ACH: The Dirty Dirty Sheets Interview

ACH stands for Attitude Charisma Heart. Or maybe Athleticism Charm Humor. Or America’s Coloured Hero. Whatever your definition ACH the wrestler represents the level of wrestling talent in Texas and Anarchy Championship Wrestling. His superhuman skill in the ring amazes fans and peers alike while his superhero demeanor gives everyone something to believe in. It’s only a matter of time before his quest to save pro wrestling reaches a promotion near you. We at DDS are proud to present to you an interview with a man we think will soon take his career, and the entire sport, to the next level. The Last Dragon. The Live Action Video Game. Mr. ‘Cobra Kai, Do or Die,’ ACH.

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First things first: You’re athletic enough to try your hand at a number of sports, what made you choose professional wrestling? How did you begin your career?

I got in tons of trouble in middle and high school football. I couldn’t focus; I just didn’t find the excitement in the sport like most people. It felt like I was doing it because someone was making me do it. I tried one last time in high school, and it didn’t work out for me. So in the 10th grade when asked what was I going to do after High School, I told my teacher I would be a pro wrestler! One week after I finished high school, I started training in south Austin with QFC. Three months later I moved to San Antonio to switch up my training, because I felt like I needed to set new goals for myself. By moving from Austin I was on my own for the first time, so I also learned a life lesson as well! Double-Double if you ask me! Ha-ha

While you are usually labeled a ‘high flyer’ you’re also well versed in mat wrestling and striking. How would you describe your style to a fan that’s never seen you?

Fun and Breathtaking!

You do have some amazing moves, things you don’t see anywhere else. How do you come up with them?

I try to wrestle outside the box. I watched some of the best in the world and in Texas to learn from [them]. I set myself apart from everyone; I love video games, so I try to bring that excitement and action to the ring.

Like all members of Cobra Kai, you’re a top flight athlete. What’s a typical day of training like for you?

I’m at the gym for at least 4 hours a day. I workout at a boxing gym on strikes and grappling for at least 3 hours. Oh! And countless hours on Video games!

At the beginning of matches you challenge your opponents to “Test the GLOW.” What exactly is the GLOW ?

It’s my swagger! My Athletic Swagger!

You’re one of the few in ACW who has earned undying, universal fan support.  What do your fans mean to you?


You’ve declared yourself the next “Best in the World.” That must have been some motivation when, in April for St. Louis Anarchy, you faced Davey Richards. What was that match, and huge win, like?

Yup. Why can’t I call myself the best in the world? I work just as hard as they do, ya know? That match was gonna help me start my campaign on B.I.T.W! And the win just proved that I am, and can be, the best in the world!

Another incredible match you had been against ‘Solid Gold’ Gregory Symonds under Last Man Standing rules [1. You can buy the match between ACH and Gregory Symonds on ACW’s Guilty by Association 5 available here from Smart Mark Video.]. He said he’d make you a man, and you promised if you couldn’t beat him you’d forfeit all your titles and start over in wrestling. As if that wasn’t enough, he announced just before the match that it would be his retirement match. The crowd was blown away by both the wrestling and the emotion involved. Can you begin to describe what that was like?

It’s really hard to describe the emotions that were racing through me that night. I cried, I laughed, and I showed anger. Greg pulled the intensity out of me that Biss [ACW commentator and roommate of ACH’s] and Scot Summers had said I needed to show.

ACW vets Scot Summers and Shawn Vexx have taken you under their wing. This is the oddest “My Two Dads” situation imaginable. What have you learned from them?

Scot told me to never ever be nobody’s bitch, and be respectful! Vexx taught me how drink a fourth!

Your next match is against another one of the world’s best in Chris Hero. Tell us your thoughts going into this match and what a victory against such a world-class wrestler would mean.

Watch the elbow! Nah. My thoughts are Best in the World campaign! A victory would put me one step closer to the office of B.I.T.W

In Akira Tozawa [2. You can purchase ACH and Akira Tozawa’s singles battle here at Smart Mark Video.], you had a partner and rival that could match you strike for strike and leap for leap. How did having him in ACW help you grow as a wrestler? Next time you meet, do you hope it’s as a team, or against one another?

