Ten Questions with Kellie Skater

‘The Rate Tank’ Kellie Skater has amazed audiences with her massive physique, indestructible frame, and indomitable will on four different continents in just the past few months. Sonny caught up with ‘The Colossus of Bacchus Marsh’ (and Chicago, New Jersey, Montreal, and Tokyo), to briefly talk Crush Gals, manga, dance-offs and, yes, roo-roids.

by Sonny

For anyone that doesn’t know, please tell us who trained you, and how long you have been wrestling professionally.

I have trained many places as when I travel anywhere in Australia and overseas, I like to train. My original trainers however were George “Hitman” Julio, Shon “Enforcer” Bester, and Mike Burr.

You’ve said before that you look up to Chigusa Nagayo of Crush Gals fame, what was it about her that has inspired you? What other wrestlers do you admire?

I liked her intensity level, and her feuds with Dump Matsumoto and Lioness Asuka. My favorite wrestler is Akira Hokuto. I look up to her a lot. She was an amazing wrestler with awesome believability and intensity.

It’s no secret that you are a comic book and Japanese manga fan. Besides Wolverine, who are some of your favorite comic characters, and what is your favorite manga?

Storm, followed by Rogue are my favourite cartoon characters. I also enjoy The Frenchman in The Boys. My favourite manga is Kindaichi Case Files. I am really loving One Piece lately as well.

You are known for your “Open Challenges” and entertaining matches in SHIMMER, but you also have a lot of fans that enjoy your color commentary. Do you feel that it comes naturally for you? Have you become a bigger fan of Portia Perez since you often provide commentary on her matches?

I actually found commentary really hard! It was my first time doing commentary and I felt I did a terrible job, but I am glad fans enjoyed! I have always respected and found Portia awesome. Whether it’s wrestling or commentating. She just has the “it” factor.

You are widely recognized [1. Editor’s Note: The legitimacy of Skater’s claim to the SHIMMER Dance-Off Championship is highly debatable.] as the “Official SHIMMER Dance-Off Champion”. What chances do you think that the following dancers would have of beating you, should another afterparty dance-off occur?

Well firstly, 3 of these people are BFF’s. So if anyones got it, they have and I will gladly hand it over.

Bryce Remsburg – BFF member. He’s got some moves! Some may say he got robbed first dance off. [2. The first SHIMMER Dance-off was a hotly contested bout between Allison Danger and Bryce. See video here.]

Allison Danger – She has to attend the afterparty all night and go the extra mile before I view her as a serious threat.

Britani Knight – BFF member. Shes a Brit, she can naturally drink well and dance awesomely. A natural!

Joey Eastman – My favourite announcer! I love him to death, but I’m not sure if he’s going to be able to defeat BFF members!

Madison Eagles – BFF member. Seriously, have you ever seen someone her size so athletic? She’s got a background in dance, and she’s got the dance floor nip up thing covered!

Okay, we have to ask: There have been lots of talk about you and Marsupial Muscular Medication. What do you think of this and what do you think of roo-roids in general? What is in your shaker bottle? The fans have a right to know!

I think it’s due to silly allegations I am dragged into things like this,and all Danger’s fault! Roo-roids are a figment of Allison Danger’s imagination! I am just drug free huge!!! It’s supplements in my shaker! Protein powder!! Usually Jay Robb’s Egg white protein while in USA. Makes a great post match recovery drink too!

You recently made your debut in Japan for the REINA. Could you tell us how you felt when you found out that you were going to Japan and what the experience was like?

I was absolutely stoked and super excited! One of my biggest goals in life was to wrestle in Japan so it was a dream come true. It was an amazing experience. I loved every minute of it. The people there are amazing!!

If you were to list three goals that you have in professional wrestling, what would they be?

Live overseas while wrestling. Wrestle full time. Wrestle in over ten countries.

Choose a few words to best describe these people.

Madison Eagles – Absolutely amazing. Inspiring to Aussie wrestlers.

Serena Deeb – One of the nicest people imaginable. Very talented.

Hiroyo Matsumoto – Happiest person on Earth! Heart of gold.

Tomoka Nakagawa – Party partner! Highly charismatic and fun.

Hailey Hatred – Very fun person. Highly dedicated to what she does also.

Mia Yim – Open and honest person who truly wants to succeed in wrestling. Tons of potential.

In closing, do you have anything that you would like to say to your fans, and at which upcoming shows can they check you out?

Just continue to support women’s wrestling! Whatever country it comes from! PWWA will be having its next show September 3rd and I will be there! Aussie fans come check it out! “Like” us on Facebook under PWWA! Also, Tomoka and I have been announced for NCW: Femmes Fatales on October 8th in Montreal! Should be a great show! Don’t forget as well, SHIMMER tapings are Oct 1st and 2nd! Get your seats while you still can!

Thanks for the questions!

You can learn more about ‘The Rate Tank” Kellie Skater by following her on Twitter (@RateTank) and well as her Facebook. Also check out her Amazon Wish List.


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