Junior in the world. Here is one of the turning points.


RCW – Mia Yim vs Sara Del Rey

We talked to Mia about her rise in wrestling and this match is possibly the pinnacle of it so far. She goes kick for kick in an intense, brutal match with The Queen of Wrestling, Sara Del Rey. The match is simply outstanding and we cannot recommend it highly enough. Mia will need to bring the same intensity to next Sunday’s ACW American Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament if she’s going to advance in the division that ACW calls the “Best Women’s Wrestling on the Planet.”


WXC C4 – Kellie Skater vs Niya

Here is the rare match where Kellie Skater does not rely on her roo-roids supplements to get things done. She faces Niya, a talented woman who you may have seen in WSU.


OCW – Sassy Stephie vs Jessicka Havok

Our friend Sassy “Strong Black Woman” Stephie has to take on Jessicka “Angry Black Man” Havok. You’ll be seeing both in huge matches on the next WSU iPPV The Uncensored Rumble, and be sure to head over to Diva Dirt for a new audio interview with Stephie.


2CW – Portia Perez vs Sara Del Rey

The two worst people/best wrestlers in the sport square off. While Portia and Sara seem to have an unlimited amount of disgust for everyone else on the planet, they usually manage to get along fine. Their version of “getting along” involves beating each other so badly the ring ends up wrecked.


STHLM – Jenny Sjödin Gauntlet Match

Jenny Sjödin is a badass. She proved it when, as we predicted, she forced Britani Knight to tap away her Pro Wrestling EVE championship. She proves it here as she similarly mangles some poor souls in a gauntlet match for the STHLM promotion in her native Sweden.


NWA Hollywood – Rachel Summerlyn vs Lucky O’Shea

Apparently all the sunshine and rainbows and unicorns Rachel talked about in our interview didn’t make the trip to LA with her, as she shows a bit of a mean streak in her debut for NWA Hollywood against left coast mainstay Lucky O’Shea. The bright lights of the big city have turned more than one good girl bad, though I’m sure she’ll be in a better mood next weekend as she also will be participating in the QoQ tournament.


Pro Wrestling ONSLAUGHT – Lee Kazlow vs ACH – MV

Speaking of ACW, here’s a cool MV of the companies Live-Action Video Game, ACH. The interesting part is that all that cool stuff he does here? He’s already evolved it in the months since. He takes his quest for the crown of “Best in the World” very seriously, although Lee Kazlow doesn’t seem too impressed.


NOAH – Mitsuharu Misawa (c) vs Kenta Kobashi – GHC Heavyweight Title

We’d be remiss if we didn’t highlight a match featuring Kenta Kobashi, as he just announced that he’d be returning to wrestling next month for NOAH. Here he takes on the late, great legend Mitsuharu Misawa, who passed away two years ago this past week. Enjoy this legendary match, one of the greatest of all time.


ROH – Best in the World Promo

Another thing that needs to be highlighted is this incredible video hyping ROH’s next iPPV, Best in the World on Sunday, June 26th. This is how you sell a show. This is how you tell a story. This is what pro wrestling is about.


Strikeforce – Josh Barnett Pro Wrestling Exhibition

And this is how you sell an MMA match. Josh Barnett shows off his puroresu experience before his big Mixed Martial Arts fight tonight. He even tells his opponent, Brett “The Grim” Rogers, what Hard Times is all about. You know, that sounds sort of familiar… [3. Josh is of course channeling Dusty Rhodes’ classic Mid-Atlantic promo.]


SMASH – Serena Deeb, Makoto, Syuri vs Triple Tails (Mio, Io, & Kana)

Finally we finish up with possibly the wrestlers featured in perhaps our two biggest interviews: Kana and Serena Deeb. Here’s the six women tag match that preceded their big singles match in Korakuen Hall. If you’ve been following us, you know what great talents Makoto, Syuri, and the Shirai sisters are. Be sure to check out Makoto next month as she appears for CHIKARA [2. Makoto, Tsukasa Fujimoto, and Shimoda will appear for CHIKARA on July 29th in Reading, PA and July 31st, in Philadelphia.] (along with fellow Ice Ribboner Tsukasa Fujimoto and Joshi legend Mima Shimoda). And, you know, Serena will also be at Queen of Queens. Maybe ACW is onto something here.


Hope you enjoyed the matches and our interviews so far. There are many more to come from the top names in pro wrestling worldwide. Peace out!


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