It made me step up my game every show. Having him there was like having a 2nd ACH at the show. So I had to switch up my move set every month. Honestly, I would want to face him again. Just to see how much we both have learned.

You lost the U-30 title to Akira Tozawa. Would you like to recapture it or is there other ACW gold you’d like to go after?

Yeah, what ex-champ wouldn’t want his title back? To be honest, I would want the YouTube title for the simple fact that I believe anyone carrying that belt is the face of the company.

You’re not the only Martial Artist in ACW. Portia Perez claims to be a Canadian Ninja. What are your thoughts on her, her in ring ninjitsu skills, and what was it like being Prom King with her as Queen?

Portia skills are dope! But she’s no Last Dragon! I almost pissed my pants when they announced my name [as Prom King]. I didn’t go to my high school prom, and I know I wasn’t in the league of Prom Kings, so winning ACW Prom King was epic! So suck it high school! I still want a re-count on the votes! Don’t get me wrong, Portia is a pretty cool Prom Queen. But I still think *COUGHS* Jessica James should have won!

So, we have to ask, what’s the deal with you Jessica James? You seem to have an on again, off again, on again, off again thing going. Set the record straight. Are ACH and Jessica James an item? If so, do you prefer your power couple to be called JJCH or ACEgg?

Unfortunately, it’s just careless whispers!

Although there’s still one name yet to be announced, which of the women named for Queen of Queens thus far do you feel is the favorite to win?

Athena! I was once told she was the female ACH!

We’ve talked about your respected competition, but a hero is only as strong as his true villains. Which wrestlers make up the ACH rogues gallery?

Gary Jay, Robert Evans, The Takeover, and Darin Childs.

You’re a fan of games, hip hop, animation, and film. What are you playing, watching, and listening to now?

I have been playing a lot of Dragonball Z and comic book based video games lately. I haven’t had enough time to sit down and watch TV but when I do, I mostly watch ESPN. Oh! And my hip hop game is crazy, yo! Jay-z, Kanye West, Wale, J. Cole, Hoodie Allen, Charles Hamilton, Big Sean, and Asher Roth. I could go on but that’s a whole different interview!

What do you consider your greatest match thus far?

My greatest match is always my next one!

What are some other countries and promotions you would like to wrestle in? What wrestlers that you haven’t faced would you like to?

“Showtime” Scot Summers is one wrestler I would love to face! He’s my brother, and I have mad respect for him. [Some places I’d like to work for are] Dragon Gate USA and Japan. Honestly, I just wanna showcase my god given ability! I’m not picky; I just want to wrestle everywhere and anyone!

Finally, you’ve stated it’s your purpose to save pro wrestling. Anyone who’s seen you wrestle knows you can do it, but how are you going to do it? What’s your ultimate goal in the sport?

I’m going to defeat the evil and wicked ways of some wrestlers. Wrestling leaves a bad taste in some people’s mouths, and I’m going to be that fresh breath. My ultimate goal in pro wrestling is to have the respect of all the fans and bring back the respect!

Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans?

Yes, thank all of you for the support! Growing up I would mock artists that would say “I’m me because of all the fans support”. Now I know that it is the fans that make you who you are and I thank you! Please look for me on Facebook under “Albert Hardie” [ACH’s Secret Identity] and follow me on twitter @AcLeroy.

Check out ACH in action here vs Jaykus Plisken in WoW Texas:


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  1. Enjoyed reading about my former wrestling student Mr. ACH! He does live up to my philosophies of this company! “No matter who you are and where you come from in Pro Wrestling, you must always have a dream and believe in yourself in order to Reach for the Stars”. Your doing it, ACH!” “Quest for Champions”/QFC and now “America’s Academy of Pro Wrestling/ AAPW” Head Trainer & Promoter (Austin,Texas)-George de la Isla


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