NCW: Femmes Fatales VI – Results and Photos

NCW Femmes Fatales put on its 6th successful show this past Saturday in Montreal. It was another fantastic night of professional wrestling in the lovely city of Montreal. Here are your detailed results with accompanying photographs:


A. Missy defeated Xandra Bale with a Reverse STO – After premiering some Batman inspired gear last time (Bale, Batman, get it?) Xandra betrayed the DC Universe by coming out with a neat looking Wolverine outfit. It looked great but, unfortunately, Xandra paid for her disloyalty with a loss. The match was fairly even, and, it should be, noted the characteristically mean-spirited Missy was quite popular with the crowd. Here’s hoping Xandra learns from her mistake and sticks with the superior comic company next time (and gets a spot on the main attraction).

Main Show:

The show’s opening video focus on clips of the Femmes Fatales V. As usual with FF, it was very well done. There may not have been better match this year than Ayako Hamada vs LuFisto from that show. Seeing it replayed certainly added to the excitement of the evening.

1. Anna Minoushka (w/ Mademoiselle Rachelle) defeated Sweet Cherrie with a Camel Clutch – Cherrie started with the effective strategy of chopping away at the Minoushka with leg kicks. It proved so effective that Mademoiselle Rachel get herself ejected in the process of saving Anna from defeat. Alas, La Parfaite Caroline subsequently ran in and cost Sweet C the match. Anna refused to let go of her match-winning camel clutch, as LPC taunted LuFisto, Cherrie’s trainer, on the mic. This marked the beginning of an LPC, Anna, and Rachelle faction.

2. The Sherbrooke Connexion (Loue and Kira) defeated Anastasia Ivy and Angie Skye with a Top Rope Cross Body from Loue onto Ivy – Angie Skye’s outfit is like a Voltron made of good wrestling gear ideas. She has been upping her game in the ring as well and delivered a sick shades of Shibata Penalty Kick combo. Loue and Kiva proved the more cohesive unit though and won with some of their usual top rope tag team goodness.

3. Brittney Savage defeated Cherry Bomb with a Tights Assisted Rollup – This was quite an interesting match, and definitely not what you’d expect. Cherry showed off some new techniques she picked up since last appearing on FF, including a Cattle Mutilation and Sliding D! Brittney countered with her usual dirty tactics and a hardcore chop battle. Maybe she is ready to take on Mercedes in WSU later this month. Good stuff from both, as they expand their repertoires.

After the match a video played showed announcing SHIMMER and Oz Academy Tag Champ Tomoka Nakagawa for FF VII on October 8th! The ‘Rate Tank’ Kellie Skater will also be making her return (pending wellness examination, hopefully).

4. LuFisto defeated La Parfaite Caroline with a Shellshock – This match alternated between amusement and ass-kicking. Caroline really brought her ‘A’ game for this one and managed to keep up with one of the best in LuFisto. At one point LPC scored about a million brutal ‘free kicks’ on LuFisto in a row. This was after she was threatened with an…..exam by a latex-gloved LuFisto. Maybe the kicks were justified. LuFisto recovered and and starting messing up Caroline’s world some bad.  She did a sick RP lock, a choke lift into cradle suplex, and a bunch of kicks of her own. LPC then recovered herself, and it actually looked like yet another women’s title would change hands that night. Anna Minoushka attempted to take that matter into her own hands, but Sweet C came in to make the save and allow LuFisto to pick up the win.

5. Mistress Belmont defeated Mary Lee Rose by DQ – This match eventually came down to math: Chairs > Whips. Unless Belmont brings out the proper morningstar, she may want to think twice before facing the evil Punk Rock Princess again. Make Belmont feel better about getting cracked in the head by buying her new shirt from

6. SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles defeats Courtney Rush with a turnbuckle rush Hellbound – Whether the title is on the line or not, Madison Eagles fights like a true champion. In an amazing match, Eagles she displayed confidence, set the pace, and demanded the respect of fans. Courtney Rush, absolutely rose to the challenge, and looked like she belonged on the main event level (the new outfit helped as well). Madison’s shoulder was heavily taped, but it didn’t slow her down. The match had everything: headkicks, crossface exchanges, top rope dives to the floor, and a sick suplex on the ramp. Madison came out on top, like the champ she is. She’s amazing at everything she does and we in North America have been lucky to see so much of her this year. Courtney built upon her excellent performances at the last SHIMMER tapings and solidified herself as a future star.

7. Cheerleader Melissa and Mercedes Martinez defeated Portia Perez and Kalamity by Air Raid Crash from Melissa onto Portia – As fantastic as the previous match was, this managed to top it. Things started off with Portia having her usual effect on the crowd, threatening to assault fans, and getting called a ‘chicken ninja.’ Not satisfied with just pissing off Quebecois she got right in Melissa’s face and told her Femmes Fatales, or perhaps the entire country of Canada, was, ‘My house.’ Kalamity preferred to do her talking with her fighting and, man, she brought a serious fight to Mercedes before things went nuts.

All FF main events no DQ, so when Melissa got tired of wrestling she decided to just start throwing chairs in Portia’s face. Then Melissa and Mercedes rammed both P2 and Kalamity into the ring apron with one of the guardrails. They followed it up with a sick, sick, sick, top rope double team curb double stomp on Portia (as Perez tweeted this morning “Ouch. #wrestling”). Kalamity suplexed Mercedes onto a guardrail, taking both out for the remainder of the match (Kalamity suffered a minor concussion as a result of this). Mary Lee Rose, who has ongoing feud with Melissa, ran in and cause a distracted that led to a superkick very near fall for Portia. However, Mel survived and took home the victory for The Dream Top Team with an Air Raid Crash.

The match was incredible and worth the price of admission alone. Kalamity and Portia worked great together, but one can’t help but wonder if the Canadian Ninjas would have managed to pick up the win. Either way. Nicole owes Portia and Kalamity cookies for going through such a war on her behalf.

NCW: Femmes Fatales put on another outstanding show that sent the fans home happy, debating which of three or four matches was the best. Here is hoping NCW:FF’s success continues  as they are treating the sport with the care, class, and respect it deserves.

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