Ten Questions with Mia Yim

In a very short time, Mia Yim has gone from super rookie to a developing international star. Her memorable appearances in Pro Wrestling Respect, CZW, SHIMMER, and Ring of Honor helped lead to her recent debut tour in Japan for the REINA promotion. She’ll be returning in July and December, and will also be making her first appearance in Texas’ Anarchy Championship Wrestling later this month for the 3rd installment of their lauded American Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament. Sonny was able to catch up with Mia for a few questions about her recent travels, favorite video games, her lawsuit against Homicide, and more.

Photos Courtesy Youji Kawauchi.

For anyone that doesn’t know, please tell us who trained you, and how long you have been wrestling professionally.

I was first trained by John Kermon as a training school in VA. I trained for a year in a half before my first match. I am now currently training at the CZW school and the ROH Training Academy. I have been wrestling professionally for almost two years now.

Did you grow up a fan and if so, who did you look up to? Who do you look up to now?

I did grow up as a fan. I started watching when I was eight years old with my dad and sister. I remember being a big fan of Chyna and Lita because they were different and badass. Currently, I look up to Fujita “Jr.” Hayato and Kana.

We enjoy watching you in Ring of Honor as Princess Mia. However, we were pretty upset that Homicide decided to go crazy against The Embassy, live on iPPV, and physically attacked you. Can you give us a word or two on The Embassy’s lawsuit[1. Hear more about the lawsuit from Barrister R.D. Evans and read the legal brief here at iwantwrestling.com] against him?

Well, Homicide is a psycho! You should already be able to tell that by his damn name. He injured Ernesto, threw a chair at our Barrister, and dared to even put his hands on ME! He thinks he can do whatever he wants, but we refuse to let him get away with touching me. Nana and I are settling this, thanks to the Barrister and his quick actions to charge him.

We’ve seen you in SHIMMER and are excited at the prospects of your return. Can you explain in your own words, what makes SHIMMER weekend such a magical event for wrestlers and fans alike?

SHIMMER is so much fun! It is like a weekend vacation from real life. We get to do what we love in front of people who appreciate real women’s wrestling. We also get to hang out with each other and with you fine people.

It’s no secret that you love video games; which games are your favorites? What are some of your other hobbies?

My favorites right now are Mortal Kombat and Call of Duty: Black Ops. I also really love Left 4 Dead 2. I havent been able to play in a long time though, been too busy! I like to play other sports, like volleyball or tennis. I like to swim and go to the gym on a regular basis. Basically anything active.

You said in the past that wrestling n Japan was a dream of yours, and recently fulfilled it with a successful debut for REINA. Could you tell us how that came about, and how you felt once you were in Japan living that dream?

REINA was so much fun! Thankfully, my good friend Hailey Hatred dropped my name to the company and they sent me an email saying they want to book me. I was shocked, but I give Hailey all the credit in the world for having this opportunity to come. Once I landed, I was still in disbelief. It took me the next day to realize that I am IN JAPAN to WRESTLE! I have reached one of my top goals. I am so excited to go back in July.

In REINA, you were in a high profile tag team match with Aki Kanbayashi vs Manami Toyota and Hailey Hatred. What was it like stepping into the ring with Toyota? What was she like outside of the ring?

It was unbelievable to be looking across the ring at both Toyota and my good friend, Hailey. I have never worked with either of them, and I told myself that I wanted to have at least one match with both before I stop wrestling ([that] won’t be for a while). I have learned so much from both. Toyota is super laid back and chill outside of the ring. Very sweet woman. Gave me good advice, even with the language barrier. She was willing to help. She complimented on my body a lotm hahaha. She is such a doll.

While on tour in Japan did anyone step in as a mentor? What role did Yumiko Hotta play in your day-to-day training?

Hotta trained the younger girls and gave lots of advice whenever we were training to help us be more Japanese style. I want to say that Aki stepped up as a great mentor when she would come to training, maybe two times a week. I want to say the most I learned though, was from Zeuxis of CMLL. Zeuxis and I became really good friends on this trip. She taught me so much Lucha! I am not a flyer, but she brought that out of me. Zeuxis would just take my hand and say, “You learn this,” and demonstrate what she is talking about with Silueta. She took initiative to teaching me everything she knows. She spoke minimal english, I spoke minimal spanish, but we understood each other.

Time for word association, choose a few words to best describe these people:

Prince Nana: My king. He spoils me with everything and anything I want. He knows how to treat a princess.

R.D. Evans: Brilliant! Genius! He knows how to get things done the proper and LEGAL way.

Fujita “Jr”. Hayato: Fantastic worker. I study all of his stuff, and had the privilege of watching him live twice. I just love his style, moveset, everything. He is also easy on the eyes ^.^ I hope to meet him when I go back to Japan

Jamilia Craft: My younger sister. We train together, chill together, take care of each other. She is super sweet and super chill. We can talk about anything. She deserves the best. I know she will go far in her career. And she’s so young!

Serena Deeb: Deeb is so sweet!!! I met her a few times, and each time she was always a sweetheart. Really nice and considerate. She deserves the success she earned. She works very hard.

Kana: One of my idols. I never met her, but I have spoken to her a few times on Twitter and she has always been nice to me. Apparently, we are sisters ^.^ (joke). I love her work. She is a phenomenal wrestler! I hope to wrestle her one day.

In closing, do you have anything that you would like to say to your fans, and at which upcoming shows can they check you out?

I want to thank all my fans for being there for me and supporting me. Without you guys, there would be no me. THANK YOU!!! I will be at ROH July 8 (Richmond, VA) and July 9 (Charlotte, NC). After that, I will be in Japan July 14 until Aug 29 ^.^ Look out for me!

You can also see Mia tonight in CZW and June 26th in San Antonio for ACW’s 3rd Annual American Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament. To learn more about Mia, follow her on twitter (@MiaYim) and visit her website (miayim.com). Also check out her Amazon Wish List and look for her contributions on Diva Dirt (diva-dirt.com).

Also, check out Mia’s first match in Japan against Hiroyo Matsumoto!




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